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Updated 11-15-2007

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To See what the Teams/Drivers Chart looked like just before the 2007 Daytona500
see my Beginning of the season 2007 Team/Driver Chart.

TEAM PAGES: I have a links to past news for each ACTIVE team in Cup. Go to the chart below and click on the # (number) of the car, which is a link now. Links to the Teams, Drivers and Sponsors are also on the TEAM PAGES

NOTE: This is a totally unofficial page compiled by Jayski from many different sources.
I try to make it as complete as possible and update it as often possible, sometimes each day.
It’s a guide to what I hear is happening and what has been announced.

2007 Rookie of the Year
Candidates (ROTY)

A.J. Allmendinger, #84
Paul Menard, #15
Juan Pablo Montoya, #42
David Ragan, #6
David Reutimann, #00
Brandon Whitt, ? no ride as #72 went to the Busch Series
Part timers not listed in the official releases:
Jon Wood, #21/#47 [11 races]

#38-David Gilliland will NOT run for 2007 ROTY as he ran too many races in 2006 [14, 7 is the limit] and be ineligible.
rules and info about the Rookie of the Year program can be found on my 2007 ROTY Pages
(sometimes a driver not up for the award, may have yellow stripes on tracks they have not competed on before)

Drivers without a full time ride in any of the three National Series
who are looking for a full-time Cup ride in the current season

(see latest news and links on my MISC Drivers page)

Mike Bliss
Ricky Craven [looking part time]
Jeff Green
Sterling Marlin [looking part time]
Steve Park [unknown, no news of late]
Jimmy Spencer [TV on Speed Full-time]
Kenny Wallace

Anyone or any company interested in contacting the above teams concerning sponsorship
see my Nextel Cup Team Address page for contact information

Unofficial Full-time Rides by Manufacturer
47 Full Time Teams

Chevy: 19 Teams 01,07,1,4,5,8,11,15,18,20,24,25,29,31,48,66,70,78,96
Dodge: 13 Teams – 2,9,10,12,19,37,40,41,42,43,45,49
Ford: 9 Teams – 6,7,16,17,21,26,38,88,99
Toyota: 7 Teams – 00,22,36,44,55,83,84

Some Part-Time Teams by car # that plan to attempt a race this season:
Chevy: 04,09,27,30,32,33,58,72,73,80
Dodge: 02,08,34,74,89
Ford: 47,60,71
Toyota: 03,23,46,91

Unassigned Numbers for this season


Numbers are owned and assigned by NASCAR, teams can request a number

THERE are NO PLANS for the #3 or the #28 to be used this season

(NO numbers are retired in NASCAR)


* after the # means the team is part time
? after a subject means rumor/unknown
? by itself means unknown
ROTY = Rookie of the Year Candidate
Red Type means new for this season season (first full season)
A team in all red means it is a new team for this season

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signed thru
(if known)
00* David Reutimann

P.J. Jones
(road courses)

Toyota Burger King
Domino’s Pizza
Michael Waltrip Racing
Cal Wells
Michael Waltip
Frank Kerr TRD
Kerr named the crew chief on Jan 3, 2007. Carter was named crew chief in Dec 2006 BUT left for Roush Racing #26 after a couple of weeks. Reutimann will run for ROTY in both the Cup and Busch series in 2007 [#99 Aaron’s Dream Machine]. The sponsors have been announced with Burger King and Domino’s Pizza will be co-primary sponsors for the third MWR team.
01 Mark Martin
(26 races)

Regan Smith
(5 races)

Aric Almirola
(7 races)

Chevy U.S. Army
Principle (2 races)Wiley X Eyewear, Coca Cola
Dale Earnhardt Inc (DEI)
Teresa Earnhardt
Ryan Pemberton DEI/RCR
DEI and Ginn Racing merged on July 25, 2007 and will run under the DEI banner. Almirola takes over the races that Martin will not run for the rest of 2007. Was Re-named from MB2 Motorsports to Ginn Racing in 2006. Martin moves over from Roush Racing to run 22 races [20 points and the All-Star and Bud Shootout] with Regan Smith running 16 races. US Army and Pemberton stay; Joe Nemechek stays with MB2 and moves to the #13 car. Ginn bought 80% of team in July 2006, buying out Nelson Bowers.
07 Clint Bowyer Chevy Jack Daniel’s

(? races)

SKF, Shell

Richard Childress Gil Martin DEI/RCR
No known changes for 2007. Jack Daniel’s is signed thru 2009.
1 Martin Truex Jr.
Chevy Bass Pro Shops Dale Earnhardt Inc
Teresa Earnhardt
Kevin Manion DEI/RCR
Truex Jr. and Bass Pro SHop sign thru 2010. DEI and Ginn Racing merged as of July 25, 2007 and will run under the DEI banner.
2 Kurt Busch Dodge Miller Lite

