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  • (3-31-1999)
  • Kenseth Cup Dates: I hear the dates/races for Matt Kenseth to make his five race Winston Cup run in 1999 are: The 2nd races at – Michigan, Dover, Charlotte, Rockingham, and Atlanta. This will be in a Roush car under the Mark Martin Racing banner(The LTN Hour)(3-31-1999)
  • Alabama Gang Museum: It was decided after an ALABAMA GANG BOARD Meeting on Monday March 15, 1999 that the drive is on and the pace is fast in efforts to get an ALABAMA GANG RACING MUSEUM built soon. For more info and how to send a donation, see (thanks Lynne)(3-31-1999)
  • UPDATE 3 on Spencer: I hear Jimmy Spencer has multiple bruises, extreme soreness, some swelling, and a possible broken hand or wrist(3-30-1999) — UPDATE 2: Spencer has a slight concussion and is very sore, says the hit at Texas was the hardest he ever took. So far no broken bones, but Spencer will go for x-rays on Wednesday. Steve Grissom will test the #23 Winston Ford at Bristol on Thursday and at Talladega next week, Grissom will also drive Spencers #12 Zippo Chevy in the BGN race at Bristol(WC Today Radio), The JournalNow/PitNow says Darrell Waltrip will handle the tests — UPDATE 3: Jimmy Spencer was to test the #23 Ford at Bristol Wednesday and Thursday while Darrell Waltrip tested the #66 Ford at Martinsville. But with Spencer banged up, team owner Travis Carter decided to send DW and the #66 Bristol instead. Also DW and the #66 then plan to test at Talladega next Tuesday and Wednesday(in the Ford test) The #23 team DID not test at Bristol(3-31-1999)
  • Testing UPDATE: Jeremy Mayfield tested the #12 Mobil One Ford at Martinsville on Monday and will again on Tuesday(WC Today Radio)(3-30-1999) — UPDATE: Kenny Irwin tested the #28 Texaco Ford at Martinsville on Tuesday(WC Today Radio) and Geoffrey Bodine will be testing the #60 Power Team Chevy at Martinsville on Wednesday and Thursday(3-31-1999)
  • It’s Back….UPDATE 7: Remember this rumor? Morgan-McClure 2nd Team? Hey, a wild one – hear that a second Morgan-McClure team effort is may still happen in 1999. The sponsor rumored is Microsoft. No word on a driver yet.(11-18-98) — UPDATE 1: Hearing the 2nd Morgan-McClure team is close to fruition and we may hear something next week — UPDATE 2: during an interview with Larry McClure by WC Today Radio, McClure said they would run a 2nd team on a limited basis only if a sponsor is found and only for 5-6 races on 1999 with an eye towards 2000 with a full-time schedule(12-22-98) — UPDATE 3: I hear the team will attempt the Daytona 500 with an yet unnamed driver and possibly up to 15 1999 starts(12-29-98) — UPDATE 4: The Microsoft rumor have proven to be false and they will not be the sponsor of the 2nd team, if it happens(12-31-98) — UPDATE 5: Larry McClure is ready to launch that long-awaited second Winston Cup team. He’s got three drivers under consideration and plans to make a decision by July 1. The sponsor? Possibly computer software giant Microsoft(PitNow)(3-29-1999) — UPDATE 6: When asked during Tuesday’s NOL chat about a possible teammate, Bobby Hamilton, driver of the #4 Kodak Morgan-McClure Chevy said – “It’ll definitely help and we’re definitely looking in that direction. Larry McClure and myself are looking, and he’s asked me to start looking for drivers…..and at the end of the year we’ll be able to make a decision on it.”(in part from NOL chat) BUT on NASCAR Today Radio(MRN) a team spokesperson said there would be no second team this season, so go figure. Also during the NOL chat Hamilton also mentioned a possible different paint scheme at one of the night races and that the Advantix deal was a one race deal only — UPDATE 7: From Sparky Plug at iRACE/SpeedVision – Owner Larry McClure said their shop can hold a 2nd team and with the proper sponsorship the 2nd team will run five races in 1999 to prepare for a full schedule in 2000. McClure was rumored to be in negotiations with Microsoft, but denied that allegation. He did say that he has secured a crew chief who is currently working in the Cup garage and has until July 1 to decide on a driver. Matt Kenseth was considered for the ride, but turned it down to concentrate on the Roush/Martin Cup deal(3-31-1999)
  • Martin 25th: Mark Martin will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of his first race when he drives his #6 Valvoline Ford in the Food City 500 at Bristol, April 11 (SpeedNet/Monte Dutton)(3-31-1999)
  • Common Templates: Gary Nelson, NASCAR Winston Cup director, says the sanctioning body is no longer considering a common template. NASCAR looked at making each car body the same as a way of making the cars even. An obstacle to that plan was that the identity of the Chevrolet, Ford and Pontiac bodies would be sacrificed(News-Record/The Depot)(3-31-1999)
  • Bodine/Shoemaker/BGN UPDATE 2: Been a bunch of rumors sent in within the past few hours dealing with Geoffrey Bodine, Shoemaker Racing, Dick Trickle, etc. Background: The rumor was that Dick Trickle was coming back to the #64 Shoemaker Racing Chevy in the BGN series as someone saw Trickle and team owner Dennis Shoemaker talking in the garage at Texas. Here is what I hear from the Shoemaker Racing Site: 1) Dennis and Dick did have a conversation on Saturday morning, but it was nothing more than a friendly conversation and chit chat that lasted about a minute and a half as Shoemaker was busy preparing for the race. 2) Dennis has had no direct or indirect contact with Schneider National regarding anything other than friendly “hello’s” and “how are ya’s”. 3) Dennis is confident that Jimmy Spencer and Dick will work things out. In fact Dennis said, “Spencer and Trickle have had an unprecedented run of bad luck the past few events and he knows that Spencer can turn it around.” Dennis is certain that the #5 team will be a force to reckoned with very soon. 4) Dennis is regretful that Geoffrey Bodine has decided to no longer run the Busch Series. The reason given being the potential for injuries. 5) Barry Bodine’s dad, Geoffrey, has secured a fulltime opportunity with the #40 ChannelLock Chevy since Kerry Earnhardt was released. According to Geoffrey, he and the #40 car owner are friends. 6) The #64 Chevy WILL have a driver for Nashville(3-29-1999) — UPDATE 1: from the Geoffrey Bodine Fanclub Site – Either Geoffrey or Barry is scheduled to pilot the #64 Dennis Shoemaker Racing Monte Carlo in Nashville, TN, this Saturday and Geoffrey is not now, or ever has been “afraid” of being injured in a racecar. Injuries are an accepted risk taken by professional racecar drivers(3-30-1999) — UPDATE 2: The Shoemaker Racing Site site reports that Geoffrey Bodine will be back in the #64 Luxury Travel Motor Coaches Chevy at Nashville and Bristol(3-31-1999)


  • Benson Associate: Richfood, Inc., will announce Thursday that it is co-sponsoring Johnny Benson’s #26 Cheerios Ford in the Exide 400 at Richmond International Raceway in September(Times-Dispatch)(3-30-1999)
  • Bud Moore News UPDATE 3: Jeff Green is entered in the #15-Bud Moore Ford, but I am hearing that team may have closed up shop(3-23-1999) — UPDATE: The Bud Moore Engineering race team is still hard at work. Moore, the team’s general manager, is encouraged by upcoming talks with potential sponsors and partners, but it’s happened before. He knows not to get too optimistic before the final deal is signed. They are rebuilding their car from Daytona. As recently as a month ago, the team had planned to qualify for the events at Atlanta two weeks ago and this weekend’s Texas race. But plans for both fell through at the last minute. On Wednesday, Moore withdrew his entry for Sunday’s race at Texas Motor Speedway. The team is still fairly discouraged by the events at Daytona in February, when the #15 Ford was wrecked on the first lap of the 125-mile qualifying event. Driver Jeff Green had tested and practiced the car at good times, and the team was confident that he would make the field. Moore has been trying to convince potential sponsors and partners based upon limited past performances — and questionable potential( — UPDATE 2: Hearing a potential sponsor for the team may be AMVETS, American Veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam and they may attempt the Coca Cola 600 — UPDATE 3: This was also reported on RPM2Nite, that sources tell RPM2Nite that the team is close to signing a sponsor to return to Cup and mentioned AMVETS(3-30-1999)
  • Craven Testing UPDATE: I hear Ricky Craven will test the #58 Hollywood Video Ford at Talladega on April 6/7 (rain date the 8th) — UPDATE: Actually this is a Ford test date for Talladega and most of the Ford teams are expected to participate(3-30-1999)
  • Long/Childress? UPDATE: Jim Long, the crew chief for the Geoff Bodine-Joe Bessey #60 Power Team Chevy team, is under consideration for a job with Richard Childress Racing, according to sources close to the situation(PitNow)(3-29-1999) — UPDATE: Jim Long is not leaving the #60 Team. He stated today that he is “very happy at Bessey Motorsports.”(Geoffrey Bodine Fanclub Site/Forum)(3-30-1999)
  • Bristol Testing: Tony Stewart and Bobby Hamilton in Cup cars and Kenny Schrader and Sterling Marlin in their BGN cars tested at Bristol today, no speeds(3-30-1999)
  • Skinner Update: Mike Skinner stopped by the RCR #31 shop Monday and told the crew he would be ready to run 500 laps at Bristol in two weeks(almost). Team Mgr, David Smith told RPM2Nite that he would have a relief driver standing by in case Skinner needs one(RPM2Nite). Candidates would probably be Morgan Shepherd and Mike Dillon.(3-30-1999)
  • Marketing News: The Premiere Group — a full-service motorsports marketing and licensing agency, based in Harrisburg, N.C. — has hired veteran motorsports public relations specialist and writer John Bisci as its Communications Director. Bisci, a 42-year-old native of Buffalo, N.Y., is the former Public Relations Director for Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and has represented teams and drivers sponsored by Exide, Caterpillar and Raybestos. John is also a writer for Trackside Magazine and Speedway Scene. Among his functions with The Premiere Group will be to act as team coordinator and oversee publicity and media relations efforts for Premiere Motorsports’ NASCAR Busch Grand National Series team and its driver, Freddie Query(3-30-1999)
  • New Team for 2000? UPDATE 4 Pro football Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Willie Lanier are part of a joint venture dubbed Celebrity Motorsports that is pursuing ownership of a Winston Cup team for the 2000 season(USA Today/Skip Wood)(2-6-1999) — UPDATE 1: By this time next year, Willie Lanier and fellow Hall of Famer Jim Brown hope to be part of an ownership group of a competing team. Brown and Lanier have joined with Bill Futterer of Berea, Ohio, to form Celebrity Motorsports. The group hopes to become involved with an existing team and help with sponsorship and marketing. They have some teams in mind, but are not saying which ones. Lanier said he and his partners hope to have something lined up soon so they can be ready by Daytona 2000(Times-Dispatch)(2-11-1999) — UPDATE 2: Jim Brown, a football legend, and Willie Lanier, another NFL star from the past, have been looking at a Winston Cup effort next season, and Felix Sabates appears to be their NASCAR link. Lanier is an executive with First Union, a company that has sponsored a Sabates team. And Sabates says he’s looking at Mario Hernandez, 23, a young Cuban college graduate, as a possible NASCAR driver, probably starting with a Dash series car(PitNow/JournalNow)2-14-1999) — UPDATE 3: Ex-NFL greats Jim Brown and Willie Lanier toured the press box during the race. The hall of famers are interested in owning a Winston Cup team(SpeedNet)(3-29-1999) — UPDATE 4: I hear this may become the second Mattei Motorsports team in 2000(3-30-1999)
  • Primestar vs Texas 500 next Nashville UPDATE 2: no idea why the Mike, Ken, Buddy or Ned did not refer to the race as the Primestar 500 but the Texas 500. I don’t think they refer to any of the sponsors on the cars either, maybe policy. Not looking to speculate, it’s their decision(3-28-1999) — UPDATE 1: The broadcast networks require that the title sponsor of the event purchase a few spots on the telecast for the network to use the entitlement. When Primestar pulled out of the CBS telecast, it became the Texas 500. Note that Saturday’s race was called the Coca-Cola 300 on CBS.(3-29-1999) — UPDATE 2: Saturday’s BellSouth Mobility 320 will be called the “Nashville 320” when it is broadcast nationally by CBS. CBS explains it reason and policies at The Tennessean (3-30-1999)


