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  • UPDATE: Owner of the #35 Tabasco Chevy, Tim Beverley, said that the Tabasco sponsorship is not in jeopardy and that the rumors of Tabasco leaving are unfounded.(RPM2Nite)(7-30-98) – But Tabasco has really cancelled their planned promotions at the Brickyard and some problems still exist from what I hear.(7-31-98)
  • Ricky Hendrick, son of the founder of Hendrick Motorsports, will be one of the driver options for Jeff Gordon and Ray Evernham on their Grand National team next season. Gordon denies the operation, for which he’ll drive in a handful of races, is a precursor to him and Evernham leaving Hendrick Motorsports to start their own big-league operation. Evernham is crew chief for Gordon’s Winston Cup car.(USA Today – Skip Wood)(7-31-98)
  • Jeff Green has been named to drive the #46 SABCO chevy for the rest of 1998 and The Money Store(recently purchased by First Union) will be the primary sponsor on the #46 for the rest of the season. Tommy Kendall will still drive the #46 at Watkins Glen in a pre-arranged deal.(TNN’s Motorsports Site)(7-31-98)
  • Jimmy Spencer hasn’t signed a contract with Travis Carter or sponsor R.J. Reynolds for 1999, and that could put him on the list of drivers who might be moving to a new team next season. But Spencer, who is having one of his best seasons, certainly his most consistent season, says he’s happy where he is and would like to stay.(JournalNow – Mike Mulhern)(7-31-98)
  • A Goodyear tire test is planned for Atlanta before the season finale on Nov. 8, and Goodyear plans to ask the top three in the points to do the test sometime in October, according to NASCAR sources.(JournalNow – Mike Mulhern)(7-31-98)
  • 2nd round qualifying is over, all but seven teams stood on their speeds from first round qualifying. Derrike Cope was fastest in 2nd round but not fast enough to make the race. Cope ran a lap of 172.838mph. Morgan Shepherd got the last spot based on speed, if anyone had run faster, he would have missed the race and no one came close. Randy MacDonald took over in the #95 but could not get it up to speed either. Dan Pardus wrecked in AM practice and didn’t attempt a 2nd round run. Lance Hooper in the #14 Richard Jackson car, never took the track today as the team withdrew from the race. DW took a Champions Provisional in his new #35 Tabasco ride. To see who took provisionals, who missed the race and current owners points and provisional standings see: Jayski’s Provisional Page.(7-31-98)
  • People watching Saturday’s Brickyard 400 on television will see something that even the most observant race fan at the track will miss. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will use the race to test “virtual” advertising — signage that appears to the TV viewer to be part of the venue but actually is computer-generated. See the rest of the story at: Speedway will test virtual ads.( Sue’s Newsletter – 3 Wide!! 200 MPH!! A Lighter Side)(7-31-98)


  • UPDATE 3: Looks like the readers and DW fans made their point. While I have no idea if the following story is true, you all showed Tabasco how much sponsorship means to the fans and the drivers. Looks like the plethora(first time used on this page) of posts on the two message boards has caused the Tabasco webmaster to shut down both boards. The phone number that was posted here is supposedly incorrect(some idiot posted a hoax message on the board with bad email addresses), so I have removed it. But there is an 800 number you can try if you wish to voice your support of Tabasco sponsoring NASCAR and DW in the #35. 1-800-634-9599 press 3 at menu for customer service reps. Also there is a fax number you can use 504-596-6444, send to Martin Manion, VP of Marketing.(7-30-98)
  • Story by Mike Mulhern of the JournalNow: Tabasco red hot, may quit NASCAR, some of the story includes: Company wasn’t informed that Beverly purchased team; Waltrip works as peace-maker. But Waltrip and Beverley may not carry Tabasco’s colors very long. Tabasco officials are reportedly upset over Hancher’s move, and attorneys for Tabasco are working toward ending its NASCAR marketing program. The attorneys have told company officials to cancel plans to attend this weekend’s race and not to do anything that would appear to sanction support of Hancher’s sale of his team and sponsorship.(JournalNow)(7-30-98)
  • UPDATE: Geez, not much of a chance huh? From RPM2Nite: Speculation is that the Brickyard 400 could be Ricky Craven’s last race in the #50 Bud Chevy. Rpm2Nite reported this and said that Wally Dallenbach is the front runner for the job. Dallenbach said he will wait until Sunday to decide what he may do.(RPM2Nite)(7-29-98) – John Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports said on RPM2Nite that Ricky Craven is the driver of the #50 Bud Chevy for the rest of the year and his contract runs thru the end of 1998. So that kills that rumor(RPM2Nite)(7-30-98)
  • Driver Geoff Bodine and Lincoln Technical Institute have joined forces to create a $300,000 annual scholarship program intended to provide Lincoln Tech students with scholarships. Lincoln Tech consists of eight schools which offer training to prepare students for a career in automotive technology. Lincoln Tech currently has an internship program in place with Mattei Motorsports, which fields the No. 7 Philips Taurus driven by Bodine on the Winston Cup circuit. The arrangement allows eight of the institute’s students annually to spend one week working with the team. Boyd Wolff, of Martinsville, Ind., is the lucky student currently working with Mattei Motorsports who traveled with the team to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400 experience.(GoRacing)(7-30-98)
  • Not only was suspension of BGN driver Jeff Purvis held us by NASCAR, his fine was increased from $5,000 to $10,000. Purvis will miss the next four BGN races at IRP, Michigan, Bristol and Darlington. Matt Hutter, recently released from the #36 Stanley Tools Pontiac will qualify and drive the #4 Lance Snacks Chevy at IRP.(NASCAR Online), also see the story at GoRacing.(7-30-98)
  • You see his name on the Brickyard 400 speedcharts and entry list but just who is Dan Pardus in that #07 Chevy? – Check this story: Pardus hanging tough by Goodwin Kelly of the Daytona News-Journal/Speed Magazine or see The Official Danny Pardus Homepage.(7-30-98)
  • Charles Strang, retired CEO and chairman of the board of the Outboard Marine Corp., was named commissioner of NASCAR, replacing Semon Knudsen, who died July 6. As commissioner, Strang will supervise rules and race administration. NASCAR’s overall activities remain under the control of President Bill France.(Times-Dispatch)(7-30-98)
  • From SpeedNet and a few readers: Tempers flared Wednesday in the NASCAR Winston Cup garage at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And get this: the teams weren’t even there. That was the problem. An estimated 7,000 people paid $5 to attend Community Day, organized by the 400 Festival. With admission, they expected to receive an opportunity to get autographs from several drivers and to tour Gasoline Alley, where the stock cars are prepared. For the rest of the story and refund info see Poor Festival planning hurts fans.(SpeedNet)(7-30-98)
  • CORRECTION(missed Chad Little) – Seven teams/drivers that qualified 26th or worse and are guaranteed to make the race based on owners points are: #99-Jeff Burton(7th in owner points); #3-Dale Earnhardt(9); #94-Bill Elliott(12); #21-Michael Waltrip(15); #97-Chad Little(18); #22-Ward Burton(19); #16-Ted Musgrave(20); and #35-Darrell Waltrip(champ prov). Teams in trouble with a hot slick track on tap for Friday afternoon: #19-Robby Gordon; #15 Loy Allen, Jr; #95-Bob Schacht; #07-Dan Pardus; #30-Derrike Cope; #78-Gary Bradberry and #96-Hut Stricklin. No idea why #14-Lance Hooper in the Richard Jackson Pontiac did not make a run. Curious about where you driver/team stands in the provisional process? See Jayski’s Provisional Page.(7-30-98)


  • SpeedNet has a section all about the Brickyard 400: Brickyard Extra Daytona Beach to the Brickyard …NASCAR celebrates 50 years of racing.(7-29-98)
  • Brickyard 400 Fact Sheet at GoRacing.(7-29-98)
  • Things noticed during practice by myself and some readers: Jeff Gordon had the #24 on the roof in red. This may be for the No Bull deal. Noticed the same on Rusty’s car too. Also noticed all the No Bull cars had the red spoilers and the $ on the passenger side window(I know there is no passenger side but you know what I mean). Michael Waltrip’s BLUE Citgo/Wood Woodpecker Ford is very sharp looking.(7-29-98)
  • Some teams we have not seen in a while have showed up at the Brickyard: Lance Hooper is driving the #14 WCW Pontiac for Richard Jackson; Bob Schacht is driving the #95 Shoney Inn’s Sadler Brother Chevy; Loy Allen, Jr is in the #15 Rescue Engine Formula Bud Moore-David Robinson(no not the basketball player) Ford and Dan Pardus is in the #07 Midwest Transit Chevy trying to make his first ever Cup race. The #14, 15 and 95 were slowest of the 51 cars in 1st practice.(7-29-98)
  • Each starter of the Brickyard 400 is guaranteed to receive $66,530.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(7-29-98)
  • During practice, Dr. Jerry Punch asked Mark Martin about his back and the herniated disk he has. Martin says Acupuncture has kept him close to pain free and saved his season until he can have surgery.(ESPN2 Practice)(7-29-98)
  • Also during practice, Bill Weber mentioned to Robby Gordon that there are many rumors he may return to Cup in 1999. Gordon said he has nothing signed in either Cup or CART for 1998.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(7-29-98)
  • RPM2Nite reports that Kenny Wallace is expected to be named Kenny Schrader’s teammate at Andy Petree Racing next week. Square-D is supposedly coming along as sponsor. Double ‘K’ Racing? (7-29-98)
  • I hear Jimmie Johnsom, who currently races for Herzog Motorsports (#44) on the ASA series and is third in points and the leading rookie will drive the #59 Kingsford Charcoal / ST Motorsports BGN car this weekend at IRP.(7-29-98)
  • Good story about W.C. “Junie” Donlavey owner of the #90 Helig-Meyers Ford: Donlavey has influenced young and old by Curt Cavin of SpeedNet.(7-28-98) – Noticed the story mentions: “Donlavey’s investment in young drivers has been so significant that there is a movement to get NASCAR’s rookie of the year award named after him.” Now that would be a great idea, has anyone else heard this?? On my FAQ page there is a email address to NASCAR Online, go there and send in requests to named the award after Junie if you like.(7-29-98)
  • Lonnie Rush will run a Ohio State truck at the Cummins 200 at Indianapolis Raceway Park on Thursday. See the story at OSU enters the race for exposure.(7-29-98)
  • Truck driver Mike Bliss will drive Michael Waltrip’s #21 Band Aid BGN Ford at IRP Friday night.(many sources)(7-29-98)
  • As reported way back in February but now the movie will come out: Dale Earnhardt plays a small role in the comedy movie “BASEketball,” which opens Friday in theaters across the country. Earnhardt is featured as a washed up race car driver who now drives a taxi cab for a living. Earnhardt drives Yasmine Bleeth(lucky Dale) and a dozen children through the streets of Los Angeles. His scene was filmed the week after the he won the Daytona 500.(That’s Racin’)(7-29-98)
  • Hearing that #37 Timberwolf BGN driver Mark Green, who’s contract is up at the end of this season, is rumored to be a candidate for different BGN rides in 1999.(no idea of which rides)(7-29-98)
  • Players Inc, Richard Petty, Cummins, and Dodge will unveil the new Players Inc/Cummins special paint scheme for the #43 Dodge truck in Indy on July 30, at a press breakfast hosted by Players Inc at the Brickyard Crossing Resort Hotel. Jimmy Henseley will drive the truck at IRP in the Cummins 200 that night.(7-29-98), looked the same to me, not sure when it’ll race.