Mobil 1, Bosch, Kodak, Jasper, Lennox, Mazak, NewPage, PPG, Snap-On, Bombardier Aerospace, Sirius Satellite Radio

Roger Penske Pat Tryson Penske Jasper
Tryson taked over after Michigan in June, Raker goes back to his old position and no word on McCauley’s plans. Engineer Troy Raker subbed for crew chief Ray McCauley, who left to be with his ill wife early in the 2007 season. Some rumors have Penske switching to Toyota but have been denied and seem unlikely.
4 Ward Burton
Todd Bodine
Chevy State Water Heaters

Wide Open

Larry McClure
Tim Morgan
James Finch
Chris Carrier Ron Puryear
Bodine takes over for the final race of the season at Homestead, no word on Burton’s plans or if he will come back in 2008. After California in Feb, Finch and McClure sawapped official ownership of the #09 and #4 team giving the #4 team more owners points but less attempts in the attempt of getting into the top 35 of 2007 owners points. Burton and State Water heaters announced to run full 2007 season. Eric McClure to run a 2nd team car #04 in a few 2007 races. Scott Wimmer left after Kansas in Oct 2006 and will run for RCR in Busch and Cup. Todd Bodine also ran the car in late 2006.
5 Kyle Busch
Chevy Kellogg’s, Carquest

Quaker State, GMAC

Rick Hendrick Alan Gustafson Hendrick
Gustafson says he plans to stay at Hendrick. Busch will move on to another team in 2008, with Dale Earnhardt Jr. taking over the #5 or the #25. Kellogg’s and Carquest will be co-primary sponsors for the full season. No other known changes.
6 David Ragan
Ford AAA


Roush Fenway Racing
Jack Roush
Jimmy Fennig Yates/Roush
Roush Racing and Fenway Sports Group partner up, each owning 50%, Jack Roush to run the team. Tryson goes over to Roush’s #16 team with Fennig coming back to take over the #6. Ragan named the 2007 driver on Oct 11, 2006 to take over for Mark Martin in 2007. Tryson could end up leaving and going to another Roush team or maybe to DEI’s #15 car. Martin has left Roush Racing and will drive the #01 Ginn Racing Chevy in 2007 for 22 races.
7 Robby Gordon Ford Jim Beam, Menard’s
Motorola (2 races)
Camping World (3 races)
Mac Tools (1 race)
Robby Gordon
Peter Sospenzo Yates/Roush
Peter Sospenzo named crew chief after Dover in Sept. Former crew chief Gene Nead left at NHIS in Sept. and headed over to the Wood Brothers [#21/#47] team. Nead takes over for crew chief Greg Erwin after Darlington, who stayed on as an engineer…then left to crew chief Biffle in the #16. Looks like the Monster Energy Drink deal has fallen thru. Switched to Ford in 2007 and uses Yates/Roush engines. Hopes to add a 2nd team. Almost had a deal to buy into RYR but the deal fell thru.
8 Dale Earnhardt, Jr
Chevy Budweiser

Outlaw, Snap On, Ritz, Menard’s, Wrangler

Dale Earnhardt Inc
Teresa Earnhardt
Tony Gibson DEI/RCR
Crew Chief Tony Eury Jr. left after Talladega to get a head start at Hendrick Motorsports for 2008. Gibson to crew chief the final 6 races, then move over to the #01 in 2008. DEI and Ginn Racing merged as of July 25, 2007. Dale Jr. will go to Hendrick Motorsports in 2008, driving either the #5 and #25, no word if Budweiser will move with Earnhardt, stay with the #8 or go to another team. No changes for 2007 BUT Dale Jr. announced in May that he will NOT return to DEI and activily look for a new ride, perferably with a Chevy team. Bud may go wtih Dale Jr. or stay at DEI. The #8 WILL stay with DEI, who is looking for a replacement driver. DEI is also looking for a team to partner or merge with, Robert Yates Racing was one mentioned, but the Ford/Chevy deal may get in the way as RYR wants to stay Ford and DEI wants to stay with Chevy. Dale Jr has said over and over that he has no plans to run the #3 until MAYBE the end of his career…which is not any time soon. Dale Jr. is officially signed thru 2007
9 Kasey Kahne
Dodge Dodge Dealers

UAW, Stihl, Valvoline, Siemens, Stanley Tools, McDonald’s

Gillett Evernham Motorsports
George N. Gillett, Jr.
Ray Evernham
Kenny Francis
(team director)
Evernham Motorsports
Francis suspended 4 races from Daytona thru Atlanta at start of 2007 season. UPS was rumored to be coming aboard as the primary sponsor but Dodge wanted to stay as the primary, so UPS stayed with Jarrett and went to the #44 with him.
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10 Scott Riggs

Patrick Carpentier
(Phoenix, Homestead)