  • Rusty Tests UPDATE: I hear Rusty Wallace tested at Greenville Pickens Speedway on Wednesday(3-25-1999) — UPDATE: Mentioned during the CBS Broadcast that Rusty and the team did test and ran over 200 laps(3-29-1999)
  • LaJoie Crewmember: Kyle Green, a crewmember on the No. 14 Federated Auto Parts Ford driven by Randy LaJoie, was taken to the QualityCare Network Infield Care Center after being knocked down on pit road by a tire. He was treated and released. Green was back carrying tires over the wall during next pit stop(TMS Notes)(3-29-1999)
  • Special Visitor: Rusty Wallace had a special guest at TMS Sunday. Former pro baseball star Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams attended the Primestar 500. Williams appears with ex-baseball star Lee Smith in a current Miller Lite television commercial. Williams helped the Philadelphia Phillies to a pennant in 1993, but perhaps is best known for his wild pitching style(Jayski Note: his motto was that he pitched like his hair was on fire)(TMS Notes)(3-29-1999)
  • Money Raised: Speedway Children’s Charities collected over $61,000 a the Winn Dixie Speedway Children’s Charities live memorabilia auction held Saturday afternoon at the speedway. They raised over $50,000 Wednesday at the Fort-Worth Star Telegram Speedway Children’s Charities Celebrity Golf Tournament at Tour 18 in Flower Mound, Texas(TMS Notes)(3-29-1999)
  • Rumored Paint Scheme Stuff: From Sue’s ADNASCAR Newsletter – Dale Earnhardt was supposed to run a “Taz” paint scheme for the Winston Select but the scheme has been canceled due to the postponement of the introduction of the 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. A new paint scheme will be announced on 4/11/99. Gordon’s Winston Car: Jeff Gordon is scheduled to run the Stars Wars paint scheme on the BGN Chevy at Charlotte and possibly run a Superman scheme on the #24 Chevy, with some sort of Chromalusion paint splash for the Winston. Look for an official announcement 4/20/99 that Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will run “Connected Theme” Cars, not sure where or if this is for the BGN Charlotte race. Another possible paint schemes for the #5 Terry Labonte chevy, Universal Studios/Islands of adventure, featuring marvel supper hero land (spiderman), The lost continent(3-29-1999)
  • Goodyear Statement on the Tires: Goodyear statement (from Phil Holmer, Goodyear Marketing Manager, Stock Car Racing): TMS basically a brand new track compared to last year. Teams didn’t have the critical Saturday afternoon hour practice due to rain. With rain all night, the track was green (rubber washed off) for Sunday’s race. Teams were going on the best information they had for race setups. After Goodyear engineers reverified the minimum tire pressure recommendations with team during the race, the last half of the race went in a normal fashion. Tires are being returned to Goodyears Akron Technical Center for further analysis. (For your information: Air pressure is an integral part of tire design and if a tire is used outside of the specified range, it is subject to abnormal stress.)(TMS Notes)(3-29-1999)
  • Hard Licks Update: Some tough licks for Jeff Gordon, Mike Skinner and Jimmy Spencer. Both Gordon’s and Skinner’s accidents looked like right rear tires went down. During an interview at lap 128, Gordon said they took X-Rays and he didn’t think anything was broken but he was mighty sore. UPDATE on Gordon: X-rays showed that Gordon didn’t break or chip anything and he expects to be back in the #24 Chevy at Bristol(Infobeat/AP). Mike Skinner was taken off the track on a stretcher and seemed shook up. Skinners owner, Richard Childress interviewed and said that Skinner probably has a right broken should blade. UPDATE on Skinner: Skinner sustained a hairline break in the right shoulder blade(shame one he injured at Texas in 1998). Jimmy Spencer tangled with Robert Pressley a few laps from the finish and seemed groggy. UPDATE on Spencer: Jimmy Spencer, driver of the #23, was treated and released from the QualityCare Network Infield Care Center(TMS Notes). Bobby Labonte gutted it out, came home with a 3rd place finish and luckily never took a hard hit like Gordon, Skinner or Spencer. Bobby Hamilton was overcome by fumes and the flu and was relieved by Kenny Wallace, who fell out early. Randy LaJoie, who blew an engine in the #14 was to get in, but could not fit in the seat properly.(3-28/29-1999)
  • The return of Jr Johnson UPDATE 2: NASCAR Legend, Junior Johnson will soon return to NASCAR racing as part of a BGN team. Johnson will be at a press conference at the former Smokin’ Joes Cup race shop in Hamptonville, NC, on Monday at 11am/et to formally announce the formation of the team. Johnson will talk about his involvement with the team, announce the team’s sponsor, Overton’s Inc. and introduce the team’s driver, one that has extensive NASCAR experience. Another press conference will be held on Tuesday at 11am/et in Greenville, N.C., at the home office of Overton’s(NOL) — some hints are given in this story by Larry Woody at – Laid-back Johnson just an advisor now(Tennessean), mentions Johnson as more of an advisor and Overton’s as well as a driver Chris Cook, who hopes to make his BGN debut in the April 3 BellSouth Mobility 320 in Nashville. In the story it also mentions that Cooks team rents a shop Johnson owns in Hamptonville(3-27-1999) — UPDATE 1: Junior Johnson’s race shop on U.S. 421 in Yadkin County is back open for business, with Kevin Sassar setting up a Busch operation for Chris Cook, a Late Model driver from Nashville. Johnson, who retired as a NASCAR team owner three years ago, will offer some advice to the team(PitNow) — UPDATE 2: see a Press Release on my BGN/CTS Silly Season Page(3-29-1999)


  • Kenseth to Cup, confirmed: Jack Roush confirmed in the postrace BGN news conference that BGN driver Matt Kenseth will drive a Mark Martin Racing car in Cup in 2000. Roush said that DeWalt Tools would like to come along with Kenseth. Roush will provide the team engines and chassis, but will be a separate team from the Roush stable. Kenseth will also drive a Roush Racing car in five Cup races in 1999(NOL/AP)(3-27-1999)
  • Gordon: His 43rd place finish in the Primestar 500 was the first time Jeff Gordon has finished 43rd in a Winston Cup event, in hid 195th race(CBS Race), NOTE: He was last in a 42-car field at Atlanta Motor Speedway in March 1997(3-28-1999)
  • Wind Tunnel stuff: from PitNow/Journal Now Site – Yes, Jeff Gordon’s Monte Carlo did test out better in the Lockheed wind tunnel last week than Mark Martin’s Ford, John Hendrick concedes. Jack Roush and Ford officials say that Gordon’s aerodynamic edge should be worth more than two-tenths of a second a lap, according to extrapolation of NASCAR’s own data. See complete story at FUROR: Wind-tunnel results are still point of contention(3-28-1999)
  • #400: Michael Waltrip made his 400th career Cup start on Sunday in the Primestar 500 at Texas(3-27/29-1999)