  • RaceComm Named as Associate Sponsor of Jasper Engines Ford for Brickyard 400. One of the fastest growing NASCAR-related web sites www.racecomm.com, has joined Federal Mogul as an associate sponsor of Robert Pressley’s Jasper Engines Ford Taurus for this weekends Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Future considerations will include a program that will span the remainder of the Winston Cup season. The sponsorship news comes on the heels of an announcement last week that outlined a joint-venture project with RaceComm and America Online (AOL). For more info on both annoucements and many stories see RaceComm.(7-28-98)
  • The Brickyard 400 is going to be shown live on ABC on the West Coast for the first time since the inaugural telecast in 1994.(7-28-98)
  • UPDATE: Loy Allen will run a one race deal in the #15 Moore-Robinson Rescue Engine Formula Ford at the Brickyard 400 in Indy.(7-27-98) – the team is still looking at other drivers after its deal with Tim Steele failed to materialize. The team plans to test and run the Pepsi 400 presented by DeVilbiss at Michigan.(NASCAR Online)(7-28-98)
  • UPDATE 2: The #35 and #17 teams merge with Tabasco being the sponsor, Chevy being the car, Darrell Waltrip being the driver, the # being 35. You can forget about that Universal Studios rumor and image I have. More info: DW will drive the #35 car sponsored Tabasco for remainder of the season. The cars(Chevy’s) will be prepared at Tyler Jet Motorsports in Harrisburg, NC.(Performance Racing Network and RPM2Nite). It also looks like Tabasco will be back as the sponsor for DW in 1999. The new team will show off the new colors this weekend at the Brickyard. The crew will be made up of the members of the Tyler Jet team almost none of the crew members from the ISM Team will be utilized.(7-27-98) – In a deal made final late Monday, Beverley bought an equity interest in ISM Racing Corp. and will combine the efforts of the two teams. ISM Racing, which also fields Indy Racing League cars driven by Jeff Ward, has shut down its Winston Cup operations.(Speedworld) Stories are popping up all over the place including: SpeedNet, That’s Racin’ Waltrip’s new number is 35 and GoRacing…I also hear that six of the #35 Tabasco team members were hired by the #17 team(which is now the #35 Tyler Jet Motorsports team)(7-28-98)
  • Butch Miller, driver of the #18 Dana Truck on the Craftsman Truck Series, will do double duty this weekend at NHIS. Miller will drive his truck during the 200 lap CTS event there, and the #18 Busch North series car in the 100 lap BGNN event.(NE Racing)(7-28-98)
  • UPDATE: Wow! NASCAR ain’t fooling around anymore: Jeff Purvis, driver of the #4 Lance Snacks BGN Chevrolet, has been fined $5,000 and suspended by NASCAR on Monday for “actions detrimental to the sport”. Purvis will be out of action until Sept. 8 and miss four races: Indianapolis(IRP), Michigan, Bristol and Darlington. He can return at Richmond on Sept 11th. He was also put on probation for the rest of the 1998 season.(NASCAR Online) also a full story at GoRacing(7-27-98) – NASCAR BGN driver Jeff Purvis was suspended for four races and fined $5,000 Monday for an altercation with another driver(Mark Green) at a Busch series race(South Boston) last weekend. Purvis said he would immediately appeal the suspension, allowing him to race next weekend at IRP. Purvis is 14th in the BGN point standings(Speedworld)(7-28-98)
  • Bobby Hillin Jr.’s crew chief, Nick Short left the #8 BGN team before South Boston, VA.(7-28-98)
  • Wally Dallenbach tested an IRL car at Atlanta today.(WC Today Radio)(7-28-98)


  • Jerry Nadeau will be in the #9 Cartoon Network Ford again at Indy then the team will decide what to do.(RPM2Nite)(7-27-98)
  • During the CART Michigan race which I was watching(while listening to the Penn 500), a wheel assmebly flew up in the crowd when Adrian Fernandez hit the wall. He was ok, but three spectators died and six more were hurt. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died and the injured.(7-26-98) – See the full AP story at the JournalNow(7-27-98)
  • Kenny Wallace has asked to be released from the last two years of his four-year contract with Filbert Martocci(#81 Square D Ford). But Martocci said yesterday that he’s very upset over the situation and hasn’t decided if he will give Wallace the release. Wallace is expected to move to Andy Petree’s team as teammate to Ken Schrader, with sponsor Square D following him from Martocci’s to Petree’s, according to sources close to the situation.(JournalNow), Wallace said during an interview yesterday, that nothing would be decided until late August.(7-27-98)
  • Expect the following to happen in 1999, garage sources say: A change in test policies. Currently, each car can have seven test sessions. This gives an advantage to a multiple-car organization because it can share information. The new rule will allow a certain number of tests per organization, which will level the field a bit for one-car outfits.(Times-Dispatch/Mike Harris-NASCAR Notes)(7-27-98)
  • Expect the following to happen in 1999, garage sources say: Crew chief Larry McReynolds to join sponsor Square D and driver Kenny Wallace as part of Andy Petree’s operation as a second team. Petree is owner/crew chief of Ken Schrader’s car. McReynolds is working with Mike Skinner after being “traded” from Earnhardt’s team in June. Kevin Hamlin, Skinner’s old crew chief, now runs Earnhardt’s show. Richard Childress owns both teams.(Times-Dispatch/Mike Harris-NASCAR Notes)(7-27-98)



  • Five drivers go for the No Bull 5 One Million Bonus at Indy: Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin. For the rules and see the history see Jayski’s Stats Page. To see the rules on how you can win a Million bucks in the No Bull 5, see Jayski’s Racing Contests Page.(7-26-98)
  • Steve Park returns to the #1 Pennzoil Chevy and to the Rookie of the Year chase. Because only the 15 best finishes count, he still has a chance.(7-26-98)
  • Larry Hedrick Motorsports team manager Mike Hill confirmed that the team would not run a second car sponsored Kodiak Ice for driver David Green at Indy. The team may do four or five races with the blue-schemed Kodiak Ice car.(NASCAR Online)(7-26-98)
  • While listening to the MRN Broadcast of the race (don’t get TBS) it was mentioned that Paychex has signed on with Brett Bodines #11 team for 1999.(MRN)(7-26-98)
  • From NASCAR Online: Kenny Wallace is in the third year of a five-year contract with Filmar and Square D rep Mike Arning said the company is evaluating its future direction in the sport, in which it plans to remain involved.(7-26-98)
  • Race Results, Starting Lineups, Happy Hour speeds, 1st and 2nd round qualifying results, Practice #1 and #2 speeds are up at GoRacingNASCAR OnlineSpeedworld and That’s Racin’.(7-26-98)
  • Goodyear has its racing rain tire ready to go and NASCAR has decided the Bud at the Glen on Watkins Glen’s road course Aug. 9 will be run rain or shine.(Times-Dispatch)(7-26-98)
  • Remember this story: A WILD rumor is making rounds: There is supposed to be an announcement during the IRL race weekend at Charlotte on July 25th pertaining to a new stock car series owned by Bruton Smith and Tony George(Indianapolis). Supposedly they have a title sponsor and TV Network close to finalized. Check the story out that I put on a separate page from Mike Snow of GoRacing(www.goracing.com) and Performance Racing News(www.prn.com): The Future of Winston Cup at Homestead.(4-14-98)(looks like it didn’t happen)(7-26-98)
  • Tim Steele won the Pocono ARCA race Saturday. Steele fractured three ribs and separated the cartilage from one of them in the Indy accident last week said he will not be in the #15 Moore-Robinson Motorsports #15 Rescue Formula Ford next weekend at Indy. He felt he could handle the shorter ARCA Pocono race (250 miles) but that he is not ready for the longer races. He told Bud Moore to put someone else in the car for Indy.(NASCAR Online)(7-26-98)
  • The #47 Fans Can Race team and driver/owner Billy Standridge, will not be attempting to make the Brickyard 400 as planned because of lack of funds and no sponsorship. Next race planned is the Pepsi Southern 500 in September. Team FCR will roll out a new program starting next week to give something back to their members and anyone else that enters. The details are still being worked out but the basic plan is for racing items to be giving away through a drawing every couple of weeks or so. Details will be posted Monday once the official rules are completed but some included items are T-shirts, hats, and much more. For more info see the Fans Can Race Site. More items being auctioned off this week too.(7-26-98)
  • David Blair Motorsports(#27 Ford) has a fleet of eight NASCAR Winston Cup race cars ready to roll and that the crew was building new Tauruses, anticipating a return to action.(NASCAR Online)(7-26-98)
  • The first NASCAR SpeedPark will host a grand opening celebration Tuesday at its location off N.C. 17 Bypass in Myrtle Beach, SC. The SpeedPark is the first NASCAR entertainment facility built especially for fan entertainment, featuring go-kart racing among other attractions. Several Winston Cup drivers including Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett and Ernie Irvan are scheduled to participate in racing activities, competing against fans and members of the media. The grand opening is slated to start at 6pm/et. The SpeedPark is at 1820 21st Ave. North Ext., Myrtle Beach.(That’s Racin)(7-26-98)


  • The Money Store will take over primary sponsorship of the #46 SABCO Chevy as reported here, but not until the Brickyard 400.(7-25-98)
  • Jim Mattei, majority owner of the #7 Philips team Geoff Bodine drives for, might be in the market to sell his part of the operation, according to sources close to the team.(JournalNow-Mike Mulhern)(7-25-98)
  • Ricky Rudd said that it’s 70-30 that he will not start a second team. He set a July 31 deadline for lining up the necessary sponsorship and plans to stick to that deadline. That could change if Rudd purchases or merges with an existing team. There has been some conversation about that, but nothing is close.(Times-Dispatch/Mike Harris)(7-25-98)
  • Richard Childress said he’s shying away from adding another team to his Winston Cup roster(#3 Goodwrench and #31 Lowes chevy’s, even though he’s getting offers from potential sponsors.(JournalNow-Mike Mulhern)(7-25-98)
  • Reported Friday: Lake Speed is pondering retirement from Winston Cup. He resigned his driving and general manager duties with the #9 Cartoon Network Ford last Friday(7-17), citing poor health from a recent accident.(MRN Radio/RPM2Nite)(7-25-98)
  • A rumor floating around last week that Phillips 66 was leaving the #66 Diamond Ridge team after the season is untrue. What is unknown is what division(BGN or Cup) or capacity in 1999.(7-25-98)
  • UPDATE: Noticed during qualifying for the Pennsylvania 500: 1) Morgan Shepherd who is driving the #91 LJ Racing Chevy was dressed up in a Rescue Engine Formula, who will sponsor the #15 Moore-Robinson Ford with Tim Steele driving and they also sponsor Blaise Alexander on the BGN tour. 2) The #46 SABCO chevy still has First Union on as a sponsor not the Money Store as reported here this week.(7-24-98) – The Money Store will take over primary sponsorship of the #46 SABCO Chevy as reported here, but not until the Brickyard 400.(7-25-98)
  • Crew chief Larry McReynolds(of the #31) says he hasn’t talked with car owner Joe Gibbs(#18 Interstate Batteries Pontic) about moving to the Jimmy Makar-Bobby Labonte team next season to work with rookie Tony Stewart(Who will move up to Cup).(JournalNow-Mike Mulhern)(7-25-98)
  • Joe Falk and Morgan Shepherd may bring their programs together, although that is one of a number of options he is considering. Falk said he is also considering joining forces with another one-car team.(News & Record Online – Bob Zeller)(7-25-98)
  • Butch Mock said he hasn’t sold his race team(#75 Remington Ford) and said he missed the race at Loudon(see past news), because he was entertaining friends at the annual Shelby-Cobra meet in Charlotte. Mock said he’s been looking at adding a second team, because he has some good sponsorship offers.(JournalNow-Mike Mulhern)(7-25-98)
  • Ted Musgrave has no intention of jumping in the first available ride after Watkins Glen when his ride with Roush is up. Musgrave has a contract with Jack Roush through 12-31-97 that pays him a considerable salary. It’s not worth it to him to jump into the first ride offered and thereby void his Roush contract. He’s willing to consider taking over another car this year, but is reluctant to look at anything serious unless it also includes the 1999 season.(News & Record Online – Bob Zeller)(7-25-98)
  • Some interesting AP notes by Dick Brinster at SpeedNet: Craven’s team adjusting to change.(7-25-98)
  • Story about two of the smaller teams, LJ Racing with Morgan Shepherd and Dave Marcis Racing at: SpeedNet – and other notes.(7-25-98)
  • Qualifying is over, Dick Trickle was fastest 2nd round with a speed of 166.546mph. 10 of the 21 cars stood on their 1st round time, all made the race. 11 cars made 2nd round attempts and only 5 were faster than their 1st round efforts. #35 Tabasco Pontiac failed to make the race again(psst..it ain’t the driver). To see who else missed the Pennsylvania 500 and who had to use provisionals and to see the provisional rules, owners point and breakdown see Jayski’s Provisional Page.(7-25-98)
  • The RACENET/pdm Logo will appear on the lower rear 1/4 panel of the #79 NASCAR Winston Cup team T.R.I.X. Racing (Randy MacDonald-Driver) this weekend at Pocono. It will be an uphill battle to make the show but they hope to gain national exposure on Sunday via TBS.(Racenet)(7-25-98)


  • Even though Elliott Sadler turned in impressive times during testing this week at Indy in his #92 Diamond Ridge Motorsports Chevy, the team has decided NOT to try and qualify there. The reason being that it would conflict too much with their BGN program.(7-24-98)
  • There have been reports on the web that Morgan Shepherd has the #91 LJ Racing ride for the remainder of the season. According to my sources that is not a done deal, not yet anyway. That explain’s why we have not seen an official release from the #91 team, they are still negotiating the deal.(Victory Lane Online)(7-24-98)
  • Richard Petty, the Winston Cup’s all-time champion with seven driver titles and 200 victories, has been elected to the National Motorsports Press Association’s Hall of Fame.(That’sRacin’)(7-24-98)
  • Tim Steele won the pole for the ARCA event at Pocono. What?? It was reported here that he had kidney stones and hurt ribs and would not race this week at Pocono. John Kernan of RPM2Nite mentioned this and said he had heard that the team didn’t have a car ready for Pocono because of the wreck at Indy last week. I would imagine the team didn’t wish to chance wrecking another car and miss Indy.(7-24-98)
  • Hearing that Ted Musgrave will drive the #13 FirstPlus Ford after the Watkins Glen race in a few weeks.(7-24-98)
  • “Hot Stuff on Casey Atwood – It seems the young phenomenon from Nashville has a fistful of sponsorship cash from RC Cola and is actively looking for a ride in a Winston Cup car for 1998. I have it on good authority that he has spoken to the Melling team about a second car for at least some of the remaining races this year and it is a definite possibility. If Melling doesn’t pick him up count on someone stepping forward. Sponsorship dollars buy more tests when they are attached to a new car and driver.” See the story at Bart’s Stock Car Place.(7-24-98)
  • 46 cars will attempt to make the Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono, 43 get in. Randy MacDonald is listed in the Big Daddy’s BBQ Sauce Chevy owned by Trix Racing. After 1st round qualifying teams ran 26th or worse but are guaranteed to make the race because of provisionals include: #12-Mayfield(4th in owners points); #94-Elliott(12); #4-Hamilton(13); #26-Benson(17); #40-Marlin(19); #11-B Bodine(21);#1 D Waltrip(champ). Teams who need to pick up some speed saturday morning #79-MacDonald(no provs); #78-Bradberry(46th in owners points); #35-Horton(43); #98-Bickle(41); #13-Dallenbach(40); #96-Stricklin(39). Surprises have to be – Dave Marcis qualifying 25th and in the show; #91 Morgan Shepherd ran 7th and Steve Grissom was 20th in the #41 and will not have to take a provisional this week. To see the provisional rules, owners point and breakdown see Jayski’s Provisional Page.(7-24-98)