Dodge Valvoline, Stanley Tools Gillett Evernham Motorsports
George N. Gillett, Jr.
Ray Evernham
?James Rocco
Scott McDougallRodney Childers
(team director)
Evernham Motorsports
Scott McDougall and Rodney Childers swapped teams after Atlanta in Oct, with Childers going to the #19. Carpentier takes over for the last two races of the season, Phoenix and Homestead. Riggs will leave and go to Haas CNC Racing after the season. Childers suspended first two races of 2007, Daytona & California, Everhman to serve as interim Team Director. No changes known, looks like the sponsor package will stay in place and Riggs is signed thru 2007.
11 Denny Hamlin
Chevy FedEx Joe Gibbs Mike Ford Joe Gibbs Racing
No known changes.
12 Ryan Newman
Dodge alltel

Mobil 1
(5 races)

(3 races)

Sony, Bosch, Mazak, PPG, Snap-On, Goodyear, Bombardier Aerospace, Freightliner, Gillette

Roger Penske Mike Nelson Penske Jasper
Nelson named crew chief in Dec 2006; was the crew chief for final 2 races of 2006. Matt Borland moves over to Michael Waltrip Racing as crew chief for #44 Jarrett. Newman is signed thru 2012, which includes options for both parties.
13 CLOSED Chevy CertainTeed (18 races)
Haier (? races)
Ginn Racing
Bobby Ginn
Jay Frye
Peter Sospenzo Hendrick
Ginn Racing and DEI merged on July 25, 2007, with this team closing and driver Joe Nemechek out of a ride. CertainTeed, Haier and others sponsored the car. The team was just re-named from MB2 Motorsports to Ginn Racing in mid 2006. Peter Sospenzo comes over from Hendrick Motorsports. Nemechek moves over from the #01 team to run a new team for MB2 Motorsports. Ginn restructured in mid-July and Nemcheck was released.
14 CLOSED Chevy Waste Management
Ginn Clubs & Resorts
Pep Boys
Ginn Racing
Bobby Ginn
Jay Frye
Richard “Slugger” Labbe Hendrick
Ginn Racing and DEI merged on July 25, 2007, with this team closing and driver Sterling Marlin out of a ride. The owners pts from the #14 [was 30th] transferred to the #15 DEI team and Paul Menard. The team was re-named from MB2 Motorsports to Ginn Racing in July 2006 when Bobby Ginn bought out Nelson Bowers.
15 Paul Menard
Chevy Menard’s
Peak Antifreeze, Energizer
Dale Earnhardt Inc
Teresa Earnhardt
Dave Charpentier DEI/RCR
DEI merged with Ginn Racing on July 25, 2007 and the team, which was 39th in owners pts after Chicago, got the #14 team owners pts and moves up to 30th and a guaranteed starting spot. Tony Eury Sr. moves to the DEI test team [then to JR Motorsports in late June] and Charpentier takes over after Dover in June. Peak will be the primary sponsor at the Daytona 500 and Bristol in August. The #15 comes back for DEI to run the full season and be a third team to go along with the #1-Truex Jr and #8-Earnhardt Jr. teams. Will run for ROTY. The team moved up from the Busch Series.
16 Greg Biffle
Ford Ameriquest (? races)
Aflac (4 races)?
3M (7 races)
DISH Network (12 races)
Jackson Hewitt (3 races)
Roush Fenway Racing
Jack Roush
Greg Erwin Yates/Roush
Irwin takes over as Crew chief, Pat Tryson and the team part ways before the Coke 600 in May. Roush Racing and Fenway Sports Group partner up, each owning 50%, Jack Roush to run the team. Ameriquest will be the primary for most of the races. Tryson to take over for Doug Richert in 2007. 3M will be the primary sponsor for 7 races [not named yet]. Dish Network will be the primary sponsor for 5 races [Daytona in Feb, Martinsville in Apr, Richmond in May, Dover and Pocono in June]. Ameriquest supposedly will be the full time sponsor in 2007, possibly with Subway as a co-sponsor. National Guard will move to the #25 at Hendrick Motorsports in 2007. No word on Subway.
17 Matt Kenseth
Ford DeWalt Tools

R&L Carriers
(4 races)

(4 races)

(3 races)

(1 race)

Lexan, Valvoline

Roush Fenway Racing
John Henry
Robbie Reiser Yates/Roush
Robbie Reiser will move to Roush Racing GM post in 2008, team has not announced the 2008 crew chief. Reiser suspended 4 races from Daytona thru Atlanta at start of 2007 season. Roush Racing and Fenway Sports Group partner up, each owning 50%, Jack Roush to run the team. Arby’s to be primary sponsor at Bristol in March. Other primary schemes include R&L Carriers [4 races], Carhartt [4 races], USG [3 races], DeWalt will be on the rest of the races. Trex is no longer a sponsor. Kenseth signed multi-year extension with Roush in Jan 2006, no terms mentioned. DeWalt is signed thru 2009 as announced in Bristol 2006.
18 J.J. Yeley
Interstate Batteries

Coca-Cola, Cintas, Banquet, Food Lion, Mac Tools, Sherwin Williams, Doosan Infracore, Wix, Fire-Dex