  • #90 Sponsor: Donlavey Racing and Stanton Barrett has a one-race deal for the PRIMESTAR 500 with Suburban Lodfges of America, Inc, an economy extended stay hotel company(NOL) that could turn into a full-time deal(Times-Dispatch), failed to make the race(3-27-1999)
  • #94 Assoc Sponsor trouble? Service Merchandise is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It is not known how it will affect sponsorship of the #94 McDonald’s Ford team of Bill Elliott(NSSN)(3-27-1999)
  • Bouchard Update: Ken Bouchard, driver of the #84 Three Stooges Beer Chevrolet, is still at Parkland Memorial Hospital. His test results were negative and he is in stable condition(TMS Page)(3-27-1999)
  • Raybestos and #28: It’s a week or so old, but saw this in last weeks Winston Cup Scene – Raybestos Brakes has signed on for three more years as an associate sponsor with Robert Yates Racing and the #28 Texaco Ford of Kenny Irwin(WC Scene)(3-27-1999)
  • No New Monte: According to Richard Childress, owner of the #3 Goodwrench car driven by Dale Earnhardt and the #31 driven by Mike Skinner, the possibility of running a new Chevrolet is now a dead issue. See the complete story at It’s official: No new Monte in ’99 by Lee Spencer (SpeedVisoin/iRace)(3-27-1999)
  • Earnhardt Honors: Dale Earnhardt will honor Garry Sanders, a Sansom Park firefighter who was killed recently when trying to rescue people from a burning church. Sanders’ brother, Steve, is a member of the Texas Motor Speedway rescue crew and prior to his death, Garry had been trying to earn enough hours to be permitted to work race events. His goal had been to work in Earnhardt’s pit area during a Winston Cup event at the track. To honor Garry Sanders, Earnhardt will carry decals on his car Sunday that say, “In memory of Garry Sanders.” In addition, Steve Sanders will work in Earnhardt’s pit in the Primestar 500(Dallas Morning News – Notes)(3-27-1999)
  • DW/#66 in Trouble? UPDATE 5: The Speedwords website has been hearing of discontent and outright anger in the #66 Winston Cup team of Darrell Waltrip, primarily in the last two weeks though some say it goes back farther than that. DW is out of provisionals (as best as anyone understands that “rule”), crew chiefs have come and gone and now there is talk of an impending split of the team itself. Track side reports of tension in the pit and garage area possibly fed by on-track performance that appears to be spiraling downwards all lend credence to the reports. Late yesterday Speedwords was told that at least two prospective crew chiefs have quietly turned down offers from the #66 team. Sources close to the team also said last night that key figures in the Travis Carter owned operation are seeking a way out of what even hopeful supporters are now considering a bad situation. Though publicly displaying his game face, this has to be a tough time for DW and everyone involved with the team(Speedwords) Yikes!(3-25-1999) — I hear there was a story on Waltrip echoing the same in Thursday’s USA Today print edition, but I could not find it online and have not seen Thursday paper. UPDATE 2: Also I hear if DW is not up to speed for 1st round qualifying, look for another driver(Jeff Green??) to make an attempt in 2nd round(3-26-1999) — UPDATE 3: see a story of That’s Racin’ at Waltrip faces prospect of going home by David poole and from SpeedNet’s Notes by Monte Dutton: Rumors circulated late Friday that Travis Carter, Waltrip’s car owner, was considering putting another driver in the car for today’s second-round qualifying session. Waltrip has needed a provisional to make the field in all five events and no longer has that option since the team fell out of the top 25 in car-owner standings last week. Carter was apparently considering Matt Kenseth, Todd Bodine and several other Busch regulars, although Waltrip would almost certainly be the driver on Sunday if someone else can get the #66 Ford in the field. Carter left the track abruptly and was unavailable for comment(SpeedNet) — UPDATE 4: The Travis Carter owned teams both had trouble in the session with Jimmy Spencer qualifying 40th and Darrell Waltrip qualifying 44th. Waltrip’s run must have been a disappointment as he ran a time 4/10ths of a second slower than he practiced earlier in the day. Waltrip’s #66 car was covered and the team hauler locked as the team left the track early(Speedway Scene) — UPDATE 5: DW made the race and that’ll quiet things down for at least two weeks. Many articles out there now about the situation including: Waltrip Overcomes Fears, Qualifies for Texas Race from the WRAL Auto Racing page and Waltrip produces hot lap when he needs it from That’s Racin'(3-27-1999)


  • Hollywood Video/Craven UPDATE: Looks like Hollywood Video is doing a race by race deal with Ricky Craven. They will be on the #58 SBIII Ford at Texas(3-25-1999) — UPDATE: I hear Hollywood Video has signed on for the entire 1999 season(3-26-1999)
  • Bud Moore News UPDATE: Jeff Green is entered in the #15-Bud Moore Ford, but I am hearing that team may have closed up shop(3-23-1999) — UPDATE: The Bud Moore Engineering race team is still hard at work. Moore, the team’s general manager, is encouraged by upcoming talks with potential sponsors and partners, but it’s happened before. He knows not to get too optimistic before the final deal is signed. They are rebuilding their car from Daytona. As recently as a month ago, the team had planned to qualify for the events at Atlanta two weeks ago and this weekend’s Texas race. But plans for both fell through at the last minute. On Wednesday, Moore withdrew his entry for Sunday’s race at Texas Motor Speedway. The team is still fairly discouraged by the events at Daytona in February, when the #15 Ford was wrecked on the first lap of the 125-mile qualifying event. Driver Jeff Green had tested and practiced the car at good times, and the team was confident that he would make the field. Moore has been trying to convince potential sponsors and partners based upon limited past performances — and questionable potential(, look for more on this later…(3-26-1999)


  • Rusty Paint Scheme: Rusty Wallace and the #2 Miller Lite Ford team will have a special paint scheme at Texas, with the “True to Texas” on his #2 Ford on the side quarter-panels and the back TV panel. The car will also have a big star on each side, representing the “Lone Star State” of Texas(NOL)(3-24-1999)
  • Atwood Five Race Cup Deal? UPDATE 3: Speedway Scene has learned that rising star Casey Atwood will announce a five race Cup deal for later this year. No details were available at the time of this posting on which five races will be included in the package, but expect an announcement soon, possibly this weekend(Speedway Scene) Jayski Note: I had reported a while back that Atwood signed a deal with Bill Eliiott, may have been just a testing deal, but possibly something related??(3-18-1999) — UPDATE 1: BGN driver Casey Atwood announced today he is not planning to enter any NASCAR Winston Cup Series events during the 1999 season. His current BGN team may look into running some Cup races in 2000, but nothing has been decided(Keystone Marketing)(3-19-1999) — UPDATE 2: Supposedly Atwood had been on the verge of signing a developmental contract with Richard Childress that would have included a five-race Cup deal. Under pressure from Castrol, his BGN sponsor, Atwood said all Cup plans were off for the remainder of this year(SpeedNet)(3-22-1999) — UPDATE 3: Atwood, Castrol and Brewco have a multiyear agreement, and plan to partner with a Cup team maybe for a few races in 2000, it basically hinges upon when Atwood is ready, right now and this year they will not be running in the Winston Cup series. Richard Childress has not offered a deal and by no means has Castrol put any pressure on anyone. As a group Brewco is not in as big a hurry as others would like for them to be. A press release to this effect was issued at Darlington on Friday(see UPDATE 1)(3-24-1999)
  • Monte Carlo to Tunnel: Chevy engineers plan on putting their 2000 Monte Carlo through its paces in the Detroit wind tunnel today. The fate of the new Monte Carlo has been weighed by NASCAR officials for two months now, and its Indianapolis debut in August has been scratched. The new model is all but dead for any Winston Cup racing in 1999, because of the stalemate between NASCAR and GM executives, though some NASCAR teams are holding out slim hope they might get to run the model somewhere in the final month of the season. NASCAR officials were apparently not invited to this week’s wind tunnel tests(PitNow)(3-24-1999)
  • Lake Speed Returns UPDATE: Midwest Transit Racing has NASCAR Winston Cup Series veteran Lake Speed as general manager. Speed will be responsible for all day to day operations of the #50 Midwest Transit Chevy race team. Speed, a former World Karting champion, has made 402 NASCAR Winston Cup Series starts as a driver. In 1988, driving a car he owned, Speed captured the TranSouth 500 at Darlington Raceway. In his last assignment, Speed was the driver and team manager at Melling Racing, a team that boasts 34 wins and the 1988 Winston Cup championship. Dan Pardus, who’s running for Raybestos Rookie of the Year honors as Midwest Transit Racing’s primary driver, said he was delighted with Speed’s selection(Midwest Transit PR)(3-23-1999) — UPDATE: The team will sit out and regroup the next few races and plan to return to Cup action at Talladega in April(3-24-1999)
  • Ganassi to Cup? CART team owner Chip Ganassi, whose drivers have won the last three CART titles, says he’s still mulling an expansion into Winston Cup — perhaps by 2001, if not sooner(USA Today/Skip Wood)(3-24-1999)
  • Martinsville Testing UPDATE: Elliott Sadler and the #21 CITGO Ford tested at Martinsville Monday and will test there again on Tuesday(WC Today Radio)(3-22-1999) — UPDATE: Sadler again tested Tuesday with Petty truck driver, Jimmy Hensley. The #21 team spent much time testing shock, no speeds(SpeedNet)(3-24-1999)


  • Martin Car Owner? UPDATE 2: Mark Martin could become a Winston Cup car owner as soon as next year. With Dale Earnhardt setting the precedent (driving for one team, owning a rival team with another driver), Martin could emerge in 2000 as owner of a Cup team for Matt Kenseth, possibly with DeWalt sponsorship. Martin’s personal interest in rising star Kenseth, a 26-year-old from Wisconsin, gave the youngster’s career a boost during an exciting rookie campaign in the Busch Series last year. Kenseth’s Busch team is owned by Robbie Reiser. It receives no cars or engines from Roush Racing, but it receives guidance and sponsorship support from the Roush group. Under the Roush plan, Kenseth faces several career options, all apparently favorable. He could be graduated to one of Roush’s Cup cars, or the Reiser team could become a companion team to the Roush-supported Wood Brothers outfit. At Atlanta, however, Roush suggested a third option with Mark Martin as an owner(This info from the Racer Magazine Site/Ben Blake, thanks to Team Roush Fans Site for the heads up)(3-15-1999) — UPDATE 2: Mark Martin’s owner, Jack Roush says that Matt Kenseth may be the driver for the possible Mark Martin owned Winston Cup team for the 2000 season, DeWalt Tools may follow Kenseth as the sponsor.(NOL)(3-23-1999)
  • Next Driver UPDATE 2: Junie Donlavey said Stanton Barrett will drive the team’s #90 Ford at Texas Motor Speedway next weekend(Times-Dispatch)(3-20-1999) — UPDATE: Stanton Barrett, fourth in the NASCAR Rookie of the Year points standings, will drive the Heritage Consumer Products Taurus for Donlavey in Sunday’s Texas 500 at the 1.5-mile Texas Motor Speedway. The 26-year-old Barrett drove for Donlavey in the Las Vegas 400 two weeks ago, and was the second highest-finishing rookie driver in that event. His only other attempt came in the Daytona 500 when he finished 16th in his 125-mile qualifying race, missing the most difficult field to make in motorsports by less than one-tenth of a second. The Taurus will be sponsored by Heritage Consumer Products Company, which delivers high quality healthcare products to consumers which fulfill specific needs. Heritage Consumer Products markets and distributes such well-known products as Acutrim, Allerest, Sinarest, Fiberall, Eucalyptamint, Privine, Ting, Konodremul, Caldesene and Americaino. There won’t be much of a cushion as far as provisional starting spots are concerned as the team is out until Martinsville. (Williams Company of America) — UPDATE 2: Please note that the Junie Donlavey Taurus driven by Stanton Barrett of Bishop, Calif., at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend will be unsponsored. Donlavey hired Barrett for the Texas NASCAR Winston Cup event directly. A previous release mentioning Heritage Consumer Products Company as sponsor for the Texas event was in error. We regret any problems or inconveniences this might have caused(Williams Company of America)(3-23-1999)
  • Grissom News: Steve Grissom woll sub in the #18 MBNA BGN Pontiac for Bobby Labonte at the Texas BGN race(NOL)(3-23-1999)
  • Three Stooges Return: The #84 Chevy returns to TMS this weekend with Three Stooges Beer, made by Panther Brewing Company, driven by Ken Bouchard. Stanton Barrett was slated to drive the car in a limited schedule but parted with Petty Huggins Motorsports shortly after the Daytona 500. Island Oasis, which produces ‘Smoothees’ will be an associate sponsor on the car. The car will have motors from veteran engine builder and long-time NASCAR car owner Richard Jackson(NOL)(3-23-1999)
  • Donlavey (Darlington)Sponsor UPDATE 3: Bryan Foods will sponsor the Junie Donlavey-owned #90 Ford driven by Ed Berrier in at Darlington. Bryan(Sara Lee) is the primary sponsor of the #30 Pontiac and driver Derrike Cope, but it failed to get in the race(NOL)(3-20-1999) — plus the team gets an in-car camera too(Times-Dispatch) UPDATE 2: NASCAR Online had the #90 car listed as the #90 Mean Green Ford, the sponsor Berrier brought with him, its a cleaner. Accu-Turn was also on the var along with Bryan(3-21-1999) — UPDATE 3: Here is the story on this Team Green deal – Mean Green Super Strength Cleaners is a product manufactured by Chempro out of Spartenburg, SC. They have been with Ed Berrier for many years, primarily on his ARCA car. They are also the current primary sponsor of Elaine Hughes. Elaine is the Office Manager for Jaspar Motorsports and campaigns a Legends car at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and also competes in the Late Model Stock Division at Concord Motor Speedway. She was voted Most Popular driver in 1998 and finished 7th in points. She is currently leading the points in the legends car at Concord Motor Speedway. Her Husband/Car Owner/Crew Chief Kevin Hughes is the Operations Supervisor for Diamond Ridge Motorsports. Just thought it was interesting(3-23-1999)
  • #88 Crew: I hear Steve Allen, #88 assistant engine builder, raceday gasman and engine tuner has left Robert Yates Racing as of last week, no idea where he may be headed(Diehard RYR Page)(3-23-1999)
  • Trickle back? Hear Dick Trickle will return to the #91 LJ Racing Chevy for Texas, after that ??(3-23-1999)
  • Felix, changes? I hear from some readers that #’s 40 and 42(not 43 doh!) owner, Felix Sabates appeared on Speedvision’s Inside Winston Cup Racing Show on the Hot-Seat segment and indicated that if his teams don’t start performing better soon, it will be time for some drastic changes, though he did say in general he is happy about being down to two teams keeping the best personnel from last years three team effort, and that the team is much better than their bad-luck finishes show(3-23-1999)
  • What Happened? to #36 Ernie Irvan on that near the end of the race spin: Jeff Gordon was one driver who thought the last caution flag should have come out one lap earlier because the rain had already started while the cars were still running on the track. A wet surface could have been the cause of the final crash involving six cars, including Gordon’s(Dallas Morning News)(3-23-1999)
  • Guess, who? Big Daddy’s BBQ info: Big Daddy’s Racing has hired a management consultant to get the company back on track. The consultant immediately began going through racing sponsorship agreements in an effort to stem the gush of red ink. See the complete story and Press Release at Big Daddy’s BBQ Site (3-23-1999) note: no more Big Daddy’s stuff unless they show up on a Cup car, thanks