  • I hear from a good source that Eddie Cheever will NOT drive in the Brickyard 400 on August 1st.(7-23-98)
  • Kenny Schrader and Bobby Labonte answered many fans questions, to read them answers go to RaceComm.(7-23-98)
  • Starting to hear from many sources that Jerry Nadeau may end up in the #35 Tabasco Pontiac as the full time driver when all these driver changes shake out.(7-23-98)
  • I didn’t get a chance to hear the show but a reader reports: That on Joe Moore’s(MRN) weekly local radio show on WGH-AM1310 THE SCORE (Tuesday July 21st) it was reported that “a very reliable source at the Truck race in California over the weekend told him that D.W. was considering taking a full-time ride with The Elliott-Marino First Plus Financial car”. The source told Joe “a lot depends upon how well the 17 Team does, and IF they can line-up a primary sponsor for next season”. The source said that D.W. is intrigued with 1) Elliott as a co-owner; 2) Marino’s big-time football star status; 3) First Plus Financial’s HUGE sponsorship commitment; and 4) Possibility of driving a Ford. The Radio show mentioned here is called Racetalk. Moore also has a TV show called Raceline with Joe Moore and can be SEEN via the web, go the Raceline site for details.(7-23-98)
  • During an interview on RPM2Nite with Team Scandia driver Jimmy Kite, he sounded like a driver who was going to race Stock Cars and some IRL in 1999, he seemed to imply that the Stock Car deal would be with Team Scandia(Andy Evans)(7-23-98)
  • I was not able to get any of the final Indy practice speeds for the GM testing but NASCAR Online has a story with the speeds at: Schrader ends Indy test as quickest. There’s a hint.(7-23-98)
  • UPDATE: I hear Ashton Lewis may run the #9 BGN Ford again at South Boston this weekend, he drove the car to a 3rd place finish at Watkins Glen a few weeks ago.(7-22-98) – I now hear that Lewis will be in the #89 Chevy instead of Jeff Fuller, who will run the car in the remaining BGN races of 1998.(7-23-98)
  • Reported a few times before and it never happened, we’ll see: Sterling Marlin will run the # 40 SABCO Chevy with its special gold and black paint scheme, which will feature Coors Non-Alcoholic beverage. The special color scheme will make a return appearance in September when the Winston Cup tour makes its second stop at Richmond under the lights. It’s all part of a public-awareness campaign by Coors focusing attention on the need for a designated driver when people head out to party. Marlin and the Coors Non-Alcoholic Pocono effort has received the support from the National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD). The NCADD logo will be displayed on the TV Panel (rear bumper) and in full view of the in-car camera as well.(SpeedNet), NASCAR Online has an image on their site at Marlin to run special scheme at Pocono.(7-23-98)
  • I hear that FINA and Shell are both leaving NASCAR as a primary sponsor on their respective teams/cars.(7-23-98)
  • Interesting Stat from That’s Racin’: Mark Martin has won at 16 of the 20 tracks which make up the Winston Cup series. The four tracks at which he is still looking for a victory are Pocono, Indianapolis, New Hampshire and Daytona, all of which still have races this season.(7-23-98)
  • It’s Official or is it?: TNN to broadcast Pepsi 400 on October, 17th – although the network is unable to officially announce it due to additional programming decisions.(NASCAR Online)(7-23-98)
  • UPDATE: Am hearing that Jimmy Horton, local NJ race star will drive the #35 Tabasco Pontiac at Pocono this weekend. From South Jersey Dirt Racing.(7-22-98) – According to the official NASCAR entry list for Pocono, Jimmy Horton, a regular on the ARCA series, will drive the #35.(That’s Racin’ Note)(7-23-98)


  • UPDATE: Rumors are floating around that the #17 Tyler Jet Motorosports Chevy will be somehow sponsored by Universal Studios.(7-21-98) – hear it may be something with America’s Most Wanted OR/AND?? also hearing somrthing with American Graffiti??, remember this is all a rumor, the team is expected to make the REAL announcement at Indy on the 29th.(7-22-98) – see the image at my Paint Schemes page(link below)
  • After a solid four-year business relationship with FILMAR Racing, Square D Company has announced that it will not return as the primary sponsor for the Concord, N.C.-based NASCAR Winston Cup team for the 1999 season. See the rest of the story and PR at: Kenny Wallace/Filmar Racing Page.(7-22-98)Maybe something to do with this past story:
  • Kenny Wallace is expected to bring his Square D sponsorship with him if he, as appears likely, becomes the second driver for Andy Petree, and a teammate with Ken Schrader.(JournalNow)(7-12-98)
  • UPDATE: At a press conference Wednesday at Texas Motor Speedway, Roush Racing will introduce Kevin Lepage as the driver of the #16 PRIMESTAR Ford, and PRIMESTAR is expected to announce its sponsorship of the 1999 Cup race at TMS, according to a Roush Racing spokesperson.(NASCAR Online)(7-22-98) – It’s done and official.
  • 1994 Busch North series Champion Dale Shaw will be returning to the BGN series this weekend in the Lycos.com 300 in South Boston. Shaw nearly won this event last year, driving James Finches #4 Busch Car. He will be driving his own car, sponsored by Fisher Snowplows.(North East Racing)(7-22-98)
  • Notes from the Tuesday GM tests at Indy, no speeds yet: Morgan Shepherd crashed in the #91 car, not serious, minor rear-end damage, but they immediately packed up and went home. Morgan even helped tote stuff to the hauler. The #41 team tested 4 cars, so don’t count out the two car deal for Indy. They were talking about it today. Elliott Sadler was impressive in the #92, held the fast time til the very end.(7-22-98)
  • UPDATE: I hear that Tim Steele, who was to make his first attempt in the #15 Moore-Robinson Rescue Ford at Pocono this weekend, will not make an attempt as he is still having trouble with kidney stones(7-21-98) plus I hear he cracked some ribs in his Indy test accident. Plans are now for the team and Steele to debut at Indy on August 1st.(7-22-98)


  • Not Official but…I hear rumors that the Pepsi 400 will be televised live on TNN, October 17, and then replayed a week later on CBS. Supposedly if CBS does not eventually air the race, they would lose the rights, which would then go up for bid. CBS of course owns TNN. No idea when CBS’s decision will be officially announced.(7-21-98)
  • Some very interesting images of the #98 Ford that will appear at Indy and future night races at Stock Car Racing Magazine Site. Also some images of Jerry Nadeau checking out the #9 Cartoon Network Ford he will drive at Pocono this weekend. Both Melling and Nadeau are currently involved in negotiations aimed at keeping Nadeau in the #9 Ford for the rest of 1998.(Stock Car Racing Magazine Site) also a story and another image at TNN’s Motorsports site about Nadeau – www.country.com/motor/motor-f.html, I also have some images of the #98 on the Paint Schemes Page.(7-21-98)
  • This weekend will reunite Dave Rezendes and crew chief Darrell Bryant again. They worked together earlier this year at Watkins Glen and had a good finish. With Washington Erving Motorsport, Dr Pepper #50 team coming off a good finish at California Speedway with Mike Wallace driving, Dave Rezendes is looking for a good finish again at South Boston in the #50.(Washington Erving Motorsports)(7-21-98)
  • Brad Akins, co-owner of Elton Sawyer’s #38 BGN Barbasol Taurus received 18 stitches, a broken foot, a severed muscle and tendon damage when he was struck by another car on pit road during the Kenwood 300 at California Speedway Sunday. A true hands-on owner, Akins also serves as a tire carrier for the team.(Keystone Marketing via Stock Car Racing Mag Site)(7-21-98)
  • Monday Indy speeds as promised: #18 – B Labonte 175.309mph; #00 – M. Shepherd(subbing for Buckshot who was delayed on the West Coast due to weather) 174.632; #91 – Shepherd 174.239; #96 – Stricklin 174.206; #71 – Marcis 173.210; #33 – Schrader 172.867; #17 – Waltrip 172.844; #30 – Cope 172.844; #3 – Earnhardt 172.715. Also the #75 Ford was there but wasn’t up to speed.(not official times)(7-21-98)
  • Many readers want to start a email campaign to CBS about the Pepsi 400 at Daytona which now be October 17th, I have email addresses to CBS on my Media Addresses and TV/Radio News Page, feel free to email CBS. Not looking top start something here.


  • UPDATE: Jerry Nadeau has been named to drive the #9 Cartoon Network Ford at Pocono on Sunday. – Jerry Nadeau signed today with Melling Racing and the Cartoon Network to drive the #9 Cartoon Network Ford at Pocono this Sunday. Although the current agreement is for this one race, Nadeau could stay in the seat if he and the team can work together. The #9 Ford’s seat became open when veteran Lake Speed decided to resign rather than not be able to contribute 100% to the team’s effort. See the rest of the story at The TNN Motorsports Website.(7-20-98)
  • This weekend’s Pennsylvania 500 marks the end of Darrell Waltrip’s tenure in the #1 Pennzoil Chevy owned by Dale Earnhardt. DW will return to the Tyler Jet Motorsports #17 Chevy at the Brickyard 400 on August 1st.(7-20-98)
  • Travis Carter, Jimmy Spencer’s car owner, has been trying to line up a sponsor for a second team in 1999, but a report coming out of the New Hampshire Speedway last weekend said a second team may come some time this year. The Providence Journal-Bulletin reported that Ted Musgrave will join the Carter team, but didn’t say when that will happen. No word yet on Jimmy re-signing with Carter for 1999. (His contract is up this year as well and he’s being talked to by a number of different teams) Also, the results of the Super Star Shootout at Columbus Motor Speedway on Saturday July 18th: 1st – Sterling Marlin; 2nd – Jimmy Spencer; 3rd – Steve Grissom; 4th – Hut Stricklin.(Spencerfans Website)(7-20-98)
  • #35 Tabasco Pontiac team owner, Bob Hancher says they hope to announce a driver for Pocono on Wednesday, July 22nd.(NASCAR Today Radio)(7-20-98)
  • UPDATE: I hear the 2nd Larry Hedrick team deal with David Green for the Brickyard 400 has been called off and the car will not be run.(7-19-98) – Hedrick Motorsports has scrapped the 2nd car deal at Indy because of David Greens commitment to run the #36 Stanley Tools BGN Pontiac at IRP.(WC Today Radio)(7-20-98)
  • The closed GM Test at Indy continues today under intense heat. Drivers there: #3-Dale Earnhardt; #31-Mike Skinner; #00-Buckshot Jones; #33-Kenny Schrader; #30-Derrike Cope; #17-Darrell Waltrip; #18-Bobby Labonte; #96-Hut Stricklin; #4-Bobby Hamilton; #07-Dan Pardus and #41-Steve Grissom.(WC Today Radio)(7-20-98)



  • Andy Evans has closed his Team Scandia race shop in Indianapolis. Jimmy Kite who was to run in some ARCA and Cup races eill not do so now. Also reports have Evans getting out of his deal with Brett Bodine and the #11 Paychex team. Kite was to attempt the Brickyard 400 and even practiced there a few weeks back.(National Speed Sport News)(7-19-98)
  • GM Testing at Indy started Sunday(continues thru Wednesday). Weather was a big factor as there were thunderstorms in the early morning and it washed rubber away. Temps were in the 90’s. Some of today’s speeds: Stricklin 172.295mph; Skinner 171.969; B. Labonte 171.599; D. Cope 170.882; Marcis 170.477; Schrader 170.226; Earnhardt 169.539; Hamilton 169.536; D Waltrip between 166-167.(7-19-98)
  • The “Race of Champions” was held at Louisville Motor Speedway Saturday night. Cup drivers there Jeremy Mayfield, Kenny Schrader, Kenny Wallace and Geoff Bodine. They raced late models against four present and past LMS track champions (including Bill Kimmell Jr. who is Frank Kimmel’s brother), Geoff Bodine won.(7-19-98)