Joe Gibbs Steve Addington Gibbs Racing
Interstate Batteries scheduled to be the primary sponsor all season.
19 Elliott Sadler Dodge Dodge Dealers

UAW, Stihl, Valvoline, Siemens, Stanley Tools

Gillett Evernham Motorsports
George N. Gillett, Jr.
Ray Evernham
Rodney Childers
(team director)
Evernham Motorsports
Scott McDougall and Rodney Childers swapped teams after Atlanta in Oct, with Scott McDougall going to the #10. Josh Browne stepped down as team director [crew chief] after New Hampshire in June and McDougall took over. Brown will stay with Evernham as an engineer. Siemens will be the primary sponsor at Phoenix in November. Browne takes over as full time ‘Team Director/Crew Chief’ after Dover in Sept 2006. Chris Andrews has been reassigned to work on special projects. Jeremy Mayfield released after Indy in August 2006; Elliott Sadler took over as of Michigan in August 2006.
20 Tony Stewart
Chevy The Home Depot

Coca-Cola, Old Spice, Doosan Infracore, Wix

Joe Gibbs Greg Zipadelli Joe Gibbs Racing
Stewart is signed thru 2009 as is Home Depot. Zipadelli is supposedly signed to long term deal. No known changes for 2007.
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(if known)
21 Bill Elliott
(until in top 35)

Ken Schrader

Ford Little Debbies, Motorcraft, AIr Force

Ore-Ida, Delimex

Wood Brothers
Glen Wood
JTG Racing
Tad Geschickter
Michael ‘Fatback’ McSwain Yates/Roush
Gene Nead will take over for McSwain in 2008. Bill Elliott scheduled to run until the team gets back in the top-35 of owners pts solidly. Wood was to run 11 races, but after an illness, he is now running in the Truck Series and there are no plans to run him in Cup in 2007. Schrader may return if the team gets back in the top-35 in owners pts. McSwain takes over the crew chief duties after Darlington in May but will leave at the end of the 2007 season. Wood ran at Las Vegas and Schrader was in the #47 but missed the race. Air Force returns for 8 races, including Bud Shootout with Schrader and seven points races with Wood. Marcos Ambrose to run up to 10 races in the 2nd team car, #47. Instead of going to 2 teams, the Wood Brothers will have Schrader and Wood share the #21 in 2007, with Schrader running 27 races and Wood 11 in the #21 and maybe a few more in the #47. Cope will be the crew chief, with Michael McSwain overseeing the team.
22 Dave Blaney
Toyota Caterpillar

Pro-Cert, Hobas Pipe, Tempstar

Bill Davis Tommy Baldwin Jr.
Bill Davis Racing
Team Director Baldwins steps in as Kevin Hamlin is released from crew chief duties after Charlotte in May, Bladwin just got done with the #36 DBR team amd will be interim until they find a full time crew chief. Blaney and Caterpillar return in 2007 to BDR with the #22 team. Team switched to Toyota and gets manufacturer support for the first time in years.
24 Jeff Gordon
Chevy DuPont Finishes
Nicorette (2 races)
Pepsi (2 races)

Pepsi, Quaker State, SDRC, AC Delco, Rain-X, Haas, GMAC, Delphi Automotive, Lowe’s, Georgia-Pacific

Rick Hendrick
Jeff Gordon
Steve Letarte Hendrick
No known chanegs. Gordon is signed to a longterm deal with Hendrick, DuPont signed up thru 2009.
25 Casey Mears
Chevy GMAC, National Guard

Delphi Automotive, Quaker State

Rick Hendrick Darian Grubb Hendrick
WIth Dale Jr. moving to Hendrick Motorsports in 2008, Mears could move to the #5 and Earnhardt Jr. to the #25, or Mears could stay in the #25. Grubb comes over from the #48 HMS team and replaces Lance McGrew at the beginning of 2007 season, McGrew will stay at Hendrick in a leadership role. National Guard and GMAC will supposedly be co-sponsors, with the Guard coming over from the #16 team. Casey Mears takes over for Vickers, who has signed with Red Bull Racing.
26 Jamie McMurray
Ford Crown Royal, Irwin Tools, Sharp AQUOS, 3M Vikuiti


Roush Fenway Racing
Jack Roush
Larry Carter Yates/Roush
Roush Racing and Fenway Sports Group partner up, each owning 50%, Jack Roush to run the team. Carter comes over from MWR at end of 2006 and will crew chief McMurray in 2007. Crown Royal will be the sponsor for 27 races and Irwin of 11 races, no Sharpie or Smirfnoff Ice in 2007. Crew chief Bob Osborne left and went back to the #99 for the final 2 races of 2006. Wally Brown handled the final 2 races of 2006 then headed to Joe Gibbs Racing as an engineer.
29 Kevin Harvick
Chevy Shell/Pennzoil
Reeses/Hershey Foods
GM Goodwrench, Realtree, Snap-On, Bass Pro Shops, Coca-Cola, SKF, Emerson, RoadLoans, Rheem
Richard Childress Todd Berrier DEI/RCR
GM Goodwrench left after 2006 with Shell to take over as co-primary with Hershey’s/Reese’s. Harvick reups with RCR thru 2009. This team was the #3 with Dale Earnhardt before he was killed, Childress has no plans to run the #3 any time soon.
31 Jeff Burton
Chevy AT&T Mobility