  • Irvan-Simo Debut: Randy LaJoie will debut the #14 Federated Auto Parts Irvan-Simo Ford at Texas on March 28th(if he makes the race of course), this is a once race deal as the team hopes to get Boris Said up to speed on the ovals. An side image of the car can be seen at NOL. Also see the team’s schedule and past news on Jayski’s Ernie Irvan Site(3-22-1999)
  • Park to Sub: Steve Park will sub for BGN driver Wayne Grubb in the #83 Link-Belt Chevy for the Texas BGN race(Pennzoil PR)(3-22-1999)
  • More Kennseth UPDATE: Kenseth will run Sunday if Bobby Labonte can start the car, Jack Roush said. Roush has a five-race Winston Cup deal with Kenseth for this season, and a sixth start would take Kenseth out of a 2000 bid for rookie of the year(PitNow)(3-20-1999) — On RPM2Nite, John Kernan had Kenseth on show and asked about the Cup news, and it was pretty much confirmed that Kenseth will run five Cup races for Jack Roush later this season(3-22-1999)



  • No New Monte Carlo in 1999? …the Monte Carlo is now suddenly dead for any 1999 introduction on the Winston Cup tour. See the story at PitNow – Monte Carlo’s debut in doubt this season and Yesterday, several Chevrolet owners in the garage said the as-yet unapproved 2000 Monte Carlo will not make its debut until the 2000 season instead of in the Brickyard 400(Times-Dispatch)(3-21-1999)
  • Wind Tunnel Results? UPDATE According to men familiar with the tests, Jeff Gordon’s Monte Carlo came out with numbers clearly better than the other five cars, 30 drag-horsepower better than the Fords according to one source, and 20 drag-horsepower better than the rival Chevrolet of Mike Skinner. According to one man close to the situation, Gordon’s car not only showed better drag-horsepower numbers (meaning a more efficient shape) but also had more downforce. NASCAR officials declined to release any specific figures themselves, and GM and Ford officials say they are not supposed to provide any figures to the media either. The second best car in the Lockheed wind tunnel was Bobby Labonte’s #18 Grand Prix, by some 17 drag-horsepower over the best Ford, according to sources. The car with the most drag was Ward Burton’s #22 Pontiac(PitNow) and Although teams are reluctant to discuss test numbers, owners say that Gordon’s car had 27 less drag-horsepower than Martin’s, 20 less than Skinner and 17 less than Labonte. That means that it takes Gordon less horsepower to go the same speed as the other drivers. Combined with the increased downforce, the numbers mean Gordon’s team has found significantly more speed in the corners and more speed on the straightaway than anyone else without violating any rules. Burton’s car fared the worst, but crew chief Tom Baldwin disputed the numbers(Times-Dispatch) UPDATE: As Speedwords reported here earlier this week the wind tunnel testing done by NASCAR following the Atlanta race revealed nothing unusual. A source at Ford was glad to see a “good” #24 car go to the tunnel but admits there was nothing extraordinary found in the testing(Speedwords)(3-21-1999)
  • Marcis Upset: Dave Marcis went home in a huff after missing Sunday’s race, angered mainly at the rule that allows teams that don’t qualify on the first day to stand on their speeds. See the rest of the That’s Racin’ article at Marcis says qualifying deck stacked against him(3-21-1999)


  • DJ/Yates/2003: Dale Jarrett will continue as driver for Robert Yates Racing through the 2003 season, the Fayetteville(N.C.) Observer-Times learned Friday. A few years ago, Jarrett seriously considered starting his own Winston Cup team and having Yates supply the motors. The team is still a possibility, Jarrett said, but the 42-year-old native of Newton, N.C., added that he would like to finish his driving career with Yates(Fayetteville Observer-Times)(3-20-1999)
  • DW/Ingle: Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, Travis Carter said there had been no contact between him and Ingle. Carter is looking for a crew chief to run Darrell Waltrip’s #66 operation, a team Carter co-owns with Carl Haas. Donnie Disharoon left that team after the Las Vegas race on March 7, and Joe Snyder lasted less than a week as Disharoon’s successor(SpeedNet/Monte Dutton)(3-20-1999)


  • Sad News: #98 Engine Builder, Bob Fisher’s mother passed away. Condolences to Bob and his family(3-19-1999)
  • Bobby Labonte Injured UPDATE: Bobby Labonte’s #18 BGN MBNA Pontiac hit the wall during practice at Darlington Raceway Friday. Labonte was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but no information on his condition was available. UPDATE: Labonte hit a patch of oil on the track and hit the back stretch wall. Labonte was taken to the infield care center and diagnosed with a broken left shoulder blade. He was transported to a local hospital in Florence, SC, for further treatment. Labonte was unable to return in time for Friday’s first Winston Cup practice session. BGN driver Matt Kenseth drove Labonte’s car in the practice session, but no announcement has been made regarding a possible replacement for Sunday’s race. The extent of Labonte’s injury and how long he may be out of his car remain unknown(That’s Racin’), NOL has a story too, calls it a lower right tip scapula fracture, see article: Labonte injured in morning practice. His BGN entry has been withdrawn and Kenseth will qualify the Cup #18 today during Bud Pole Qualifying. Some positive news from an AP story: Labonte injury was at the tip of the scapula and he was initially in pain but later joked with nurses at the hospital(WRAL/AP)(3-19-1999)
  • Atwood Five Race Cup Deal? UPDATE – NO: Speedway Scene has learned that rising star Casey Atwood will announce a five race Cup deal for later this year. No details were available at the time of this posting on which five races will be included in the package, but expect an announcement soon, possibly this weekend(Speedway Scene) Jayski Note: I had reported a while back that Atwood signed a deal with Bill Eliiott, may have been just a testing deal, but possibly something related??(3-18-1999) — BGN driver Casey Atwood announced today he is not planning to enter any NASCAR Winston Cup Series events during the 1999 season. His current BGN team may look into running some Cup races in 2000, but nothing has been decided(Keystone Marketing)(3-19-1999)
  • Jarrett/Pearson: Dale Jarrett has a chance to tie David Pearson’s record of three straight spring Darlington wins(1972-74) if he can win at Darlington this Sunday(SpeedNet)(3-19-1999)
  • Buckshot News: Todd Bodine will be standing by as a relief driver for Buckshot Jones, who is battling a nasty case of flu, has been on antibiotics this week. He had to leave the race early last week, suffering from fluid in the lungs and a case of carbon monoxide poisoning(Times-Dispatch)(3-19-1999)
  • #90 UPDATE 4: Willy T. Ribbs, who ran three Winston Cup races in 1986, is back in the garage and searching for a ride. Ribbs, one of only a handful of black drivers to compete on the Winston Cup circuit, has been talking with owners for the past several months about making a comeback this season. Ribbs isn’t attempting to start a new team. He said he wants to drive for an established outfit(Times-Dispatch) — sources tell me Ribbs could be in the #90 Junie Donlavey Ford at Darlington(3-14-1999) — Donlavey will bring one of three drivers to Darlington: Morgan Shepherd, Stanton Barrett or Ed Berrier(current driver of the #77 BGN Ford). Ribbs remains a longterm possibility(NASCAR Today Radio)(3-16-1999) — Sources tell me that Berrier will be in the #90 Ford and has brought sponsorship with him, no idea who(3-17-1999) — BGN regular Ed Berrier, will pull a double shift this weekend at Darlington. In addition to driving his #77 Lear BGN Ford, Berrier will be driving the #90 Junie Donlavey Ford. Berrier is Donlavey’s fourth driver in the five races this season(Times-Dispatch)(3-19-1999)
  • Skinner Disqualified UPDATE 5 Reinstated: From TNN’s Raceday – Mike Skinner who won the BGN race in Atlanta Saturday in the #19 Team Yellow Chevy, has been disqualified for unapproved cylinder head modifications and Dave Blaney in the #93 Amoco Pontiac has been declared the winner — Skinner and the #19 Team Yellow team have appealed the decision and all points and award money are frozen pending the outcome of the appeal, which may not be resolved until Monday. See the story at That’s Racin’: Skinner disqualified; Busch victory taken away(3-14-1999) — I hear the appeal hearing is in Charlotte on Wednesday at 10:30am/et between the #19 team and the NASCAR Appeal Board. Also check out a few Press Releases from Team Yellow: T and L Motors Press Release and TEAM YELLOW RACING LOGS POST-RACE APPEAL(3-16-1999) — I hear the cylinder head infraction in question has been reviewed now by nearly everyone involved in the technical side or BGN racing and has been deemed to be legal, but…sources tell me NASCAR will uphold it’s decision, I guess we’ll see(3-17-1999) — NASCAR Reinstated Mike Skinners and Team Yellows win at the Atlanta BGN race. The team gets the win and the points but they lose the winners share of the purse which was approx $19,000. So a late congratulations to Mike Skinner…(RPM2Nite). also see an UPI story at icFlorida: Skinner’s win is restored(3-18-1999) — Some info on the ruling from Speedwords: NASCAR released a statement explaining more about the infraction they discovered on the cylinder heads on Mike skinner’s Busch car in Atlanta. In short, they say there were changes to the shape of the port that created a vein (fin?) that helped direct the airflow to the combustion chamber. Engine builders have long tried to find ways of changing the floor of port runners to get air to flow better as it enters the cylinder to maximize volume and reduce unwanted turbulence. So, did T&L intentionally do something illegal? That would be virtually impossible to say with conviction. Apparently they didn’t add anything to the ports but rather carved the port floor out to create the vein with existing material, but in NASCAR´s opinion, changed the shape of the port significantly. This is one of those famous “gray areas” so many racers at all levels have run into. The rules say you can remove material, but in this case NASCAR decided it represented an unfair advantage over the rest of the cars(Speedwords) Don’t forget to check Tom’s Conspiracy News(3-19-1999)