  • I hear that the #46 First Union Ford will now be known as the #46 Money Store Chevy. Money Store was purchased by First Union and is in direct competition with FirstPlus.(7-18-98)
  • Correction on Speeds from the Brickyard Friday: Bill Elliott was quickest at 174.290mph. Kenny Wallace was second at 173.742 with Wally Dallenbach third at 173.481 in the #13 FirstPlus Ford.(7-18-98)
  • Jim Bown has signed on with the Dan Browder #78 Chevy BGN team for approx 10 races for the rest of the season.(7-18-98)
  • Jeff Green will replace Derrike Cope in the BGN #92 Kraft Chevy for the remainder of the teams 7 planned BGN races this season. Cope has been advised by doctors not to drive any races outside of Cup.(NASCAR Online)(7-18-98)
  • Dancing in a Mine field by Tony Johns at Speedworld.(7-18-98)
  • #23 Winston Ford driver Jimmy Spencer won the Delaware 200 Busch North series race on Saturday at Dover Downs.(WRAL)(7-18-98)
  • Benny Parsons said during the Truck race at California that Dennis Setzer signed a two year deal with Dodge to drive a Dodge truck in the NASCAR Truck Series and had turned down the #13 FirstPlus Cup ride.(ESPN-Truck Race) Didn’t say what team, just Dodge.(7-18-98)


  • Wally Dallenbach has been named to drive the #13 FirstPlus Ford for the next TWO races, Pocono and Indy. After that they will sit down and discuss the rest of the season.(FirstPlus PR) – Notes: My guess is that he’ll be at Watkins Glen. Looks like the Hendrick 4th team Indy deal has been scrapped.(7-17-98)FIRST: Jeff Gordon and Ray Evernham are looking to put together a BGN team to run a limited schedule. Pepsi would be the sponsor. Nothing is signed yet. If sponsorship can not be secured, Evernham and Gordon plan to try the team in 1999. Didn’t mention Gordon as the driver(WC Scene)(3-13-98)
    SECOND: During an interview with Reese Davis, Jeff Gordon was asked about the news that Gordon and crew chief Ray Evernham would start a BGN team. Jeff said that they have discussed it with a few sponsors but that it would not happen in 1998, maybe next season.(RPM2Nite)(5-1-98) THIRD: A BGN team has been formed by WC racer Jeff Gordon and his long-time crewchief Ray Evernham to race in the WC “feeder” series starting next year. See the rest of Glen Grissom’s story at TNN’s website: Jeff Gordon Racing Limited BGN Schedule in ’99. The as-yet-unsponsored BGN effort is busy now getting organized for ’99. BGN chassis are on order and they’ve secured a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Concord, NC, and are outfitting it for a limited-schedule racing campaign in 1999.(www.country.com), www.gordonline.com(fixed) reports that Pepsi will be the sponsor. NASCAR Online says there is no sponsor yet and an announement on the team will probably come in October at Charlotte.(7-17-98)
  • A reader reports that he e-mailed the Darrell Waltrip website asking if there was going to be any sponsor for the #17 car. The resposne: “It is our understanding that Tyler Jet Motorsports plans to make a sponsorship announcement concerning the No. 17 Winston Cup car on Wednesday, July 29, in Indianapolis.”(thanks Heath)(7-17-98)
  • Lake Speed has resigned as driver of the #9 Cartoon Network Melling Ford. His recent injuries were agrevated in New Hampshire and he does not feel that he can give it 100% for the rest of the year. Speed felt it would be cheating the team and sponsor to stay in the car. The team is now looking for a replacement for the Pocono race, no idea yet.(Melling Racing)(7-17-98)
  • Hut Stricklin will drive the #96 Caterpillar Chevy for the remainder of the 1998 season.(7-17-98)
  • According to a team source, Ted Musgrave will not drive the #16 Roush Racing Ford after the Aug. 9 road-course race in Watkins Glen. Musgrave will be replaced by Kevin Lepage, formerly of the #91 LJ Racing Chevy, who recently signed with Roush. Musgrave is going to stay through the Watkins Glen race because of his experience at Indianapolis (Aug. 1) and on the road course. Lepage has never driven at Indianapolis.(Jim Utter-That’s Racin’)(7-17-98)
  • UPDATE: An interesting combo: Realtree sponsor the #00 Chevrolet Monte Carlo fielded by Stavola Brothers Racing for driver Buckshot Jones in the Brickyard 400 at Indy. Realtree will also sponsor the #71 Dave Marcis Chevy for the race if both cars get in the race. Jones and the Stavola’s are still looking at a possible merger.(NASCAR Online)(7-16-98) – The Buckshot Racing team announced today they will compete in at least nine NASCAR Winston Cup races in conjunction with Stavola Brothers Racing with driver Buckshot Jones at the wheel. Jones, previously scheduled to run five Winston Cup races sponsored by Aquafresh with his family owned team in 1998, is now taking the Aquafresh sponsorship, Hendrick motor program and trademark No. 00 to Stavola Brothers Racing to complete their obligation by running the remaining four races at Loudon, Talladega, Phoenix and Atlanta. Jones will also attempt to qualify the Stavola Brothers Chevrolet at Indianapolis(see above), Michigan, Richmond, Dover, Rockingham with a sponsor yet to be named.(GoRacing/PR)(7-17-98)
  • #35 Story Updates: see above story and the team’s Indy-car driver, Jeff Ward, has run the #35 at Indy this week but is not expected to be in the car for the race. Since the team had no driver it asked Ward to test the car.(SpeedNet) Strong rumors continue now that Wally Dallenbach will test the car today and drive in a few races.(7-17-98) – I hear now that the car was not in Indy today(Friday) and is on the road back home, two sources say they are talking to, get this, Mike Cope.(let’s see they release Bodine, he goes back to BGN to replace Cope, and now Cope is in the running for the #35 Cup ride? makes no sense, nothing against Cope)(7-17-98)
  • I ran a story on this and posted the address for students to send application in, so I thought it was appropriate to post this, thanks to SpeedNet for the info: Joshua Waring has been selected as the recipient of the 1998 Alan Kulwicki Memorial Scholarship. The four-year, renewable scholarship is awarded to an outstanding high school graduate who has an affiliation with NASCAR. Waring will receive $1,500 annually for as many as four years while he attends the University of North Carolina, pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He has established himself as one of the mid-Atlantic regions top young Legend-car drivers. He finished runner-up at Concord Motorsports Park and fifth in the Central Carolinas region points standings. “I’ve learned a lot about setting up a car and what makes one work through racing and working in an engine shop in Concord (NC),” Waring said. “I want to be able to make a car work by myself and not rely on anyone.” The scholarship, awarded through an endowment given by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, was established to honor the late Winston Cup driver, the first college graduate to win the NASCAR Winston Cup championship. He died in a plane crash in April 1993.(SpeedNet Notebook)(7-16-98) – The recipient of the Kulwicki scholarship will be attending The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Mechanical Engineering (as have all recipients, starting with Ryan Zeck in 1994). UNC-Charlotte is making a big push in motorsports. We now offer a motorsports minor as part of the Mechanical Engineering degree. In May we won the first ever national championship in the Intercollegiate Auto Racing association (ICAR) in our Legends car, beating such schools a Duke, The University of Virginia, NC State, The University of Tennessee, The University of South Carolina and North Carolina A&T. We also compete each May against 120 other engineering schools with our Formula SAE car which our students design, build and drive. From: Dr. Jerre M. Hill, Motorsports Program Coordinator, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.(thanks, clears it up), information on the program can be obtained by emailing Dr. Hill at [email protected].(7-17-98)
  • A BGN team has been formed by WC racer Jeff Gordon and his long-time crewchief Ray Evernham to race in the WC “feeder” series starting next year. See the rest of Glen Grissom’s story at TNN’s website: Jeff Gordon Racing Limited BGN Schedule in ’99.(www.country.com)(7-17-98)
  • Thursday Speeds from the Brickyard testing via SpeedNet: 1) Ernie Irvan 176.074mph; 2) Joe Nemechek 175.967; 3)Mark Martin 175.247; 4) Elton Sawyer 174.852; 5) Ricky Rudd 174.530; 6) Dale Jarrett 174.290; 7) Robert Pressley 174.169; 8) Brett Bodine 173.990; 9) Dale Jarrett 173.984; 10)Joe Nemechek 173.970; 11)Kenny Irwin Jr. 173.869; 12) Jeremy Mayfield 173.730; 13) John Andretti 173.665; 14) Kenny Irwin Jr. 173.581; 15) Ricky Craven 173.324; 16) Sterling Marlin 173.150; 17) Kyle Petty 173.030.(Irvan on top at Brickyard 400 testing). Last years pole speed by Irvan was 177.736mph.(7-17-98)
  • Crew Chief Butch Hylton left the #92 Diamond Ridge Winston Cup team in June and took a job at Joe Gibbs Racing as a chassis specialist. Sandy Jones, Elliott Sadler’s BGN crew chief has taken over the Cup duties as well.(I had Sammy Johns, which of course was incorrect)(7-17-98)
  • Four teams tested at Indy today: #81 Kenny Wallace; #7 Geoff Bodine; #94 Bill Elliott and the #13 Team with Dennis Setzer and Frank Kimmel. Wallace was the fastest at a little over 173mph.(WC Today Radio)(7-17-98)
  • (Now old news) #13 Story UPDATES: Jerry Nadeau has been released from the #13 Marino-Elliott ride effective immediately. Nadeau was released Tuesday and has gotten many calls from other teams and hopes to be back in a Cup car by Pocono July 26th.(7-15-98) – I hear from a good source that Ted Musgrave will be the new driver of the #13 FirstPlus Ford by the Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono on July 26th.(7-16-98) – But…per a reader: last night(7-15) on Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA Channel 28, Sid Michaels mentioned that Ted Musgrave will be going to the #35 Tabasco team. Jayski Note:…but most sources have Dallenbach in the #35 for a limited basis.(7-16-98) – More rumors for the #13 Elliott-Marino new driver rumors. Sources tell me that one of the following FOUR drivers get the ride: Ted Musgrave(supposedly signed and done); Frank Kimmell(ARCA driver, helping test the car at Indy); Dennis Setzer(Elliott’s test driver and a logical choice); and the oddest one – Wally Dallenbach(already announced that he may drive a 4th Hendrick car at Indy) and then it could be someone else too.(7-16-98) – I also hear Dallenbach in for Pocono, Indy and Watkins Glen.(7-17-98)


  • I hear Tim Steele is close to signing with Moore-Robinson Motorsports to drive the #15 Rescue Engine Formula Ford and plans are for him to run at Pocono, Indy, Michigan, Charlotte and Daytona. Blaise Alexander may do 2 or 3 of the other Cup races the team wants to run but that has not been decided. Alexander, the team and new crew chief Teddy Lee Brown are skipping South Boston and IRP to focus on winning Rookie of the Year and possibly a race. They are working heavily on their engine program, testing and are bringing in a pit stop consultant next week to help us with their pit stops.(7-16-98)
  • Terry Labonte and Ricky Craven will at Watkins Glen on Wednesday 7-22-98. Fans are invited to come by and watch them for free. Spectators will be admitted through Gate 4 into the Front Straight Grandstands. Gates open at 9:00am/et. Others drivers will be announced soon.(7-16-98)
  • Hendrick Motorsports is once again expanding their Harrisburg, North Carolina facilities in a big way. SCR(Stock Car Racing Magazine) was given the opportunity to look over drawings with Hendrick designer and general construction overseeing ace Chuck Mack and Randy Dorton, director of the Hendrick Engine facility. See the rest of the story along with layouts and pictures at Stock Car Racing Website.(7-16-98)
  • More on Bill Broderick, ‘The Hat Man’: “The tavern, an existing business, was purchased by Brodrick’s son..and Bill is helping run the place. The deal took about a year to complete…its also about to go on the historical register I believe.”(Stan Creekmore vis StockCarFans Newsletter)see additional story below.(7-16-98)
  • At Speedworld: Geoff Bodine Answers Your Questions!, someone asks about some crazy rumors I never heard or posted.(7-16-98)
  • Got some speeds from Indy from the Indianapolis Star newspaper(but not website): 1) Rusty Wallace 177.504mph; 2) Jeremy Mayfield 176.724; 3) Jeff Gordon 176.370; 4) Ernie Irvan 176.308; 5) Dale Jarrett 176.118; 6) Mark Martin 175.884; 7) Ricky Rudd 175.541; 8) Robert Pressley 175.463; 9) Ricky Craven 175.217; 10) John Andretti 175.016; 11) Sterling Marlin 174.846; 12) Kenny Irwin 174.737; 13) Johnny Benson 174.659; 14) Elton Sawyer 174.189; 15) Steve Park 174.091.(thanks Matt)(7-16-98)
  • Now this is interesting: I hear that Joe Nemechek and Elton Sawyer tested a #51 Ford in the AM testing. This may me the car Eddie Cheever is rumored to run in for SABCO with Old Spice or Rachel’s Potato Chips(his IRL sponsor)as the sponsor. Also Casey Atwood was in the #94 Ford this morning. I hear speeds are down today due to the weather.(7-16-98)
  • From Nancy on the FL fires: Daytona International Speedway has been a staging area for the National Guard and firefighting personnel for over two weeks. The Speedway has also housed numerous vehicles and pieces of equipment to fight the Central Florida wildfires. Today, this staging area will close and 100’s of personnel will be sent home. Fires in most parts of Central Florida are 98-100% contained. This can be attributed to the tremendous support we have received from all over the world. It can also be attributed to much needed rain. It should be noted that Daytona International Speedway served over 1500 meals per day during the height of the fires. Another point worth mentioning, is the fact that DIS also opened a shelter at one of their properties at the old Martin Marietta facility. A special thanks to DIS for all they have done to help Central Florida during a major time of crisis! A final update may be found at: Central Florida Wildfire page (Nancy-StockCarFans)(7-16-98)
  • Though it has considered a second car from time to time, Larry McClure owner of the #4 Kodak Chevy team has said that Bobby Hamilton will be the lone gun for the team, meaning they will stay a one car team. McClure feels the team can stay focused on one driver, one car, one team. All efforts go to the one team. Bobby Hamilton feels the same.(SpeedNet) Jayski Note: The main reason Hamilton left the #43 car was he didn’t like the two car deal(with the #43 and #44)(7-16-98)
  • Jimmy Spencer will be entering the Inaugural Delaware 200 Busch North series race this weekend at Dover. Todd Bodine had entered the race as well, but due to his signing with the #34 BGN team, he will be unable to make the race. The race will be held on Saturday, July 18th and is a companion race with the IRL event on Sunday.(North East Racing Site), Jayski Note: I hear that the BGNN race two races at Dover back in the early 1980’s.(7-16-98)