SKF, Prilosec, Shell, Lenox Industrial tool

Richard Childress Scott Miller DEI/RCR
AT&T and Burton re-signed just after Michigan in June 2007, each for 3 years. AT&T was allowed to put decals on the car at Lowe’s Motor Speeway in May and won the injuction, court date is August 2nd, NASCAR has countersued for $100million. Prilosec and Lenox will both be primary sponsors in a few races. Looks like Cingular will be back in 2007, at least for the first half of the season, now owned by AT&T could change, stay or end.
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36 Mike Skinner
(Atlanta, Texas)

Johnny Benson
(Phoenix, Homestead)

Toyota 360 OTC Gail Davis
Bill Davis Racing
Robert ‘Slugger’ Labbe
Joe Lax
Robert ‘Slugger’ Labbe takes over as crew chief for Atlanta and Texas, will crew chief Jacques Villeneuve in the #27 at Phoenix and for 2008. Mayfield left after Martinsville in Oct, going to the #66 car. Skinner will drive at Atlanta and Texas; Benson at Phoenix and Homestead. David Hyder took over as crew chief at Dover, after serving a suspension and being released by the #55 MWR team but left after Chicago, Lax took over starting at Indy. Rumors that the team would shut down after Atlanta in March proved false. Tommy Baldwin was the interim crew chief after California thru Charlotte in May, goes back to Director of Operations full-time, Derrick Finley has been reassigned within the team. Davis will field a 2nd team, #36 for Mayfield with new sponsor 360 OTC. Mayfield supposedly is signed thru 2009 as is 360 OTC.
38 David Gilliland
Ford M&M’s

Pedigree, Combos, CitiFinancial, Pennzoil, Wix Filters, Mac Tools, Raybestos

Yates/Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing
Robert Yates
Carl Haas
Paul Newman
Michael Lanigan
Todd Parrott Yates/Roush
Rumor had Gordon/Menard could buy 50% of the team [the #88] or merge with RYR, but the deal fell thru. Elliott Sadler left after Watkins Glen in 2006, Gilliland takes over as of Michigan in August 2006, will not run for 2007 ROTY. Looks like the team will stay with the #38 and not change to #28 as was rumored. Todd Parrott comes back to Yates from the Petty’s #43 after Indy in August of 2006, and took over crew chief job at Michigan in August 2006. Barraclough replaced Tommy Baldwin before Indy in 2006 for two races. Elliott Sadler had been signed thru 2008 but had an out clause he exercised. M&M’s is supposedly signed thru 2008.
40 David Stremme Dodge Coor’s Light (18 races)
Tums (1 race)
Target (1 race)
Snap-On, Kennametal, Microsoft, Dell, EMC, Syntel, Avaya
Chip Ganassi
Felix Sabates
Steve Lane Ernie Elliott
Target will be the primary at Indy. Lonestar was to be the primary sponsor for 17 races, but Ganassi and Lonestar parted ways just before the Daytona 500. Tums to be primary at Chicago. Ganassi has been rumored to possibly be going to Toyota, but that rumor has been denied. Lane became crew chief early in 2006.
41 Reed Sorenson Dodge Target
Tums (1 Race)Energizer, Discount Tires, FugiFilm, Snap-On, STP, Kleenex, Cheerios, Gillette, Microsoft, Dell, EMC, Syntel, Avaya
Chip Ganassi
Felix Sabates
Jimmy Elledge Ernie Elliott
Tums will be the primary sponsor at Texas in April. Ganassi has been rumored to possibly be going to Toyota, but that rumor has been denied.
42 Juan Pablo Montoya
Dodge Texaco/Havoline
Big Red Gum (3 races)Microsoft, Dell, EMC, Syntel, Avaya
Chip Ganassi
Felix Sabates
Donnie Wingo Ernie Elliott
Big Red Gum (Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co) will be the primary sponsor in three 2007 races [not named yet]. Montoya to leave F-1 and run for Ganassi in 2007. Casey Mears leave at end of 2006 to go to #25 Hendrick team. Ganassi denied his IRL driver Dan Wheldon is a candiate, no other drivers rumored, Ganassi has been rumored to possibly be going to Toyota, but that rumor has been denied. Texaco is supposedly signed thru 2007.
43 Bobby Labonte
Dodge Cheerios

Pop Secret, Betty Crocker, Bugles, Hamburger Helper, Chex, Ferguson, Sprint, OMP, Olympia Steel Bldgs