  • Kulwicki Memorial Scholarship TODAY LAST DAY: Not much time but….Deadline to apply for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Alan Kulwicki Memorial Scholarship is March 31, 1999. The winner will receive a four year scholarship worth $1500 per school year to attend UNC-Charlotte. The selection of the scholarship is based on an affiliation with NASCAR, financial need, and academic achievement. Dr. Silvia Middleton, assistant dean of engineering at UNC-Charlotte said the school is seeking someone with “genuine ties with and love for the racing industry.” Ryan Zeck, the inaugural winner, is currently seeking a BGN driving opportunity. Ryan is a Late Model Stock Car driver and graduates in May, see his website at For more information or to receive an application, call the UNC-Charlotte College of Engineering at (704) 547-2301(Thanks Ryan)(3-18-1999)
  • Pardus team changes UPDATE: Crew Chief of the #50 Midwest Transit Team and ROTY Candidate, Dan Pardus, John McQueen, has left the team to pursue other racing opportunities. Driver Danny Pardus will stay aboard as primary driver(Speed Magazine (3-17-1999) — The team will skip Darlington and hopes to file an entry for the Primestar 500 at Texas Motor Speedway on March 28. Their 34 race Cup schedule has been pared down to 12-14 races for 1999(Midwest PR)(3-18-1999)


  • Ingle/DW? Hearing rumors that the #66 team has contacted Bill Ingle, former crew chief of the #10 Tide Ford and Ricky Rudd, about the crew chief job there(3-17-1999)
  • More Provisional Info: In part from the Tennessean – “Darrell Waltrip has used up his allotted four past champion’s provisional in the season’s first four races, but because he’s in the top 25 in points (23rd) he is eligible for a provisional this week at Darlington.” Now here is the kicker….”NASCAR public relations director Tim Sullivan yesterday explained that if Waltrip fails to make the race on his qualifying speed he may receive one of six provisional spots. That’s assuming that all six of those available provisionals are not taken by drivers ahead of Waltrip in the standings. That’s an extremely remote chance. Still, not having any more automatic past champion’s provisionals until the April 18 race at Martinsville, Va., keeps the pressure on Waltrip to squeeze out top 25 finishes to earn points. He started 43rd at Atlanta last Sunday and “finessed” his way to a 20th-place finish.” Nice explanation by Larry Woody of the Tennessean. Pretty much sounds like the rules I have on the Provisional Page(3-17-1999)
  • Wind Tunnel Results: Well, don’t hold your breath. NASCAR doesn’t release that kind of data anyway so all you will see are guesses and estimates. SPEEDWORDS has been told that the tests are complete and that nothing big was found. Don’t look for major rules changes based on this round of wind tunnel tests. The major use of the data will be to insure the new Monte Carlo comes to the track as evenly matched to existing models as possible. If the new round of wind tunnel data show all available makes, including the Monte Carlo are equal, expect approval of the new body style shortly, perhaps early next week(Speedwords)(3-17-1999)
  • Ingle Gone UPDATE 2: Bill Ingle, crew chief, and Ricky Rudd, owner/driver of the #10 Tide Ford, have parted ways. No successor to Ingle has been named(NASCAR Today Radio)(3-15-1999) — RPM2Nite reports that Dan Stillman will handle the crew chief chores at Darlington this weekend(3-16-1999) — For this weekend´s TranSouth 400, Rudd, lead mechanic Dave Anthony, engineer Hoyt Overbaugh, mechanics Doug McGill, and Dan Stillman will jointly guide the Tide Team(
  • BGN and Cope UPDATE: I hear Derrike Cope will not return to the #61 BGN IWX Freight Pontiac. Tony Roper will driver the car at Darlington(per and for the rest of the season. The initial plan was for Cope to drive 20 races and Roper the rest — The Official Press Release in part: Tony Roper will drive the #61 IWX Motor Freight Pontiac in Saturday’s Diamond Hill Plywood 200 at Darlington Raceway. It will mark his first (BGN) start, which originally was scheduled to happen later this season. The team feels he needs to get healthy(banged up) after his two hard wrecks in Atlanta last weekend so he can concentrate on his Winston Cup program. Roper, 33, a native of Fair Grove, Mo., has competed in the last two seasons in the (CTS). In those two seasons, he has had 11 top-10 finishes and his series’ best second-place finish at Indianapolis Raceway Park last season. He has finished in the top-20 in points in both seasons. Roper has been a general mechanic on the Xpress team since the first of the year(IMX PR)(3-17-1999)
  • Roush Protest: Concord City (Cabarrus County, NC) residents convinced city leaders to delay approval of county tax-incentive grants of $1.9 million to Roush Racing, for it’s proposed construction to move their racing facilities to Concord. Well over 100 residents are concerned over the potential noise from a test track included in the plans. The planned “test track” is less than 1/2 mile from a large residential area that already can hear single cars at Charlotte Motor Speedway several miles away. After listening to the involved parties the city commissioners voted unanimously to defer action until the rezoning issue is settled. The residents also questioned the validity of granting tax incentives when rezoning of the area has yet to be approved by the city. There was also speculation that the Roush facility would simply move existing employees from their other operations and not create new jobs, something the tax incentive plan includes(Speedwords)(3-17-1999)
  • Cope Colors: The revolving Paint Scheme team, #30 Bahari Racing, will have the Bryan colors on their Pontiac for Darlington(RaceWire)(3-17-1999)
  • Single Car Teams: Ward Burton is one of the few single-car drivers faring well this season, Burton is 10th in the points. Ernie Irvan, who is eighth, is the highest in the points among single-car drivers(News and Record)(3-17-1999)
  • Sad News: A weekend jaunt to a Georgia car race ended in tragedy yesterday when the pilot of a private plane crashed in Dravosburg, killing himself and a passenger and leaving two other passengers seriously injured. The four men had traveled to Georgia to see a NASCAR race, the Cracker Barrel 500, which was held on Sunday at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Ga. See the complete story at 2 killed as plane crashes near county airport, Thoughts and prayers out to the families of the deceased and injured(3-17-1999)


  • DW/Kmart/Carter: Hearing tensions are high in #66 BigKmart camp. Joe Snyder who was to be the interim crew chief/consultant left last Friday, leaving owner Travis Carter to the crew chief duties. I hear Kmart is happy with sales and race performance but supposedly will not tolerate not making a race, one reason DW was chosen for the ride was for the past champions provisionals. And now there is no definitive answer from NASCAR on whether the teams has any provisionals, my interpretation of the rules says they do have both regular and champ provisionals available since they are now 23rd in owners points, but I could be wrong. RPM2Nite on Sunday reported that NASCAR will release a decision on the Provisionals by the end of the week(3-16-1999)
  • Grissom Not Renewed UPDATE 2/Trickle Named and new paint: #91 LJ Racing’s owner, Joe Falk, announced today that he will not extend his four race deal with Winston Cup Driver Steve Grissom. Falk didn’t feel the team had the chemistry needed. The team still has two races left with Textilease as the sponsor and continue to hunt a full time primary sponsor. No replacement named at this time(LJ Racing Press Release) — I hear Dick Trickle will be driving the car at Darlington(3-15-1999) — From Victory Lane Online: “…..I withheld making any comments about this on Saturday, but Steve Grissom has been released by Joe Falk’s #91 team. Joe’s brother Freddie was working on his race car Saturday when I called him with the news that the #91 car failed to qualify. Freddie told me right then that there would be another driver in the car by Darlington. Since Falk still has two races left on a 3 race deal with Textilease, they will find another driver for Darlington, which at this point in time appears to be Dick Trickle. I was told that Joe has been considering Trickle for a couple of weeks now, and that among the plus’s is the fact that Trickle is a good Chassis man, and can be quite helpful in getting the car setup.” — Veteran Winston Cup Driver Dick Trickle has been signed to drive Joe Falk’s #91 Chevrolet Monte Carlo at Darlington. LJ Racing’s #91 Chevrolet Monte Carlo will sport a new look at Darlington as well. The car will be white and teal to tie in the corporate colors of sponsor TEXTILEASE(LJ Racing Site/PR)(3-16-1999)
  • Buckshot UPDATE: What happened to Buckshot Jones at Atlanta? Many readers asked that question, so I thought I’d address it. When he brought the car in to the garage area and called it quits for the day, ABC’s Bob Jenkins mentioned that Buckshot had the flu, in the Pontiac Race notes, Jones said he felt bad and got more congested as the race went on and had trouble breathing. Officially the reason out was listed as Driver Fatigue. Why no relief driver? apparently they couldn’t find a driver short enough to fit in the car(3-15-1999) — Besides being sick with a bad case of the flu and slight puenomonia, Jones had contracted carbon monoxide poisoning due to poor fresh air flow – his levels were high enough that he could have passed out on the race track, get well Buckshot(Buckshot Jones Site/Scoop)(3-16-1999)
  • iRACE becomes SpeedVision: The Motorsports website, iRACE owned by The Sporting News, and Speedvision announce partnership. Plus the site has a new look to it. Check it out at or (3-16-1999)