  • Morgan Shepherd will be driving the #91 LJ Racing Chevy owned by Joe Falk, for the rest of the season, starting at Pocono on July 26th. Shepherd and Falk are “teaming up” together in search of a sponsor for the #91 car for the Brickyard 400 and for the rest of the races this year. Anyone interested in sponsorship should contact Shepherd Racing, Phone: 828-256-2194, Fax:828-256-8494 or E-Mail: [email protected](fixed). See the story at www.MorganShepherd.com.(7-15-98)
  • A ban on in-season testing is among the options NASCAR is considering in an attempt to slow the trend toward multicar-team domination of the Winston Cup series. ESPN2’s “RPM 2Night” reported Monday there would be a meeting on that subject today, but Winston Cup director of operations Kevin Triplett said Tuesday no meeting is scheduled. Triplett and vice president for competition Mike Helton were in Indianapolis on Monday, where a number of Winston Cup teams were testing for the Aug. 1 running of the Brickyard 400. Even though there’s no meeting scheduled, NASCAR is looking at the testing rules, which allow seven in-season tests at tracks where the circuit competes. For the rest of David Poole’s article on ‘The Ban’ see NASCAR wants to put brakes on big teams – That’s Racin’.(7-15-98)
  • Kyle Petty has been named the 2nd quarter nominee for the True Value Man of the Year award.(WC Today Radio)(7-15-98)
  • Dennis Setzer, who has helped Elliott with testing and was with him at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Wednesday for a test there, is not a likely candidate to step in. Setzer has signed a deal to drive in the NASCAR Truck series the rest of this season.(That’s Racin’), so much for my guess…(7-15-98)
  • Owner Butch Mock says he is not selling his #75 Remington Ford team and has had no meetings to do so, but he realizes he must expand or merge to survive. Dave Charpentier, crew chief for the team was in Georgia doing wind tunnel tests on the car Rick Mast will pilot at Daytona in October. Mock has also had discussions with Remington about extending their sponsorship deal.(WC Today Radio)(7-15-98)
  • Hendrick Motorsports may run Wally Dallenbach at the Brickyard 400 on 8-1 in a 4th Hendrick car, Dallenbach will be evaluated this week during testing by the 3 Hendrick crew chiefs. If they decide to run Dallenbach he’ll probably be in the #25 car with Budweiser as the sponsor.(NASCAR Online)(7-15-98)
  • Ever wonder what Bill Broderick, “The Hat Man”, has been up to since being let go from his victory lane duties? Well, several weeks ago AutoWeek ran a small blurb stating that Broderick was opening a tavern in Algonquin, IL. Well, I happen to live in Algonquin and noticed that a small riverside bar was being opened. This morning, on my way to work, who should happen to be outside sweeping the front steps? You guess it: The Hat Man himself. I had heard that he had bought the place but had no idea he’d be personally involved. No idea if he’s living around the area or anything or if he’s planning at all to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the place.(StockCarFans – Alan)(7-15-98)
  • Bill Elliott will use Casey Atwood as a test driver at three tests this year starting this week at Indy.(Marty – MRN Net)(7-15-98)
  • The hot commodity in the Cup garage this week appears to be Wally Dallenbach. First off, you can look for an announcement sometime mid-week stating that Wally will drive the Tabasco Pontiac for four races starting next week at Pocono. Also this week, Wally will be at Indy for Hendrick Motorsports on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday testing a Hendrick R&D Chevrolet. Then on Thursday he will start a two-day test session for the Tabasco team also at the Brickyard. Now should that Tabasco four race deal fall through for some reason Wally has an offer on the table from Hendrick for a two-race deal at Indy and Watkins Glen. Hendrick management was very pleased with his performance in the Bud car while Rick Craven was recovering from post-concussion syndrome and would like to give him a few more shots in one of their cars this year. The groundwork for a potential fourth Hendrick team in 1999 is there.(Marty – MRN Net)(7-15-98)
  • Testing at Indy: Joe Nemechek was the fastest Wednesday with a speed of 176.876mph, Ernie Irvan was 2nd fastest at 176.074mph.(NASCAR Today Radio), Dennis Setzer and Frank Kimmel tested the #13 Ford and Casey Atwood tested the #94 Ford. Adam Petty tested the #44 Hot Wheels Pontiac.(7-15-98)
  • Ernie Irvan, Michael Waltrip and Mike Skinner will race in the The No Fear Challenge at the California Speedway on Saturday, July 18th. Irvan will be in the #28 Federated Parts Ford.(NASCAR Today Radio)(7-15-98)
  • Jimmy Foster and Washington-Erving Motorsports(WEM) have parted ways just over the half way point of the BGN season. This weekend’s race will have veteran driver Mike Wallace at the wheel of the #50 Dr. Pepper Ford at the California Speedway where he will be racing on Saturday in his #52 Kenny Schrader truck and is staying over to drive for Washington Erving Motorsports. The team is looking for a full time veteran replacement for Foster.(Washington-Erving Motorsports PR)(7-15-98)
  • GMAC Financial Services has signed on to sponsor the NCTS series-leading #24 Chevy Truck of Hendrick Motorsports with driver Jack Sprague for the rest of 1998. See a picture of the truck and the rest of the story at #24 Sponsor-less No More by Glen Grissom of TNN-www.country.com.(TNN)(7-15-98)


  • Melling Racing, who run the #9 Cartoon Network Ford with Lake Speed as the driver is looking to start a second team for 1999. They have no drivers in mind but are actively looking for a sponsor for the new team. Melling Racing can be contacted thru their website at www.melling.com.(6-24-98/7-14-98)
  • “NASCAR teams will turn their attention this week to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which will be jammed today with 40 Winston Cup drivers expected to begin testing for the Aug. 1 Brickyard 400. More will test next week. The Brickyard has become more than an asphalt battleground. Because of its strategic spot on the NASCAR calendar, it is where big deals are made, where sponsorships are signed, where drivers are hired . . . and sometimes fired. But, because of the high-profile nature of the race, official word of deals made at the side frequently doesn’t come out until much later.(7-14-98)
  • The Shell #44 BGN team will not participate in next two BGN races due to Tony Stewart’s contractual commitment with Menard Racing to compete in the IRL. Stewart will be competing in the IRL event at Dover the weekend of the July 19 Kenwood Home and Car Audio 300 at California Speedway. He will race the IRL event at Charlotte missing the July 25 South Boston 300 at South Boston Speedway. Bobby Labonte, Stewart’s teammate, will be unavailable to fill in for Stewart at California as a result of his Winston Cup team testing schedule. The weekend of the South Boston event, Labonte will be competing in the WC Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono.(ShellPR)(7-14-98)
  • UPDATE: A rumor from RPM2Nite: Todd Bodine to replace Mike Cope in the #30 Slim Jim Chevy starting this week at Fontana, CA. John and Benny made it sound like it is a done deal. That would be a three car BGN super team.(7-13-98) – Bodine named the new driver for the #30, Mike Cope has been released and has no plans to drive any BGN cars this year at this point.(RPM2Nite)(7-14-98)
  • Joe Nemechek was fastest in the first day of testing at Indy with a speed over 175mph which is about 2mph slower than last years pole speed because of the 5 and 5 rule.(5″ spoiler and airdams). During practice Tim Steele wrecked but was unhurt.(RPM2Nite)(7-14-98)


  • On RPM2Nite, John Kernan said that NASCAR is considering banning testing at the tracks and that the teams could come into the track a day earlier and practice, allowing all the teams to practice. Jayski note: Wonder what this would do to all those single car teams looking to expand, basically for testing purposes. If NASCAR does do this they should be applauded(7-13-98)
  • Five years ago Davey Allison Sunday had a helicopter accident that claimed his life(on 7-13). The Jiffy Lube 300 in 1993 was his final race, he finished third. See Jayski’s Driver Tribute Page for some Davey images.(a sad day in my life)(7-12-98), an excellent tribute to Allison can be found at A Davey Allison Tribute by DieHard Yates Fans and st the Stock Car Racing Magazine site: Remembering Davey Allison.(7-13-98)
  • If there was ever a child born to be a race car driver, it was Davey Allison. If there was ever a race car driver who never forgot his roots, and always had a few moments to sign an autograph, answer of a question or smile for a photo with a fan, it was Davey Allison. And if there was ever a hero of the sport who left us too soon, it was Davey Allison. See the rest of the Speedworld story at Remembering Davey.(7-13-98)
  • UPDATE: Ricky Rudd used a Cale Yarborough engine in the #10 Tide Ford at Loudon during practice and qualifying.(TNN/Eli Gold during the race)(7-12-98) then switched back to a Pro Motor engine for the race at the Jiffy Lube 300(7-13-98).
  • In a move that will force race teams in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series to make significant changes, NASCAR officials announced that there will be no half-time break at Pikes Peak International Raceway on July 25. The rule change is being made for the Pikes Peak race alone and that it was being tried on a “we’ll see” basis for now. See the rest of the story at Speedworld.(7-13-98)
  • Butch Mock skipped another race yesterday, and his absence comes as rumors continue to swirl about whether he might sell his team. According to one report, Mock has been inventorying his operation, which some see as an indication he may be getting closer to selling. Mock has denied any plans to sell his team in the immediate future, but he has kept open the door to a sale next season.(JournalNow)(7-13-98)
  • Len Wood says he and brother Eddie should get an answer about sponsorship for their proposed second team ”by the end of the month. And if nothing happens, we’ll put it off till next year.”(JournalNow)(7-13-98)
  • Wally Dallenbach is to be fitted for the seat of one of Pennzoil’s IRL Indy-cars today and is expected to run Bruton Smith’s IRL race at Texas Motor Speedway in September. Dallenbach may also be the next Winston Cup driver for Tabasco, one of NASCAR’s newest sponsors but a sponsor that has seen its cars make only half the tour’s races this season. Dallenbach, on the sidelines this weekend, could be in the Tabasco car by Pocono, according to sources close to Dallenbach. Gary Bradberry finished 40th in the Tabasco car yesterday, losing an engine after 118 laps. Will Tabasco eventually move to the Richard Childress camp, the Rick Hendrick camp, or the Jack Roush camp? Dallenbach, who drove three races for Hendrick last month, has been under consideration for a ride with Childress, according to sources close to the situation, but Childress yesterday said he wasn’t free to discuss that report.(JournalNow)(7-13-98)


  • Nancy has a page where she has information on the Central Florida Wildfires that postponed the Pepsi 400 at KENDRICK KREATIONS CENTRAL FLORIDA WILD FIRE PAGE and Central Florida Wild Fire Donation Page. Also see my special Jayski’s Florida Wildfire News & Links Page for all the past news, links to stories, ways to help out and IMAGES. Nancy added many images of some of the devastation that the fires causes, see them at Wild Fire Images