Petty Enterprises Doug Randolph Evernham
Doug Randolph replaced Paul Andrews as crew chief in August 2007. Andrews had moved over from the #45 midway thru the 2006 season
44 Dale Jarrett
Toyota UPS

Dow Automotive

Michael Waltrip Racing Jason Burdett TRD
Rumors have Jarrett looking to leave the team and go elsewhere in early June. Crew Chief Matt Borland left the team after Talladega in May, Jason Burdett comes over from the #88 Yates team, Finley will be the interim. Dow Automotive comes aboard as a major associate. Borland named crew chief in Dec 2006, comes over from Penske Racing and #12-Newman. Waltrip got the #44 being used by Hendrick for Terry Labonte in 2006 and controlled by Petty. Jarrett and UPS come over from RYR in 2007, 2 year deal thru 2008. Jarrett and UPS ran the #88 at RYR for years.
45 Kyle Petty
John Andretti
(four races)

Chad McCumbee
(Pocono in June)

Dodge Martahon Oil
Wells Fargo
NTB/Tire Kingdom
Olympia Steel Bldgs

Goody’s Cool Orange

Petty Enterprises Billy Wilburn Evernham
Petty broadcasted the races on TNT, five in the booth and one on the car [Sonoma], at Pocono, McCumbee drove with Goody’s as the sponsor. Andretti drove four races in June/July: Michigan, NHIS, Daytona and Chicago. Marathon [14 up from 4], Tire Kingdom [7] and Wells Fargo {12] do return. Coca-Cola supposedly will be the sponsor at LMS in May. Schwans won’t return as a sponsor. Wilburn came aboard mid season 2006, Andrews went over to the #43.
48 Jimmie Johnson
Chevy Lowe’s Home Improvent

Quaker State

Rick Hendrick
Jeff Gordon
Chad Knaus Hendrick
Engineer Darian Grubb moves over to HMS’s #25 team to become the crew chief for Casey Mears. Johnson, Knaus and Lowe’s signed thru 2010.
49 John Andretti

Ken Schrader

Mike Bliss

Chad Chaffin
(NHIS & Chi)

Larry Foyt

Kluas Graf
(road courses)

Dodge Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA.org), Lifelock BAM Racing
Beth Ann Morgenthau
Tony Morgenthau
Dean Johnson Evernham
Andretti named to run the rest of 2007 before Michigan in August. Mike Bliss left after MIchigan but will come back from Pocono in August on. Crew chief Lee McCall left in late June, Hyder came back after being away a few years as of Indy in July as a suspension specialist and Dean Johnson is the crew chief. Graf ran at Sonoma in June but supposedly will not run at Watkins Glen. Chaffin ran at NHIS and Chicago in July and Foyt at Daytona in July.. WhatsOnline.com is no longer on the car as of Daytona, no word what happened. Bliss returns to drive in 2007; McCall comes over from Ganassi Racing and the team will use Evernham Engines instead of Arrington. Crew chief David Hyder left at the end of 2006 and went to MWR #55. Plans are to have Bliss back for 2007 if a deal can be reached. WhatsOnline.com supposedly will be the full sponsor for 2007. Hyder named crew chief after California in Sept.
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signed thru
(if known)
55 Michael Waltrip

Terry Labonte
road courses

Toyota NAPA

Coca Cola, Klaussner, Burger King, UPS, Domino’s Pizza, Best Western

Michael Waltrip
Doug Bawel
Buddy Sisco TRD
Terry Labonte will drive the car at Sonoma, Indy and Watkins Glen, guaranteed to make the races with a past champ provisional. Sisco takes over for interim crew chief Scott Eggleston after Texas in April. Former crew chief David Hyder was suspended then left the team in May, went to the #36 BDR team, then to the #49 BAM tea, [in July]. After a huge penalty at Daytona in Feb, Hyder was suspended indefinitely and fined a record $100k. Eggleston takes over as the interin crew chief. Hyder named crew chief in Dec 2006, comes over from #49 BAM Racing team. Waltrip’s own team with Toyota as the Manu, keeps NAPA and has two other teams, #00-David Reutimann and #44-Dale Jarrett with UPS.
66 Jeremy Mayfield Chevy Best Buy

Comcast, Samsung HDTV, Garmin, Haas Automation, Yellow Transportation

Gene Haas
Haas Automation
Harold Holly Hendrick
Jeff Green leaves after Martinsville in Oct, Mayfield takes over and will drive the #66 or #70 in 2008. Crew chiefs Holly and Robert “Bootie” Barker swapped jobs after Charlotte in Oct 2006 with Barker going to the #00 Haas CNC Racing Busch team. Moving to a larger shop in Kannapolis NC and will field a 2nd team with the #70 and Johnny Sauter.
70 Johnny Sauter Chevy Yellow Transportation, Radioactive Energy Drink