  • Lopez and Waltrip II? NOPE/UPDATE Darrell Waltrip and Travis Carter(#66 BigKmart Ford) are looking at Philippe Lopez as a possible crew chief, according to sources. Lopez works for Dale Earnhardt and driver Steve Park. When Park was injured last year, Waltrip filled in for three months and had some strong runs with Lopez(PitNow) in the #1 Pennzoil Chevy — Just heard from a source that “Philippe Lopez’s moving to the #66 is not going to happen.”(3-15-1999)
  • Benson rumor squashed: Rumors had surfaced that Johnny Benson’s position with the #26 Cheerios Roush team is unstable. Benson says they are happy with each other, just not the results and owner Jack Roush says Benson is not on the outs and declined further comment(That’s Racin’)(3-15-1999)
  • Martin Car Owner? UPDATE Mark Martin could become a Winston Cup car owner as soon as next year. With Dale Earnhardt setting the precedent (driving for one team, owning a rival team with another driver), Martin could emerge in 2000 as owner of a Cup team for Matt Kenseth, possibly with DeWalt sponsorship. Martin’s personal interest in rising star Kenseth, a 26-year-old from Wisconsin, gave the youngster’s career a boost during an exciting rookie campaign in the Busch Series last year. Kenseth’s Busch team is owned by Robbie Reiser. It receives no cars or engines from Roush Racing, but it receives guidance and sponsorship support from the Roush group. Under the Roush plan, Kenseth faces several career options, all apparently favorable. He could be graduated to one of Roush’s Cup cars, or the Reiser team could become a companion team to the Roush-supported Wood Brothers outfit. At Atlanta, however, Roush suggested a third option with Mark Martin as an owner(This info from the Racer Magazine Site/Ben Blake, thanks to Team Roush Fans Site for the heads up)(3-15-1999)
  • Cope OK: Derrike Cope says he is OK after his two hard crashes over the weekend in the BGN and Cup events. Just bruised up(RaceWire)(3-15-1999)
  • Did ya know? Dale Earnhardt’s early crash left him with his first DNF (did not finish) at Atlanta Motor Speedway since 1983. Earnhardt’s eight Atlanta victories are the most of any driver(Tennessean/Larry Woody) Jayski Note: Earnhardt’s crew got the car fixed up so he could go out and pick up a few more spots and Earnhardt retired the car when it was impossible to pick up any more spots(3-15-1999)
  • Mayfield Announcement UPDATE 2: Jeremy Mayfield and Penske-Kranefuss Racing have scheduled a news conference for 1:15pm/et on March 12 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The announcement will include the unveiling of a special themed-car that Mayfield will drive in a 1999 Cup Race. Also available at the press conference will be officials from Mobil Oil Corp., Action Performance Cos. and Churchill Downs Inc(Yahoo Biz via Gordonline), this must be the Kentucky Derby Scheme I reported a few weeks back (3-2-1999) — Jeremy Mayfield’s #12 Mobil 1 Ford will sport a one-time paint scheme at California on May 2nd. It was announced Friday that Mayfield will drive a Kentucky Derby-themed car to honor the 125th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby(NASCAR Online)(3-12-1999) — See a story on this at Logo deal splashes Derby 125 images on race car(Business First Louisville)(3-15-1999)
  • Gordon Feature: ABC’s Joan London spent yesterday’s race in Jeff Gordon’s pit area. She is preparing an upcoming feature on the defending NASCAR champion(Tennessean/Larry Woody)(3-15-1999)
  • Million Dollar Bill – Again: Bill Elliott is a new kind of million-dollar man. By finishing 15th and earning $38,165 in the Cracker Barrel 500 yesterday, he surpassed the million-dollar winning mark at Atlanta Motor Speedway — a feat accomplished only by Dale Earnhardt(Times-Dispatch)(3-15-1999)
  • No F-1 for Gordon: Jeff Gordon finds the never-ending story of his alleged interest in Formula One amusing. He said after the Cracker Barrel 500 in Atlanta that he is NOT going to race Formula One. See article at Read his lips: No F1 racing for Gordon by Monte Dutton(SpeedNet)(3-15-1999)
  • Childress Third Team? Now that Richard Childress has locked up Lowe’s and Mike Skinner for another three years, he can start work on that long-rumored third Winston Cup team. One possible driver is Casey Atwood, but is the 18-year-old sensation rough and tough enough for Childress? Another possibility is Mike Dillon. Certainly Childress should have no trouble finding a promising young driver interested in the job, if he is indeed interested in a third team(PitNow)(3-15-1999)


  • The Wind Tunnel: NASCAR is taking the cars from Sunday’s top six finishers – #24-Jeff Gordon, #18-Bobby Labonte, #6-Mark Martin, #88-Dale Jarrett, #22-Ward Burton and #31-Mike Skinner – to the wind tunnel in Marietta, Ga., for testing(That’s Racin’) JAYSKI NOTE: Ward Burton finished 8th. They took the two top Chevy’s(#24 and #31), the top Ford(#6) and a Yates Ford(#88)(instead of the #99) and the top Pontiac(#18) and Burton(#22), even though the #36-Irvan Pontiac finished ahead of Burton.(3-14-1999)
  • Skinner/Childress: Mike Skinner is in the process of working out a new three-year deal with owner Richard Childress. But he’s torn because his crew chief, Larry McReynolds with whom he has a productive relationship, is looking to create his own Winston Cup team next season(That’s Racin’) — Update from the StockCarFans Newsletter: Mike Skinner, current Winston Cup points leader, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. and Richard Childress agreed today to work together for the next three years. This will end all speculation about Mike Skinner leaving the team to join Larry McReynold’s when he leaves the team . McReynolds, Crew Chief on the #31 Lowe’s Chevrolet, is attempting to put together his own team and the rumor was, that Skinner may leave with him(3-14-1999)
  • #98: The #98 Burdette Motorsports Ford had no decals on the hood or quarter panels for the Cracker Barrel 500 at Atlanta(3-14-1999)
  • Burton Homes: A fan will have the opportunity to win a new home built by Nanticoke Homes if Jeff Burton is able to win two of three selected races this season. A fan will be selected from a drawing and win the home should Burton win at least two races among the following three – July 11 at New Hampshire, Oct. 3 at Martinsville and Nov. 21 at Atlanta(That’s Racin’) Also Burton is a spokesperson for Nanticoke Homes and will carry a Nanticoke Homes decal on the #99(NOL)(3-14-1999)
  • DeVane: After Saturday morning’s practice session, Harris DeVane and the No. 08 Georgia Peanut Chevrolet decided to withdraw from the Cracker Barrel 500(NOL)(3-14-1999)
  • Davy Jones Returns: well not to Cup but to Racing. Davy Jones, who drove the #77 Jasper Engines Ford for seven races 1995 and was seriously injured during IRL practice at Disney in 1997 will drive at the 12 hours of Sebring for Panos in a Porche 911. He hopes to run in the Indy 500 this year.(TNN’s Raceday)(3-14-1999)


  • Roush/IRL? UPDATE Reports have NASCAR teams owner Jack Roush talking about possibly having an IRL team in the near future(WC Today Radio)(3-11-1999) — Roush Racing may expand into the Pep Boys Indy Racing League. Geoff Smith, president of Roush Racing, confirmed he is exploring opportunities in the IRL with driver Jeff Ward and crew chief Mitch Davis. See iRACE article iRACE: Roush may start IRL Team(3-13-1999)


  • Atlanta Qualifying Notes: The #98 Burdette Motorsports Ford has no decals/sponsor; Derrike Cope is in the #30 Bryan Foods Pontiac this week; The rookies did pretty good, Tony Stewart qualified 3rd, Buckshot Jones was 7th and Elliott Sadler was 15th(3-12-1999)
  • Tracy to BGN? Check this story out from the Speedway Scene – Paul Tracy To Busch?, possible in the #19 Team Yellow Chevy when Mike Skinner has Cup conflicts(3-12-1999)
  • Craven still Hollywood: Hollywood Video has signed on with the #58 SBIII Motorsports Ford and Ricky Craven for the Cracker Barrel 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway and the TranSouth Financial at Darlington Raceway.(Ricky Craven Site, stop by and email Hollywood Video)(3-12-1999)
  • Pardus Skipping? UPDATE I hear that Danny Pardus and the #50 Midwest Transit team are going to skip Atlanta this weekend, while they are moving into their shop in Mooresville, NC. The shop is Lonnie Rushes old CTS shop at the Mooresville Motorsports Park(3-11-1999) — speaking of Pardus, his official site is up at:, didn’t mention skipping Atlanta on the page, but a story at Speed Magazine does, see it at Pardus’ team out of race in Atlanta. Their next race will be either Darlington or Texas (3-12-1999)
  • Peanut Car UPDATE: Mr. Peanut from Planters Company, Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Ricky Rudd and team-owner Robert Yates will unveil his Mr. Peanut’s Hot Rod and anxiously wait as it is goes through NASCAR Winston Cup inspection. The press conference begins at 8:30am/pm, Friday, March 12, in the Infield Media Center Conference Room of Atlanta Motor Speedway. Mr. Peanut, his Pals and the Hot Rod will be available for pictures.(PR) Jarrett’s assoc sponsor is Planters, but I hear this will NOT be an unvieling of a Winston Cup special paint scheme for the #88(3-11-1999) — See an image and story at NOL – Mr. Peanut’s ‘Hot Rod Tour’ takes to NASCAR (3-12-1999)