  • Robby Gordon will attempt to run the Brickyard 400 in a Kurt Roehrig #19 Ford. Also Gordon is talking about doing a limited 1999 schedule with Hendrick Motorsports.(TNN’s Raceday)(7-12-98)
  • Results of the Jiffy Lube 300 at Loudon can be found at at GoRacingNASCAR Online and Speedworld. Owners Points and Provisional Status for each team has been updated at Jayski’s Provisional Status Pageand the ROTY, Team Points, 1999 Winston, 1999 Bud Shootout and Manu Standings have been update at Jayski’s Stats Page.(7-12-98)
  • Immediately after the race Bobby Labonte in the #18 was credited with a 10th place finish and Kenny Wallace an 11th in the #81. The #81 team requested a check of the photo finish camera which resulted in Wallace being re-instated to 10th and Labonte to 11th.(NASCAR Online)(7-12-98)
  • Randy Porter has plans to sell the #48 Unifirst Uniforms BGN team either outright or piece by piece and Mrytle Beach was the last race for the team.(NASCAR Online)(7-12-98)
  • Jeff Burton’s and Mark Martin’s teams changed engines and transmissions last night after both noticed oil leaks.(NASCAR2Day)(7-12-98)
  • Mike Joy mentioned during the Truck race that Hendrick Motorsports hopes to announce a sponsor for its #24 Truck team and driver Jack Sprague.(CBS-Truck Race)(7-12-98)
  • In a Mike Mulhern story about the Wood Brothers it is mentioned: And (Michael)Waltrip? He will probably be back with the Woods for another season. “We’re all pretty much in agreement, but we don’t have a signed contract yet,” Len(Wood) said. See the rest of the story at NEW WOOD: Next generation of legendary family tries to keep pace – JournalNow.(7-12-98)
  • First Union officials, not pleased with the problems the cars they sponsor have had on the tour this season(#46 SABCO Chevy), may be looking to move that sponsorship to another team, according to sources close to the situation. One car owner who could be involved: Travis Carter, who is considering a second team for next season.(JournalNow)(7-12-98)
  • Ricky Rudd’s negotiations with Robert Yates for an engine program next season have not been fruitful so far.(JournalNow), this is probably the how the Rudd to Yates rumor got started because Rudd was looking to switch to Yates Motors from Pro Motors.(7-12-98)


  • NASCAR racing fans in Indianapolis are gearing up for a unique opportunity. They will meet some of their favorite Winston Cup drivers at the third annual Indiana Ford Stores’ “Ford Fan Appreciation Day” on July 29. Last year’s event drew approximately 15,000 fans, and Ford officials expect the 1998 event will attract an even larger crowd. The Ford Fan Appreciation Day precedes the Brickyard 400, and will take place at the RCA Dome on Wednesday, July 29 from 4:00pm-8:00pm. Drivers slated to attend include: Brett Bodine, Jeff Burton, Bill Elliott, Kenny Irwin Jr., Mark Martin, Jerry Nadeau, Kenny Wallace, Michael Waltrip, and Rusty Wallace along with some of the Truck drivers. See the complete story at the Ford Motorsports site: Indiana Ford Dealers Hold 3rd Annual NASCAR Fan Appreciation Day.(7-11-98)
  • Nearly 40 Cup teams will test July 13-17 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, for the Brickyard 400 on 8-1-98. Among the teams testing will be Hendrick Motorsports (Jeff Gordon and Terry Labonte), Roush Racing (Mark Martin, Jeff Burton, Ted Musgrave, Johnny Benson Jr., Chad Little), Penske South Racing (Rusty Wallace), Penske-Kranefuss Racing (Jeremy Mayfield), Robert Yates Racing (Dale Jarrett, Kenny Irwin Jr.), Rudd Performance Motorsports (Ricky Rudd), Bill Elliott Motorsports (Bill Elliott) and Joe Gibbs Racing (Bobby Labonte). Not all of the team’s primary drivers will participate in the test. Testing will take place from 9am-5pm each day. The South Terrace grandstands, open every day for Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum visitors, will be available for fans to watch the test.(Brickyard 400 Site), others I have heard: Tim Steele – #15 Moore-Robinson Ford; Ernie Irvan – #36 Skittles Pontiac; Robby Gordon – #19 Kurt Roehrig Ford; and Morgan Shepherd – #91 LJ Racing Chevy.(7-11-98)
  • An announcement on whether or not CBS will televise the Pepsi 400 at Daytona(that was postponed from July 4th) the night of Oct. 17 is taking more time than originally expected. The Pespi 400 would go head-to-head against Game 1 of the World Series on Fox – and most likely a college football game on ESPN.(So that probably rules out ESPN as mentioned in a past story on this site). A likely option if CBS chooses not to carry the 400 would be to move it to The Nashville Network(TNN), which has shown NASCAR races in the past and is owned by CBS. A decision is expected within the next two weeks. See the story at Decision on 400 telecast on hold.(Daytona Beach News Journal)(7-11-98)
  • According to a Roush Racing spokesperson, Ted Musgrave’s last race behind the wheel of the No. 16 Roush Racing entry will be The Bud at the Glen scheduled for August 9. Kevin Lepage will replace Musgrave in the PRIMESTAR Taurus beginning with the Aug 16 Winston Cup event at Michigan Speedway. Lepage began the season with LJ Racing but was released during the race weekend at Sears Point Raceway. Musgrave has not disclosed his plans for the future.(GoRacing)(7-11-98)
  • UPDATE: CBS Sportsline is(was) holding a poll: Do you think CBS should air the postponed Pepsi 400 in prime time, even if it conflicts with the World Series? Go to the site and vote: CBS SportsLine.(7-6-98) – The poll is gone and I hear with approx 7500 votes on Friday it was something like 95% in favor of CBS Showing the race.(7-11-98)
  • “There are strong indications Tabasco officials might pull the sponsorship from Hanscher before the end of the season and move it to another team. Roush has been talking to the company for several weeks, and if a move is made, he could be the choice. Bodine, according to those close to him, has been trying to put together a deal for Tabasco to sponsor a second Pontiac team with Rider. And Childress, according to sources close to his operation, is also in the negotiations for the Tabasco sponsorship. It is unclear what driver Hanscher might pick for the next tour stop at Pocono in two weeks. According to sources close to the situation, Wally Dallenbach and Morgan Shepherd both turned down offers to drive for Hanscher here.”(Mike Mulhern/JournalNow)(7-11-98)
  • UPDATE: Jimmy Dean and Bahari Racing have a Press Conference scheduled for Saturday, July 11th. NASCAR Online hints at a sponsorship possibility as Gumout/Pennzoil is in the last year of it’s contract with the #30 team.(NASCAR Online)(7-10-98) – Jimmy Dean and Bahari Racing announced a summer racing promotion in which the winner of a sweepstakes will receive a 1999 Pontiac Trans-Am along with a trip for two to the 1999 Daytona 500 to receive the car and meet Derrike Cope. Bahari’ Racing is still looking for a primary sponsor as Jimmy Dean Foods will remain an associate sponsor.(NASCAR Online)(7-11-98)
  • UPDATE II: I hear Casey Atwood will run a second Brewco BGN car at Myrtle Beach Saturday, Brewco fields cars for Mark Green with the #37 TimberWolf Chevy’s.(7-7-98) – Atwood is listed in the #27 Brewco Chevy on the qualifying list for Myrtle Beach.(NASCAR Online) – Atwood has signed a deal to drive the 2nd Brewco Chevy at selected BGN events in 1998 and drive the full BGN schedule in 1999. The team is close to signing a sponsor.(GoRacing), no idea what happened with the rumored Bill Elliott deal.(7-11-98)
  • 2nd round qualifying is over for the Jiffy Lube 300. Speeds were very fast. Ken Schrader was fastest with a lap of 127.949mph. See starting lineups, qualifying results, practice speeds and Happy Hours speeds(Mark Martin was the fastest) at GoRacingNASCAR Online and Speedworld. Dave Marcis couldn’t get enough speed up and will miss the race with the special TNN paint scheme. Morgan Shepherd drove the #91 LJ Racing Chevy and while it was still slow, the team was higher than the #71 in the owners points and will use the last provisional, who else took provisionals, see Jayski’s Provisional Status Page, Steve Grissom and the #41 team took their 12th provisional of the 1998 season and since they are 25th in owners points did not lose an allotted one.(7-11-98)
  • Some Saturday Jiffy Lube 300 Notes: Andy Hillenburg ran the #91 LJ Racing Chevy at Loudon during Happy Hour and will start the Jiffy Lube 300 in the car; Jerry Nadeau will start in a backup car after brushing the wall in Happy Hour, he will be starting in the oringinal primary car which he scuffed up in practice on Friday but was in better shape then the backup car he wrecked in Happy Hour(got that stright?).(NASCAR Online)(7-11-98)
  • Drivers/Teams guaranteed to make the Jiffy Lube 300 and qualified 26th or worse on Friday: #2-Jeremy Mayfield(2nd in owners points); #5-Terry Labonte(7th and former champ); #33-Ken Schrader(12); #4-Bobby Hamilton(13); #21-Michael Waltrip(14); #40-Sterling Marlin(15) and #22-Ward Burton(16). One team goes home and the top candidates are: #71-Dave Marcis(45th in owners points, qualified 39th 1st round); #46-Jeff Green(43/32); #98-Rich Bickle(41/36); #30-Derrike Cope(39/41) and #91-Andy Hillenburg(37/42) all depends on who can pick up speed today and get above 37th fastest. See Jayski’s Provisional Status Pagefor owners points and provisional info.(7-11-98)
  • Rain delayed qualifying for the Jiffy Lube 300 by over an hour. That rain also robbed the Cup cars of the precious bite it takes to get around this flat track. The first driver out, Sterling Marlin, ran a time that was over two seconds slower than what he ran in final practice. Craven’s pole speed, as good as it was, was 0.100 slower than the fastest time turned in during the afternoon practice session.(GoRacing)(7-11-98)
  • 2nd round qualifying notes: Bobby Hamilton wrecked during his warmup lap and will start in a backup car. Morgan Shepherd will run the #91 LJ Racing Chevy not Andy Hillenburg.(incorrect, see above story)(NASCAR Online)(7-11-98)


  • Brett Bodine is going to be at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs, CT on Friday, July 17th if any fans in the Northeast are interested.(StockCarFans/Beth), Jayski note: doesn’t sound like he will race but appear as the track is saluting the 50 Greatest Modified Drivers of All-time which Bodine is included.(7-10-98)
  • Check this out from Victory Lane Online: …mentioned last week, that Indy 500 winner Eddie Cheever was one of the drivers inquiring about the job(for the #91 LJ Racing driver). I’d like to clear that up just a little here. Cheever is interested, but only for a one race deal at the Brickyard. He also would bring along a sponsor for that race. I’ve been informed that he does not have any stock car experience, and that he is considered to be a long shot at best, though he hasn’t been ruled out. The only thing that I can offer here is, if Hillenburg does not work out, and no one makes the cut at Pocono, then his chances might improve. The bottom line here is, Falk is looking for a full time driver.(Victory Lane Online)(7-10-98)
  • Joey Knuckles has been named the crew chief for the Bud Moore-David Robinson #15 Rescue Engine Formula Ford Taurus. Knuckles will finish his duties as a crewman for the #38 Akins/Sutton Barbasol BGN Ford at Myrtle Beach then move over to the #15. The team will use Ernie Elliott(Bill’s Brother) engines. Plans are for Tim Steele to drive the car at Pocono(not Blaise Alexander as previously reported here), Indy(as reported here) and three other races so Steele can run for Rookie of the Year in 1999. The team will run three other races with another driver, Alexander is under consideration to run those events.(NASCAR Online/That’s Racin’)(7-10-98)
  • One rumor(geez where’d it come from?) has been that Rudd might sell his team to Robert Yates, who owns the #88 Fords driven by Dale Jarrett and the #28 Fords driven by Kenny Irwin. But Yates said he has no plans to add a third team next year.(That’s Racin’ Notes-David Poole/Jim Utter)(7-10-98)
  • UPDATE: Hearing Wally Dallenbach may run five races in the #35 Tabasco Pontiac, not sure when that will start.(7-10-98) – just heard from a source that it is very doubtful that Dallenbach will take the #35 ride.
  • Larry Hedrick Motorsports has announced that they will field a second car for the upcoming Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Owensboro, KY driver David Green will pilot the Monte Carlo in a one-race deal with sponsorship from Conwood Company, LP, makers of Kodiak brand smokeless tobacco. The car will be blue and white, no idea on a number yet. Green will test the car at Indy next week. The team also went to lenghts to say the 2nd team in no way will effact their primary team or Steve Grissom.(GoRacing – Hedrick Motorsports to Field Second Car at IMS)(7-10-98)
  • The Money Store who recently merged with First Union will be on the #46 First Union Chevy this weekend as an associate sponsor.(NASCAR Online)(7-10-98)
  • Ken Bouchard former Cup Rookie of the Year had a car prepared for the Jiffy Lube 300 but that the engine wasn’t ready, further delaying his planned return to the series.(NASCAR Online)(7-10-98)
  • Kevin Lepage raced last night at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont, his home track. He signed autographes and raced a Late Model Stock car. Lepage started last in his heat and finished 2nd. The feature was on lap 6 and got rained out.(7-10-98)
  • Buckshot Jones Racing has broken ground on a 25,000sq/ft raing facility in Spartanburg, SC.(WC Today Radio)(7-10-98)
  • The Bud Moore team plans to make it’s Cup return at Pocono on July 26th. Tentative plans are to have Blaise Alexander run the #15 Rescue Ford and then have Tim Steele in the car for Indy, Michigan, Darlington, Charlotte, Talladega, Rockingham and Atlanta. The team also plans to test at Indy on july 14th.(Winston Cup Scene)(7-10-98)
  • Mike who runs Michael Packer’s FREE Pick 12 Game and I have had linked here since I started this page in 8/96 has this to say about his page: “Due to the fact that I don’t have time to get this setup on another server the New Hampshire race will be the last race of this season. I hopefully will have this up and running again next year. I’d like to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments that I’ve received. You may email Mike at: [email protected] with any ideas or comments.(7-10-98)
  • It was reported on RPM2Nite that Rich Bickle will be the driver of the #98 Thorn Apple Valley Ford for the remainder of 1998.(7-10-98)
  • UPDATE: I hear Larry Hedrick is shopping sponsorship for a second car at Indy. The driver of choice for this venture is David Green. Wonder if this has anything to the news I saw a few months back where golfer Larry Ziegler said “I’m going to get into NASCAR, with Larry Hedrick,” Ziegler said. The complete story from May 17th, can be found at Ziegler wins Saint Luke’s Classic in the KC Star.(7-9-98) see above story(7-10-98)
  • WOW!! How about the return of Ricky Craven! Wins the pole at Loudon beating Jeff Gordon. Gary Bradberry also did quite well in the #35 Tabasco Pontiac and qualified 11th.(7-10-98)
  • Kenny Schrader ran the 6th fastest lap in the #33 Skoal Chevy during qualifying for the Jiffy Lube 300. But during his run a weight box broke and four lead weights fell onto the track. NASCAR disallowed his qualifying run and Schrader will have to qualify in 2nd round on Saturday. This moves everyone from 7th on back up a spot.(RPM2Nite), Owner-Crew Chief Andy Petree was fined $2,000 for the infraction.(7-10-98)
  • 44 cars are attempting to make the Jiffy Lube 300, 43 cars get in, one goes home. After the early practice #’s 91, 35, 13, 71 and 30 were the slowest. Mark Martin was fastest with Gordon, Marlin and Schrader right behind.(7-10-98)
  • Curtis Markham will be in the #64 BGN Chevy in place of regular driver Dick Trickle who in at Loudon, NH for the Jiffy Lube 300 Cup race.(7-10-98)