Haas Automation, Best Buy

Gene Haas
Haas Automation
Bootie Barker Hendrick
Radioactive Energy Drink will be the sponsor for five races. Best Buy switched a couple times with the #66. Moved up from Busch [#00 car] to the #70 Chevy with Yellow Transportation as the sponsor for 12 races
78 Joe Nemechek Chevy Furniture Row Furniture Row Racing
Barney Visser
Jay Guy Hendrick Motorsports
Hendrick Motorsports supplies the engines since Richmond, supposedly the team shut doen its own engine shop. Nemechek took over at Calif in Sept, and looks to be in the car for at least five races. Scott Wimmer attempted and miised at Michigan/August and Sterling Marlin attempted/missed Bristol in August. Kenny Wallace steps out after Watkins Glen in Aug 2007, no word who will drive the car for the rest of the season. Guy takes over as crew chief with Joe Garone doing more of a management role. Wallace signed a 2-year deal to run full time and cannot run the Busch series without the team permission.
83 Brian Vickers Toyota Red Bull Energy Drink Dany Bahar
Dietrich Mateschitz
Red Bull Racing
Randy Cox TRD
Cox takes over after Martinsville in Oct. Doug Richert released as the crew chief after Martuinsville in Oct 2007. Vickers named the driver on June 25th, the team will run two teams.
84 A.J. Allmendinger
Toyota Red Bull Dany Bahar
Dietrich Mateschitz
Red Bull Racing
Ricky Viers TRD
Allmendiner was named full time driver of this car in Oct 2006 along with Viers as crew chief.
88 Ricky Rudd
Kenny Wallace
Mike Wallace
Ford Snickers

Pedigree Dog Food, Combos, M&M’s

Yates/Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing
Robert Yates
Carl Haas
Paul Newman
Michael Lanigan
Cully Barraclough Yates/Roush
Butch Hylton and the team parted wayas after Kansas in Sept. Rudd expected back at Charlotte in Oct after being injured at Calif. Mike Wallace subbed at Talladega. Kenny Wallace subbed for Rudd at Richmond, NHIS, Dover and Kansas as Rudd is injured, could be a race or two. NHLR bought into the team in July 2007. The team will use the #88 in 2007 as Texaco squashed the use of the #28, citing a prior agreement with Yates. Rudd to run full 2007 season with Snickers being the sponsor for 29 races and Pedigree and Combos sponsoring the other seven races. Hylton will supposedly return as the crew chief. Yates maye switch from #88 to #28. Butch Hylton took over for Slugger Labbe before Indy in 2006. Dale Jarrett and sponsor UPS left at end of 2006 and go to MWR and Toyota.
96 Tony Raines

Ron Fellows
(road courses)

Chevy Texas Instruments DLP Products


Hall of Fame Racing
Troy Aikman
Roger Staubach
Bill Saunders
Brandon Thomas Joe Gibbs Racing
Thomas took over as of Charlotte in Oct 2006. Philippe Lopez remains as competition director. Raines will be back full time in 2007, the team may run a 2nd team to compete in the COT races with a full season planned in 2008.
99 Carl Edwards
Ford Office Depot
Lumber Liquidators
Roush Fenway Racing
Jack Roush
Bob Osbourne Yates/Roush
Roush Racing and Fenway Sports Group partner up, each owning 50%, Jack Roush to run the team. Osbourne returned for the final two races of 2006 and full time in 2007 after going to the #26 Ford of McMurray early in the season. 2006 crew chief Wally Brown headed to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2007 as an engineer.
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02* Brandon Ash Dodge Sprinter Trucking Ed Ash Kenneth Wood ?
Has made attempts at Phoenix and Sonoma without success.
03* Todd Bodine Toyota ? Germain Racing Mike Hillman Jr. TRD
Plans have been scaled back to run just a few events, supposedly was to start at Indy in July but didn’t enter, plans were run 15 Cup races in 2007, supposedly only Car of Tomorrow [COT] events.
04* Eric McClure Chevy Hefty Brand

Crabby Joe’s

Morgan McClure Motorsports Robert Larkins Morgan-McClure
attempted both Daytona races
06* Sam Hornish Dodge Penske Truck Rental Penske Racing South Roy McCauley Penske Jasper
Will run at least the final five COT races [but no more then 7 races] and could move up to full time in 2008 or could go to the #12 if Ryan Newman leaves
08* Joe Nemechek Dodge ? E&M Motorsports
John Carter
Mark Tutor ?
Former owner of the #37 RJ Racing team started a new team. Attempted Indy but failed to make the race, debuted at Michigan in August with Nemechek
09* Mike Wallace
Sterling Marlin
Chevy Miccosukee Indian Gaming James Finch
Phoenix Racing
Larry McClure
Fred Wanke RCR
Marlin is scheduled to run at Talladega in Oct. after California in Feb, Finch and McClure swapped official ownership of the #09 and #4 team giving the #4 team more owners points but less attempts in the attempt of getting into the top 35 of 2007 owners points. Looks like Wallace will run a few races in 2007, the team has switched from Ford/Dodge to Chevy as has the Phoenix Racing #1 Busch Series team.
Mike Skinner
Butch Leitzinger

Jacques Villeneuve

Toyota ?