  • Sad News: Tim Beverley’s father, Donald Beverley, passed away Tuesday evening following a battle with cancer. Tim is the owner of the 10-10-345 Pontiac driven by Rich Bickle in the Cup series. The family wishes, in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to either the American Cancer Society or to the Hospice of East Texas, 3800 Paluxy Drive, Suite 560, Tyler, Texas 75703. With your gift, please include a note indicating that your memoriam is in memory of Mr. Donald Beverley.(3-11-1999)
  • BellSouth Internet Game: I am not much into games but thought this may interest the readers: Race fans will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of Joe Nemechek’s No. 42 BellSouth/Team SABCO Chevrolet Via the internet, The BellSouth Shockwave Stock Car Race puts computer wizards in control of the familiar blue and neon-striped NASCAR Winston Cup Series car. The BellSouth Shockwave Stock Car Race is one of only a handful of internet games which offers competition to one or two players on the same keyboard, for exciting side-by-side racing. To see more info on the game or play, the game is located on the BellSouth Racing web site at PR)(3-11-1999)
  • Sad News: Some of you may remember Stock Car Fans Site campaign of last year to help raise funds to offset some of Shanda Padgett’s medical expenses. They regret to announce that Shanda passed away after losing her fight against cancer. Shanda leaves behind her husband and one child. Shanda was the daughter of former NASCAR flagman Doyle Ford’s friend. Her funeral is today, but no details are available. However, cards and expressions of sympathy may be directed to: Attn: Doyle Ford, 17 Lewis Street, Nashville, TN. 37201(StockCarFans Newsletter) Jayski Note: I posted info on Shanda last year and in the past on the Racing Charities Page and wanted to follow up, was hoping for a much different result. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends(3-11-1999)
  • Franchises? in NASCAR? The prospect of a considerable increase in television revenue has NASCAR executives seriously considering the issue of Winston Cup team franchises. That would be a major change in thinking at stock-car racing’s headquarters in Daytona Beach, Fla. See the complete article at PitNow: NASCAR is considering issue of team franchises by Mike Mulhern(3-11-1999)
  • Mayfield/Kranfuss team flies: Jeremy Mayfield’s brother in law and driver of his and co-owner Michael Kranefuss’ ARCA team, rookie David Keith, set a new track record for the Atlanta ARCA race, the speed was 186.591mph the #8-Kmart Ford Taurus. Over 3mph faster then 1998 series champ and the 2nd fastest Frank Kimmel(ARCA Racing Site) BTW: the race will be shown on TV-ESPN2 tape delay Tues, March 16 Midnight(Mon Night)(3-11-1999)
  • The #90 at AMS: Morgan Shepherd will be in the #90 Junie Donlavey Ford for Atlanta. No sponsor on car. Both Shepherd and Stanton Barrett are trying to put together a sponsorship package for Darlington, but nothing has materialized as yet. Junie is taking it race to race(Inside Motorsports)(3-10-1999) — Donlavey said the car would carry sponsorship from Accu-turn Industries, a Richmond company that has supported him previously, including the season-opening Daytona 500(3-11-1999)


  • Disharoon leaving UPDATE 3: Donnie Disharoon, crew chief of the #66 Haas-Carter Big Kmart Ford and driver Darrell Waltrip, is leaving the team to take the crew chief position with the #41 Larry Hedrick Racing Kodiak Chevy(WC Today Radio)(3-8-1999) — I hear a possible replacement at the #66 is Tim Brewer. — Brewer will not be joining the team, owner Travis Carter will serve as crew chief in the interim(3-9-1999) — Disharoon named the crew chief of the #41 and Joe Snyder will be the interim crew chief of the #66.(NOL)(3-10-1999)
  • Bradberry Free? UPDATE 2: I hear Gary Bradberry has been released from his contract with the #78 Triad Motorsports, so he can pursue other opportunities. Looks like sponsorship has not been found with the team…and I hear the team may have a sponsor for Atlanta and Bradberry may run the car. Bradberry will also be one of approx 80 BGN cars making an attempt(3-9-1999) — Triad Motorsports’ owners have given Gary Bradberry permission to seek other racing opportunities, team co-owner Steve Lane said Tuesday afternoon and has cancelled entries for Rockingham, Las Vegas and now Atlanta(NOL)(3-10-1999)
  • Million Dollar Bill: Bill Elliott is positioned to become the second driver to reach the $1 million mark in career earnings at Atlanta Motor Speedway(AMS) in this weekend’s Cracker Barrel 500. Elliott, driver of the McDonald’s Ford Taurus, has accumulated $977,405 at the 1.522-mile speedway since 1976, when he won $950 in the Atlanta 500. The first driver to exceed the $1 million mark at Atlanta was Dale Earnhardt in 1995. Elliott, who is third in all-time Winston Cup Series’ earnings with $19,704,284, has already surpassed the $1 million mark at three tracks, Daytona International Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway and Michigan Speedway. Elliott is a five-time winner at Atlanta Motor Speedway — twice in 1992, 1987 (race #2) and twice in 1985.(PR)(3-10-1999)


  • RJR Sells UPDATE: RJR Nabisco said Tuesday it will sell its international tobacco business to Japan Tobacco Inc. for $8 billion, including the assumption of $200 million in debt, and separate its domestic tobacco operations from its food operations. See the complete story at CNN – RJR sells int’l tobacco line. Not sure what this means for Winston Cup and not looking to speculate on it, I’m sure we’ll hear all about it. Also see the story at the Charlotte Observer: RJR to split tobacco and food, sell international unit — RPM2Nite reported that RJR said the move would NOT effect their motorsports involvement(3-9-1999)
  • Well, Well UPDATE: Not a NASCAR story but thought readers would be interested – Add Davey Hamilton to the list of racers who have been basted by Big Daddy’s BBQ Sauces and Spices. Big Daddy’s has failed to deliver its payment for sponsorship of Hamilton’s Indy Racing League car, which is owned by Rick Galles of Albuquerque, N.M. The team is expected to announce today that it is disbanding for the remainder of the season. See the complete story at: Hamilton’s sponsorship deal collapses(SpeedNet) Unbelievable!!(3-6-1999) — Got a Press Release from Big Daddy’s, almost didn’t post it but decided it was not fair to the readers, anyhow here it is: “Big Daddy’s BBQ had previously announced its sponsorship of Galles Racing’s IRL team, however now is suffering another casualty in its sponsorship efforts due to its inability to recover from its major loss of funds stemming from a deal with investment banking firm, J.B. Marc & Associates of New York City. Big Daddy’s had previously released a similar statement of explanation why it lost its deal with Junie Donlavey Racing and now announces that their IRL sponsorship with Galles Racing has suffered the same fate. When the “BIGD” stock was trading at $4.50 per share plus, Davey Hamilton and Dan Lloyd met with J.B. Marc and Associates executives Joe Blumenthal and Karlton Zamost, and left that meeting feeling all was well and the future was bright, but obviously the rest is history. Although all parties involved knew it was an uphill battle, Galles Racing, Davey Hamilton and Big Daddy’s have been working to get past the loss and continue the sponsorship deal, but with the adverse publicity directed towards Big Daddy’s, Galles Racing and Davey Hamilton have undergone a great deal of undeserved criticism, therefore Galles Racing and Big Daddy’s have decided to step back for now and work towards the future for a strong, first class team. Big Daddy’s BBQ wishes the very best for Galles Racing in its efforts for the 1999 season and will assist in any way possible to secure sponsorship for the fine organization Rick Galles has put together.” Don’t email me on this, go to to make comments(looks like the email is getting kicked back or refused now)(3-9-1999)
  • DW and Yellow Freight: Darrell Waltrip has signed on with Yellow Freight System to be the chief strategist and official spokesman for the company’s NASCAR racing team. Waltrip will make public appearances for Yellow Freight many BGN races in 1999, starting with the Yellow Freight 300 in Atlanta. Driver Mike Skinner will attempt to make the Yellow Freight 300 in the #19 Team Yellow Racing Chevy(Team Yellow PR)(3-9-1999)


  • Ford Change? UPDATE 2 PitNow reports that the Ford Taurus is due for a ‘face lift’ for the 2000 season(PitNow) — found this story Ford pops Taurus’ bubble look, with two images of the 2000 Taurus(Detriot News)(3-6-1999) — More images of the 2000 Taurus at CarConnection(3-8-1999)
  • New Monte Carlo: After the top Ford, Pontiac and Chevrolet from the Atlanta race are tested in the wind tunnel next week, NASCAR officials will compare test results with those of the new Monte Carlo. They will take those numbers and see where they are at. Originally set for a May debut, the new car should appear at the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis on Aug. 7. Because there’s only one superspeedway race on the schedule after August, Chevrolet is expected to allow the old model to run at the Oct. 17 race at Talladega(Times-Dispatch) and Don Parkinson, brand manager for Chevrolet’s Team Monte Carlo, said here(Vegas) this weekend that he expects the new Monte Carlo race car to be approved and ready to go in time for the Brickyard 400 on Aug. 7. See complete story at That’s Racin’ – Chevrolet expects approval in time for Brickyard(3-8-1999)
  • Atwood? Childress? Casey Atwood in a Richard Childress Chevy? That’s a distinct possibility, according to GM sources. Atwood, though just 18, has impressed a lot of veterans in his few Busch tour runs. Both Childress drivers on the Cup tour this season are in their 40s. Childress just said that they are exploring several options(PitNow)(3-8-1999)


  • Ford Engine Heads: Been getting questions on this, so…”Ford created a new aluminum cylinder head and submitted it to NASCAR in hopes of getting approval for use on the Cup series. NASCAR, though, has not approved the head and Ford insiders don’t expect approval any time soon. The had been to use them starting at the Daytona 500(Stock Car Racing Magazine)(3-7-1999)
  • No Bull 5 drivers for the Coca-Cola 600: #99-Jeff Burton; #22-Ward Burton; #24-Jeff Gordon; #31-Mike Skinner; and #18-Bobby Labonte(3-7-1999)
  • Noticed: Buckshot Jones had Cheez-It Snack Crackers on the 1/4 panels instead of Crown Fiber(his Dad’s company) in the Las Vegas 400. Probably to make it up to Cheez-It for missing the BGN race(3-7-1999)
  • #98 Sponsor UPDATE: Went to the Jelly Belly site and found this info: “Late breaking news…We are proud to announce that Rick Mast of Burdette/Yarborough Motorsports will be driving the Jelly Belly Ford Taurus #98 in the Las Vegas 400 Race in pursuit of his first NASCAR Winston Cup Series victory.”(Jelly Belly)(3-5-1999) — per Randy Pemberton on TNN’s Inside NASCAR, this is a one race deal(3-7-1999)
  • Thorn Apple Valley: former sponsor of the #98 Cale Yarborough(now Burdette Motorsports) has filed for bankruptcy – story at Yahoo: Thorn Apple Files for Bankruptcy (3-7-1999)