  • UPDATE: Buckshot Jones will run the Brickyard 400 in the #8 Stavola Bros Chevy. It is the only race planned together at this point. No word on a sponsor.(iRace), I hear that plans are to Jones in the car for 9 races and another driver for 2 races for the rest 1998.(7-9-98)
  • Todd Bodine and Jimmy Spencer both announced that they would be competing at the Dover 200 for the Busch Grand National North Series, Saturday July 18th at Dover Downs, the same weekend as the IRL race there. The Cup series is off that weekend and BGN is out west.(StockCarFans and other sources/readers), Spencer will run Dover, then hop a plane and head to Ohio for the Superstar Shootout.(7-9-98) see above 7-16 story.
  • Here is a quote from Gary Bradberry on the Team Tabasco deal. “This is strictly a one race deal, our Pilot team had decided to skip the New Hampshire race and the #35 Tabasco team needed a driver for this one race.” “It worked out good for everyone.” From the The Official Gary Bradberry Fan Site.(7-9-98)
  • Marty at MRN has his notes back up after missing a week due to the Florida Fires, see all the notes at: MRN Notebook – Marty’s Two Cents, I posted a few of the Cup news, but he also reports on some BGN and Truck news.(7-9-98)
  • In the next few weeks look for a couple of drivers to re-up with their current teams. Joe Nemechek is on the verge of signing a contract extension with SABCO which would keep him in the #42 car for a few more years. Also as we mentioned earlier SABCO appears to be close to signing Jeff Green for the rest of the year to drive the First Union Chevrolet.(MRN Notebook)(7-9-98)
  • As reported here last week: Ward Burton should be closing in on a new deal with Bill Davis Racing. The contract would be an extension, which should also help Bill Davis in his effort to sign a major sponsor. On that front, things appear to being going well for the Davises as they are communicating with several major sponsors.(MRN Notebook)(7-9-98)
  • President Clinton visited Daytona International Speedway and thanked all the folks who have helped with the Florida Wild Fires. See the story at Kendrick Kreations Central Florida Wild Fire Page.(7-9-98)
  • Here is Nancy’s understanding of the TV deal with the Pepsi 400: CBS is a network that televises, and, ESPN is a “cable channel” televising. CBS has the rights to the Pepsi 400, but ESPN has the exclusive rights to all cable telecasts relating to the Pepsi 400. Therefore, even if CBS wanted to air the Pepsi 400 on TNN (which is also a cable network), it can’t because ESPN has the exclusive rights to the cable rights.(Remember ESPN2 was going to cover qualifying and used to televise the race)(Nancy-StockCarFans)(7-9-98)
  • Roush Racing has confirmed that Ted Musgrave will be driving the #16 Primestar Ford this weekend at the NASCAR Winston Cup race at Loudon. Musgrave, who has already been told by Roush that he won’t be finishing the season in the car, is in the car until another driver has been finalized. In the meantime, said Stephanie Smith-Marquez of Roush Racing, “if Musgrave finds another ride, Roush Racing will accommodate him.” As to the replacement driver, the sponsor hasn’t yet met him, said Smith-Marquez.(RacingPR)(7-9-98)
  • A Ford has led 2.611 of the 4.962 laps raced this season (52.6 percent). Chevrolet has led 1.971 laps (39.7 percent) while Pontiac has led 380 laps (7.7 percent).(Speedworld Jiffy Lube Notes)(7-9-98)
  • Some drivers/teams that will be at Myrtle Beach for the BGN race: Jim Bown will be there in Dan Browders #78 Chevy(not his own #51 as I reported); Scott Lagasse will drive the #59 Chevy; Lyndon Amick returns fulltime to the circuit in the #35 Pontiac; Kerry Earnhardt in the #40 ChannelLock Chevy;(7-9-98)


  • On July 18th, Columbus Motor Speedway will have a special “Superstar Shootout” race. Four NASCAR stars are scheduled to attend including: Sterling Marlin, Steve Grissom, Hut Stricklin, and Jimmy Spencer. Columbus Motor Speedway in a 1/3 mile, 6 degree banked oval located just southeast of Columbus, Ohio. Website is http://www.columbusspeedway.com(Thanks StockCarFans and Jay G)(7-8-98)
  • Team Tabasco has released Todd Bodine. Gary Bradberry, regular driver for the #78 Pilot Ford Team, will drive the #35 Tabasco Pontiac at Loudon this week. The #78 isn’t going to Loudon which freed Bradberry up for the race. Todd Bodine has several opportunities brewing including on with a well established multi-car team.(RPM2Nite)(7-8-98)
  • CBS plans to decide this week whether it will televise the Pepsi 400(in October) or sell the TV rights to another network.(That’s Racin’ – News/Jim Utter), I hear if CBS decides not to show the race, ESPN will get the rights.(7-8-98)
  • Sad News: Semon ‘Bunkie’ Knudson, Commissioner of Nascar, died of heart failure today in Michigan. While General Manager of Pontiac in the late 50’s and early 60’s, he used Nascar racing to build a new image for Pontiac and became close friends with the France family. He went on to be General Manager of Chevrolet, a Sr. VP of GM, President of Ford and Chairman of White Motors. My condolences to his family.(7-6-98) – who was Bunkie Knudson? Check out David Poole’s story at That’s Racin’: `Bunkie’ Knudsen, NASCAR’s quiet legend, dies at age 85.(7-8-98)
  • Tyler Jet Motorsports plans on running the truck series full time in 1999 and is also looking to possibly have a Busch Series team. At this point the team has no drivers in mind for the BGN ride.(PR)(7-8-98)
  • According to the teams, there are a lot of new cars being built in preparation for the back-to-back “plate” races coming this October. More than not are building a third speedway car for the two-week period in late October. What’s all this going to cost the teams? Well, depending if they re-skin a car or build a new one, it could cost anywhere from $15,000 – $150,000.(Speedworld)(7-8-98)
  • Between Thursday afternoon and Saturday night, the Langley Speedway marketing director, Chuck Hall, hosted a 50-hour radio show on WBYM/1490AM to collect items for firefighters and families displaced by wildfires in Florida. When Hall signed off at 8:30 Saturday night, his donation jar held $19,000 in cash and checks. Nearby, a five-ton truck from Cook’s Moving and Storage was bulging with liquids, household and personal-care items, clothes, non-perishable food, blankets, pillows, furniture, baby items and animal food. In addition, the drive produced 16 other tractor-trailers bound for the Red Cross in northeast Florida. All told, the value of Langley’s donations and goods was estimated at $100,000. See the rest of the story at Langley Speedway, thanks to the many readers for the heads up on this.(7-8-98)


  • Wally Dallenbach has three Cup offers on the table(no idea who) and will test with Hendrick Motorsports in all three cars at Indy next week.(RPM2Nite)(7-7-98)
  • Dale Earnhardt’s oldest son Kerry will attempt to make the BGN race in Myrtle Beach in the #40 ChannelLock Chevy.(NASCAR Online), Kerry works at the Doug Taylor #40 Shop and plans on running the car at South Boston, VA and possibly a few other race with an eye out towards 1999 if he does well(WC Today Radio)(7-7-98)
  • Philippe and Angela Lopez are the parents of twin girls Sidney Frances and Ashley Colette Lopez. The twins were born Monday June 29 at 8:47 p.m. and 8:49 p.m. in Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. Mother and babies are doing well. Philippe is the crew chief of the #1 Pennzoil Monte Carlo. This is the couple’s first and second child.(Pennzoil)(7-7-98)
  • Ricky Craven, Bill Elliott and Robert Pressley tested at Greenville-Pickens Speedway today. Craven was fast and satisfied with the results.(7-7-98)
  • Dr. Jerry Punch said on RPM2Nite that he called the Tabasco Team shop and was told the team has no idea who will drive the #35 Tabasco Pontiac at Loudon even though Todd Bodine had been announced yesterday.(RPM2Nite), Winston Cup Radio reports tonight that word on the street is that Todd Bodine has been fired outright.(7-7-98)


  • Goodyear Notes here – Goodyears Notes for Loudon.(7-6-98)
  • #91 LJ Racing owner Joe Falk announced today that Andy Hillenburg will pilot the #91 Chevrolet Monte Carlo this weekend at Loudon. LJ Racing also announced a one race sponsorship deal with Elkin, NC based “INVINCA-SHIELD”, an invisible auto and truck bra, used on Winston Cup cars, and available for passenger and industrial automotive use.(LJ Racing Website)(7-6-98)
  • The following drivers will drive the following cars at Loudon:
    #91 LJ Racing Chevy – Andy Hillenburg; #35 Tabasco Pontiac – Todd Bodine; #96 Cat Chevy – Hut Stricklin; #46 First Union Chevy – Jeff Green; and of course #50 Bud Chevy – the return of Ricky Craven(nice to have ya back!).(7-6-98)
  • According to sources, young talent Casey Atwood has signed a five race deal with Bill Elliott. No details on what car he’d run or in which races.(GoRacing – Cup Notes)(7-6-98)
  • Today Bill Elliott-#94 McDonald’s Ford, Rich Bickle-#98 Thorn Apple Valley Ford and Hut Stricklin-#96 Caterpillar Chevy tested at Greenville-Pickens Speedway for the upcoming event at Loudon.(MRM and Chip)(7-6-98)
  • A story I missed, I included in part from iRace by Steve Smith when he interviewed Tim Steele last week: Tim Steele is a very hot commodity. This week, he is meeting with at least four Winston Cup team owners, “and they’re coming to Michigan to see me,” Steele says. He does not plan to make any hasty decisions, though. One more option: Going Winston Cup racing with his own team. A professional football player — a very well-known football player — has been talking to Steele about building a Cup team together. It’s known, and entirely understandable, that Ford would like to continue its association with Steele, so expect his plans to include the blue oval. Steele says he does plan to run at least a few Winston Cup races this year, then run the entire season next year. It’s possible the Toledo race was his last appearance in an ARCA car, but his team seemed confident they’d be at the next race at Pike’s Peak, and ARCA has received an entry from Steele. See the rest of the story at iRace: Tim Steele: ‘It came back to me so quickly’, excellent story, great comeback.(7-6-98)
  • Here is something interesting I have reported on in the past but didn’t know who would drive the car: Ray Evernham plans to start a NASCAR Busch Grand National team next year with Jeff Gordon. While Gordon will run five races for that team next year, the main goal is to discover “the next Jeff Gordon or Ray Evernham” as an investment for the future. Taken in part from a story on That’s Racin’ by Juliet Macur: Where’s the line between a champion and a cheater.(7-6-98)
  • Ricky Craven will test the #50 Bud Chevy at Greenville-Pickens Speedway on Tuesday, 7-7-98.(RPM2Nite)(7-6-98)
  • From a reader: Was at the ARCA race in Toledo, OH last week(June 27-28) and watched Tim Steele finish second to Frank Kimmel. The Track PA had a pre-race interview with Steele, in which he said that he was having a few meetings the following week, and that he might have something to announce soon about his future. When asked if he was going to Daytona(for the Pepsi 400 which of course was postponed), he said was it was possibility. But Steele did say his team sent in an entry black for the next ARCA race just in case.(7-6-98)
  • BGN Champ Randy LaJoie who for the past two seasons has maintained that he has no interest in returning fulltime to the Cup series has seemed to have a change of heart after running well as a sub for Ricky Craven in the #50 Bud Chevy. LaJoie mentioned on RPM2Nite that he wants to win a Cup race now and may in fact consider a Cup ride if it is a top notch ride.(RPM2Nite)(7-6-98)