  • Wind Tunnel: NASCAR officials are expected to take the top-finishing automobile makes at next weekend’s race in Atlanta to the Lockheed wind tunnel to get test data for comparison with last week’s tests of the new Monte Carlo — tested at the Atlanta track and then in the wind tunnel(PitNow) I hear a strike at the Wind Tunnel may postpone the test(3-6-1999)
  • Nadeau on the Pole and he wins: for the Winston West The Orleans 150. Nadeau ran a lap of 166.246mph. Ricky Craven was second quickest in qualifying, turning a lap at 165.052(WRAL) by the way as far as I know there will NOT be any TV coverage of the Winston West race(3-5-1999) — Jerry Nadeau is having a pretty good weekend there in Vegas, he won the Winston West race on Friday and qualified 8th for the Las Vegas 400. See results of the Winston West race at The Racing West Site(3-6-1999)
  • Radio News: The fate of Bruton Smith’s Performance Racing Network(PRN) is up in the air, and there are some indications Smith may be willing to give up PRN’s radio rights in exchange for a second Winston Cup date at Texas(PitNow). NOTE: PRN does all the radio broadcasts from Smith’s track, except for Las Vegas, and has the excellent daily radio show, Winston Cup Today with Mark Garrow. If this would happen, I assume MRN would take over(3-6-1999)
  • Lowes? UPDATE 4: I didn’t see the story yet, but I hear an article in this weeks Winston Cup Scene mentions that Lowes will not return to the #31 Richard Childress Chevy in 2000. Also will not sponsor any car/team in 2000. I guess they are concentrating on the Lowes Motor Speedway deal(2-25-1999) — I hear it is on Page 56 of the latest issue and another note: during an interview at Rockingham, Mike Skinner said the team was in negotiations with Lowes for 2000(2-26-1999) — Yes it says right in Deb Williams column that Lowes will not return on the #31 in 2000(2-28-1999) — Hmm, sources tell me that this is incorrect and expect a big announcement by Lowes this week(3-1-1999) — NASCAR Today radio reports that negotiations are underway for a multi-year contract between the #31 team and Lowes(3-2-1999) — Lowe’s might or might not be back on Mike Skinner’s car next season, but the decision is going to be made quite soon, according to sources close to the situation, because car owner Richard Childress has another potential sponsor waiting in the wings if Lowe’s officials say no(PitNow), also a similar story in this weeks Winston Cup Scene(3-6-1999)


  • Another Loss: The racing community suffered another loss early Thursday morning when Sherman Tucker died after a sudden illness after traveling to Las Vegas from Charlotte. Tucker was the husband of Judy Tucker, who works tirelessly as part of the media support staff at most NASCAR tracks(That’s Racin’)(3-5-1999)
  • More sad but hopeful news: I hear John Ventura, owner/editor of “Track Talk” magazine based in Mooresville, NC is very sick and is on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Thoughts and prayers with him and his family(3-5-1999)
  • Mike Harmon: Harmon, who had planned to run for Rookie of the Year, lost his ride there with Junie Donlavey Racing when a sponsorship deal(Big Daddy’s) fell through. Now, Harmon is talking with Pinnacle Motorsports but waiting on a sponsor for the #81 car. They hope to run at Atlanata(Birmingham News)(3-5-1999)
  • Fans Ride UPDATE: Race fans will get a chance to ride with their favorite NASCAR driver on the parade lap before Sunday’s Las Vegas 400. An auction is scheduled for Thursday in which bidders will vie for the ride. The top 25 drivers in the 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup points standings will be eligible for bid. Winning bidders will ride with whichever driver they placed the bid. Proceeds will go to the Speedway Children’s Charities, headed by Speedway Motorsports, Inc(SpeedNet)(3-2-1999) — Have heard nothing on this yet(3-5-1999)


  • Diecast News? Hearing from some readers that as of June 1, 1999, diecast cars will no longer be made with Tobacco advertising or paint schemes. Tobacco diecast cars have been produced from sometime in 1994(3-4-1999)
  • Sad News and an article: Tom McCollister, former motorsports writer for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution was killed Monday in an automobile accident near his home outside of Atlanta. Please remember Tom’s family in your thoughts and prayers. There is also an AP article about the accident at SpeedNet: Atlanta sports writer killed in two-car crash(3-2-1999) — David Poole of That’s Racin’s writes an article on his friend, Tom McCollister at: Friends for life, however short (3-4-1999)


  • Craven and Hollywood: besides having Hollywood Video as a primary sponsor at Vegas, SBIII Motorsports will continue to carry the web address for NFL Hall of Famer(an CART team owner) Walter Payton, who is suffering from a rare disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and is in need of a liver transplant. The website has been established to raise awareness about organ donation. The website is (RaceWire/PR)(3-3-1999)
  • Shepherd back to #90? I hear that unless another driver comes up with sponsorship dollars, Morgan Shepherd will be driving the #90 Ford in Atlanta next week. The #90 Team is still looking for sponsorship after the Big Daddy’s deal and Shepherds deal with the insurance company has fallen through(3-3-1999)
  • Hubert at Vegas: Tom Hubert will be driving for Roehrig Motorsports as it races for the first time in 1999 at this weekend’s Las Vegas 400. The racing team is planning a limited schedule with other appearances at the Winston Cup events at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, Calif. and Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich(SpeedNet) Mentioned this here a few weeks back, Hubert will be driving the #19 Bradford White Ford(3-3-1999)
  • Pardus News: As we know, rookie Dan Pardus will not race at Vegas, giving up the seat for a more experienced Ron Hornaday in the #50 Midwest Transit Chevy. Have some info from a PR I got – Midwest Transit Racing is closing its race shop in Daytona and is in the process of moving to Mooresville, NC. The move was a matter of racing logistics since most Winston Cup parts, technology and mechanics are based in the Charlotte area. Midwest Transit Racing has purchased two Chevrolets previously raced by three-time Winston Cup champion Jeff Gordon. Midwest Transit has an agreement to run Hendrick’s motors for the next two seasons(PR)(3-3-1999)
  • MW Stuff: Fans of Michael Waltrip will be able to show their support Sunday at the Las Vegas 400 with souvenirs from his racing team. Philips Racing Team will provide merchandise at the track during this weekend’s Las Vegas 400 — the first time since Philips signed on as primary sponsor of the Mattei Motorsports entry last year. Sports Design of Harrisburg, N.C., will handle the design, production and marketing of the collectibles(SpeedNet)(3-3-1999)


  • #91 Sponsor: Textilease Corporation has signed a three race deal to sponsor the #91 LJ Racing Chevy and driver Steve Grissom. The deal is for Las Vegas, Atlanta and Darlington. Textilease is currently an associate sponsor with the #11 Brett Bodine race team.(RPM2Nite and the LJ Racing Site)(3-2-1999)
  • Jeff Davis to run Vegas: Davis Racing Enterprises driver Jeff Davis has entered his team’s #92 Ford Taurus in the Winston Cup Series event this weekend at Las Vegas. Race Car Cafe will be the sponsor along with associates include Polo Towers time-share vacation condominium suites, Big Daddy’s BBQ Sauces, and Boyds Coffee. See the complete release at RacingWest Site (3-2-1999)
  • Lowes? UPDATE 3: I didn’t see the story yet, but I hear an article in this weeks Winston Cup Scene mentions that Lowes will not return to the #31 Richard Childress Chevy in 2000. Also will not sponsor any car/team in 2000. I guess they are concentrating on the Lowes Motor Speedway deal(2-25-1999) — I hear it is on Page 56 of the latest issue and another note: during an interview at Rockingham, Mike Skinner said the team was in negotiations with Lowes for 2000(2-26-1999) — Yes it says right in Deb Williams column that Lowes will not return on the #31 in 2000(2-28-1999) — Hmm, sources tell me that this is incorrect and expect a big announcement by Lowes this week(3-1-1999) — NASCAR Today radio reports that negotiations are underway for a multi-year contract between the #31 team and Lowes(3-2-1999)
  • Gordon’s Secret? UPDATE Interesting article – NASCAR Winston Cup phenom Jeff Gordon doesn’t want anyone else to discover Rev-Er-Up(an oil additive not GAS). Jeff Waugh is hoping they will. Waugh, a Tulsa native, is a distributor for Rev-Er-Up, a revolutionary microplating engine product. According to company officials, several racers are using it, including Gordon. But for competitive reasons, few are willing to share their secret. There is also a question whether it is legal. See the rest of the article at: The racer’s edge one of the sports best kept secrets(this article is no longer on the site unless you wish to pay for it) by Steve Rogers(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette). I had never heard of this product, for more info check their website – — David Poole of That’s Racin’ looks into this story and has interesting commnets and insights at Half-story only revs up Gordon foes. Also to note: RPM2Nite talked to Ray Evernham on this issue and he says the team does not and never have used this product, and even if they did, it is not illegal to use an additive, says it adds weight(RPM2Nite)(3-2-1999)
  • Mayfield Announcement: Jeremy Mayfield and Penske-Kranefuss Racing have scheduled a news conference for 1:15pm/et on March 12 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The announcement will include the unveiling of a special themed-car that Mayfield will drive in a 1999 Cup Race. Also available at the press conference will be officials from Mobil Oil Corp., Action Performance Cos. and Churchill Downs Inc(Yahoo Biz via Gordonline), this must be the Kentucky Derby Scheme I reported a few weeks back, see the Current Paint Scheme News for that info(3-2-1999)


  • Marlin and BGN Update: I hear Sterling Marlin will drive in the Las Vegas BGN race in a Circuit City sponsored #42 Pontiac for Joe Gibbs Racing. Marlin will also drive in four other BGN races for Gibbs, Texas, California, Dover(sept) and Phoenix. See the NASCAR Online story at Gibbs signs Marlin to NASCAR Busch Series deal(3-1-1999)
  • Hornaday at Vegas: Ron Horaday will attempt to make the Las Vegas 400 in the #50 Midwest Transit Chevy. Rookie Dan Pardus has not made a race yet, so the team hired Hornaday for the race(RPM2Nite)(3-1-1999)
  • Nadeau goes West, so does Ricky and Steve Park CORRECTION: Jerry Nadeau will pilot the #9 Melling Engine Parts Ford in the Orleans 150 NASCAR Winston West Series race at the speedway on Froday March 5(Cotter Group PR) — Ricky Craven will also race in the Winston West race at Vegas in the #58 Hollywood Video Ford, check out, for info and how to let Hollywood Video to stay aboard for the year!(2-26-1999) — I hear Steve Park will drive in the Winston West race also(2-28-1999) — Steve Park will NOT run in the Winston West race as I reported (Pennzoil PR)(3-1-1999)
  • DEI hires: Dale Earnhardt Inc. announced Monday the hiring of longtime engine man Jeff Clark to work on the #1 Pennzoil Monte Carlo driven by Steve Park. Clark began shop duties this week in the DEI engine dynamometer room and will also spearhead DEI’s chassis dynamometer testing program. He will travel with the Pennzoil team to Las Vegas this week to work as the engine tuner. Clark, 31, worked 7 years for Robert Yates Racing and a year with Penske South Racing. He is the husband of ARCA driver Shawna Robinson(Pennzoil PR)(3-1-1999)