    The progression of the TOTALLY False Mike Skinner/Ted Musgrave/Kevin Lepage Rumors

  • UPDATE: Check out the story on SpeedNet by Ben Blake that I can relate to after the Mike Skinner rumor mess(which can be seen on my July archive): Spreading rumors isn’t journalism. – I hear that the Mike Skinner rumor was all over the garage area back at Sears Point and no one did a thing to quiet it down until it made it to the Internet around July 1st, maybe that is why my sources were all telling me the same basic thing, oh well – live and learn.(7-9-98)
  • Bill Weber interviewed Richard Childress owner of Mike Skinners #31 Lowes team and he said Mike Skinner is his driver for the team. Enough said.(RPM2Nite)(7-10-98)
  • FROM THE RacingPR Website: DAVID SMITH, Team manager for No. 31 Lowes Chevrolet reports that “there is no truth to the report that MIKE SKINNER has been released from RCR. He will, in fact, be driving our car for the remainder of the 98 season with an option to renew for 1999 and 2000.” See the rest of the story at RacingPR Website.(7-7-98)
  • Mike Mulhern of the JournalNow has a story all about the “Mike Skinner” rumor(false I might add) with many quotes from Team Manager David Smith: Smith puts rumors to rest: Skinner will stay with Childress’ operation .(7-7-98)
  • David Smith, Team Manager for the #31 RCR Lowes team said on RPM2Nite that Mike Skinner will driver the #31 Lowes Chevy for the remainder of 1998 and while his contract is up at the end of 1998, the team expects to re-sign Skinner.(RPM2Nite and David Smith), boy was I wrong on this one.(7-6-98)
  • Well, so much for those rumors: Reports of both Mike Skinner’s (driver #31) and Ted Musgrave’s (driver #16) demise appear to be greatly overstated — or at least according to sources at both RCR and Roush Racing. Comments from both parties have indicated that their respective drivers are secure at least through New Hampshire.(GoRacing – Cup Notes), anyhow good to hear they are staying put.(7-6-98)
  • As for the Skinner-Musgrave-Lepage rumor?: Kevin Lepage said Sunday morning that, as of now, he has no plans to drive a Cup car at Loudon. “Right now, I just plan to go up there as a spectactor,” Lepage said. “I won’t be in the 16 car (the No. 16 Primestar Ford of Roush Racing), and I don’t know if I’ll ever be in the 16 car. No one has offered me a ride for New Hampshire, so I’m just going to be a spectactor up there as far as I know right now.”(NASCAR Online)(7-6-98)
  • Hmm…at the end of the Diehard 250 BGN race, Larry McReynolds said he is looking forward to going to New Hampshire with Mike Skinner next week. Whether he does not know or it’s just not true that Skinner is gone from the #31.(7-5-98)
  • Richard Childress sources have confirmed that they have released driver Mike Skinner from the #31 Lowes Chevrolet. Skinner will be replaced next weekend by Ted Musgrave at Loudon, but it is for next weekend only(at this point). Roush Racing, regarding who would drive #16 next weekend, had no comment other than to say they were “looking at one particular driver, but he hasn’t yet met with the sponsor for their approval.” ‘That one particular driver’ could be Kevin Lepage, recently optioned by Roush Racing for a thirty-day period while he was ‘shopped’ to the Primestar sponsors of Roush’s #16 Ford. It was confirmed to me Saturday morning that he has now signed a contract with Roush Racing, but would not say for how long, other than it is a multi-year contract. LePage, at Milwaukee to race the #40 Channelock Chevrolet, said that he has not heard anything about racing next weekend in the #16 Ford.(Lynne Huntting – RacingPR)(7-5-98)
  • I hear that Ted Musgrave may end up in the #31 Lowes Chevy as soon as New Hampshire with Kevin Lepage taking over in the #16 Primestar Ford. No idea what Mike Skinner would do. Still hearing it could be Dallenbach.(7-4-98)
  • Hearing that Mike Skinner may get released soon from the #31 Lowes Chevy RCR team. The name being tossed around is Wally Dallenbach, Jr who just finished subbibg for Ricky Craven in the #50 Bud Chevy.(many sources)(7-4-98)


  • As announced before, Akins-Sutton, who own the #38 BGN Ford driven by Elton Sawyer(great run in Milwaukee), are planning on starting a 2nd BGN team in 1999. Rumors have Jeff Green being considered as the driver for that team. Guess that depends on what happens with Green and the #46 First Union SABCO team. Green was hanging around with the team in Milwaukee this past weekend and when asked someone on the team was asked about the 2nd team driver and they just said, look around.(7-5-98)
  • The JournalNow reports that VISA plans to sponsor a car next season on the tour, but there is no word yet on which team it might sponsor.(JournalNow)(7-5-98)
  • I hear that #91 LJ Racing owner Joe Falk is leaning towards putting Andy Hillenburg in the #91 car at Loudon.(Victory Lane Online)(7-5-98)


  • I also hear that Ricky Rudd will not be merging with Robert Yates but will start that 2nd team he has been discussing and that Elton Sawyer may be the driver.(7-4-98)
  • Another wild one: I hear that Robert Yates wouldn’t mind selling his two car operation and just return to building engines.(7-4-98)
  • The #91 LJ Racing Team will announce who will drive the Chevy at Loudon in the July 12th Jiffy Lube 300.(7-3-98), interesting story on the team at Victory Lane Online.(7-4-98)


  • UPDATE: Remember this story I posted last week: A Jayski Human Interest Story: Stephanie Looney and Patrick Steffen from Montgomery, Alabama are getting married at Daytona on July 3rd at noon, in front of the gardens at Daytona USA. They would like EVERYONE that will be at the speedway to attend! They have friends that will be there from all over, and we would love to have any NASCAR fans that will be at the speedway to join in the excitement! It’s not a big wedding, but it will be fun! They have permission from both NASCAR and the Speedway for the wedding. So if you are there check it out.(6-29-98)……….wellStephanie Looney and Patrick Steffen, ardent race fans who met in an Internet NASCAR “chat room,” had planned to wed in front of DAYTONA USA — the “Ultimate Motorsports Attraction” located outside the speedway’s Turn 4 — on Friday, then attend the race together on Saturday. With the race postponed until October, Daytona International Speedway allowed the couple to exchange rings in Victory Lane. Congrats to Stephanie and Patrick.(7-3-98)
  • On Ricky Rudd’s NASCAR Online chat Rudd mentioned a few things about his possible two car team:
    “Right now we’ve got a list of about five drivers, and it’s really going to be up to the sponsors. It’s probably going to be someone up and coming, maybe out of the Busch Series. We’re going to know in the next couple weeks, we’ve got a few irons in the fire. It could go either way, it’s probably 50-50 on whether it happens or doesn’t.” Basically what Rudd has been saying for months, no mention of the Yates rumor.
    See the rest of the chat transcript where Ricky talks about his engine woes and the Sears Point incident with Geoff Bodine at NASCAR Online Chat with Ricky Rudd.(7-3-98)
  • On Thursday, July 2nd, Bobby Labonte, Tony Stewart and Cruz Pendragon were to appear on “For Race Fans Only” to promote their new “Small Soliders” paint schemes. Obviously due to the wildfires, QVC’s live broadcast was cancelled. Bobby Labonte told the show’s host Dan Hughes that the paint scheme would be run on October 17th at the Pepsi 400. Since the car is setup for a superspeedway there was no sense in running it before then. Tony Stewart will still be running his special paint scheme at the Myrtle Beach race.(Jackie)(7-3-98)
  • Since QVC’s live broadcast was cancelled, the host of “For Race Fans Only”, Dan Hughes(the QVC host) producer, and assistant were stuck in Daytona Beach without a way home for the show that QVC was going to put on in West Chester, PA. Apparently someone tipped off Ward Burton, because he offered the use of his privately chartered plane to get them back to West Chester, Pa. After being dropped off in South Boston, VA, Ward told his personal pilot to fly the people to West Chester.(Jackie)(7-3-98)


  • I was told by a very good source that Ricky Rudd told a sportscaster on Wilkes Barre Pa. television he has decided to drive for Robert Yates Racing next year. No word if he will be a replacement or merging with RYR to form a third team or if the Tide Sponsorship comes with Rudd.(or will this happen at all)(7-2-98)
  • UPDATE: Ricky Craven will test at Atlanta next week.(RPM2Nite)(6-23-98) – Have not heard anything on this(7-2-98)INCORRECT!
  • Look for Greg Sacks not to return to the #98 Thorn Apple Valley Ford for the remainder of the season. His injuries are healing slowly and he’ll probably need a few more months to heal.(RPM2Nite)(7-1-98) – Sacks is scheduled to see a neurosurgeon in New Orleans on July 13. We should know something more concrete on his return then.(7-2-98)
  • Some BGN News: Kevin Lepage will drive the #40 Channellock Chevy at Milwaukee this week; Ron Hornaday returns to drive the #59 Chevy; Casey Atwood will have a sponsor for three BGN races in 1998, Les Care Kitchen, Inc. will sponsor Atwood and the #28 LAR Motorsports Chevy at Milwaukee, Ricmond(9/11) and Homestead(11/15); Blaise Alexander will have Gordon Gibbs as an acting crew chief this weekend.(NASCAR Online/RPM2Nite)(7-2-98)
  • When Jeff Gordon won at Sears Point last week, he joined Mark Martin in having won at 16 of the 20 tracks now in use on the Winston Cup circuit. Martin could move back ahead by winning this weekend at Daytona. Here are the tracks where Gordon and Martin have not yet won: Gordon: Las Vegas, Texas, Phoenix and Michigan. Martin: Daytona, Indianapolis, New Hampshire and Pocono.(That’s Racin’ – Random Thoughts, David Poole)(7-2-98)


  • Time to put this rumor to rest: Dale Earnhardt Inc. announced Tuesday that #1 Pennzoil Monte Carlo driver Steve Park will return to NASCAR Winston Cup racing on Aug. 1 for the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis. At that time, substitute driver Darrell Waltrip will return to Tyler Jet Motorsports #17 team at Indianapolis. Said Ty Norris, DEI Director of Motorsports: “We explored a variety of opportunities for Steve in the past two weeks, but all of us finally decided that we need to stay focused on a one-car team and stick to our original schedule of bringing Steve back for the Brickyard 400. As much as we would like to, we just can’t run two cars. It’s just asking too much from a first-year team just hitting its stride. Our next step is to test at Indy on July 13-14-15 and be 100 percent for the Brickyard.”(Pennzoil PR)(7-1-98)
  • RaceComm Offers New Audio Feature, http://www.racecomm.com, the fastest growing motorsports site on the Internet(next to Jayski.com) has added a new feature in conjunction with http://www.liveracing.com. Mike Calinoff’s Audio Report can be heard on Monday mornings, featuring a recap of the weekends NASCAR events. On Thursday, Calinoff will preview the upcoming events and include a commentary.(7-1-98)
  • It has been a long time with the injured foot but Jimmy Foster is ready to return to drive the Dr Pepper #50, Nicknamed (Charlie Brown) to a good finish this weekend for Washington Erving Motorsports. Jimmy is really looking forward to driving at the Milwaukee Mile. Jimmy said, “Its been 2 1/2 months since I drove and I have learn alot working at the shop with the team and from the other drivers that have filled in for me. It will feel good to back driving the Dr Pepper #50 again. Thank’s to all who emailed me, while I was out recovering from my injury.”(www.washingtonerving.com – Gerry)(7-1-98)
  • UPDATE: I hear Ashton Lewis Jr, who drove the #9 BGN car at Watkins Glen this past weekend is being considered for the #91 LJ Racing Chevy ride after Daytona.(6-30-98) – OK, here is the straight scoop on this deal: Ashton Lewis and Joe Falk were on Joe Moore’s radio show (Moore is of MRN) and Lewis and Falk are considering teaming up for the Bud at The Glen in August. Lewis admitted that he didn’t have enough experience on the ovals, but probabily could do a decent job on the road course.(7-1-98)
  • NASCAR Winston Cup regular Wally Dallenbach Jr., is scheduled to test an Indy Racing League car for Pennzoil Panther Racing during the upcoming Goodyear Tire Test at Texas on August 4 and 5. If all goes well and schedules permit, Dallenbach will run the second Pennzoil Panther Racing entry during Texas this September.(Oval Track News)(7-1-98)
  • UPDATE: As to be expected Ron Hutter(Matt Hutter’s father) has dropped Team 34 as a customer.(6-30-98) – I hear from a very good source that this is not true and Hutter will still supply engines to Team 34(BGN #’s 30, 34 and 36)(7-1-98)