Gail Davis
Bill Davis Racing
Slugger Labbe TRD
Jacques Villeneuve will run at Talladega in Oct using the #27, could start a couple more races in 2007, with plans to run the full 2008 season, Labbe is the crew chief. Leitzinger ran the #23 at Sonoma with CAT as the sponsor, but the owners pts went to the #36. Skinner attempted the Daytona 500 in a third BDR Toyota, but failed to make the race
27* Kirk Shelmerdine Chevy Lilly Trucking

Minnesota Mdewakanton Dakota Oyate

Kirk Shelmerdine Phil Harris Pro-Motors
Attempted both Daytona races in 2007 but failed to qualify
30* Stanton Barrett Chevy Bad Boy Power Drink
Ware Racing Cal Northrop various vendors
Barrett tested at Daytona in Jan 2007 in the #30. Planned to attempt a few races but has not been on the trace since Daytona in Feb
33* Scott Wimmer Chevy Holiday Inn
Camping World
Richard Childress/RCR Bobby Leslie DEI/RCR
Camping World to be the sponsor for Atlanta in March. Wimmer will run at least two races in 2007 with Holiday Inn as the sponsor and 17 races for RCR in the #29 Busch car.
34* Stanton Barrett Dodge ? Brad Jenkins
Front Row Motorsports
Jimmy Means
Bob Jenkins
Mike Daytona Ernie Elliott
Barrett to attempt Bristol in August. Suspended operations and is not running as of May 2007. Kevin Lepage is running the #37 team for FRM. Team goes to part time status after Atlanta and failing to make the first four races. Lepage goes to the #37 to share with Andretti. Makoto Ginger Dressing and Detoxify to sponsor the car at Daytona. Has teamed up with RJ Racing and plans to run the full season with Lepage. NO, the owner, Bob Jenkins is not the broadcaster Bob Jenkins of ESPN/SPEED fame.
37* Kevin Lepage
Brian Simo
(road courses)
Dodge Huddle House, Long John Silver, Taco Bell Bob Jenkins
[not the broadcaster]
Front Row Motorsports
John Carter
Scott Eggleston Ernie Elliott
Has not attempted a couple races. Andretti attempted Las Vegas [made] and Atlanta [kissed], Lepage will run the COT at Bristol and Martinsville. Huddle House to sponsor the team in three more races [Atlanta, Talladega, Charlotte]. Looks like Bill Elliott will not drive any more races for the team. The team was sold toe FRM in January. Huddle House will sponsor Elliott at Speedweeks in Daytona. Elliott scheduled to attempt the races at Daytona in Feb. 2007 and tested at Las Vegas in Jan. Elliott will run a limited schedule with the team and Chaffin will run the rest of the races as the team plans to run the full season. Using 2006 Owners points from the #61, which was outside the top 35.
47* Jon Wood
Ken Schrader

Marcos Ambrose

Ford Sunbelt Snacks

Team Australia/Aussie Vineyards

Wood Brothers
JTG Racing
Tad Geschickter
Gene Nead Yates/Roush
Wood attempted to make the race at Kansas in Sept but missed. Ambrose was to run at Sonoma and Watkins Glen. Schrader attempted to make the Las Vegas race with Wood in the #21, but failed to make the race
58* James Hylton Chevy GrahamFest, Retirement Living TV


J.C. Weaver
Hylton Motorsports
James Hylton, Jr.

James Hylton

Hylton attempted the Daytona 500 but has not made an attempt since as of July 2007. Plans were to run a total of 19 Cup races in 2007 but looks like that will not happen.
60* Boris Said Ford SoBe No Fear Energy Drink Boris Said
Mark Simo
Frank Stoddard
No Fear Racing
Frank Stoddard Roush-Yates
Plans to run at least seven races: Bud Shootout, Daytona 500, both Talladega’s, Sonoma, Watkins Glen and Daytona in July
71* Frank Kimmel Ford Fast Track Racing Andy Hillenburg ? ?Roush-Yates
Kimmel attempted a one-off deal with Hillenburg at the 2007 Daytona 500.
77 Marcos Ambrose Ford Camping World Robby Gordon
Ernie Cope Yates/Roush
May run at Dover in Sept. As a favor for punting Ambrose out of the lead at the Montreal Busch race, Gordon offered the ride to Ambrose and it was accepted. Ambrose’s Busch team will crew the team at Watkins Glen
89* Morgan Shepherd Dodge Victory in Jesus Racing Ministries Cindy Shepherd John Graham Barnes & Reese Racing Engines
Has not made an attempt in 2007, no word on the plans for this team/driver. Didn’t test at Daytona or Las Vegas in January 2007. Faith Motorsportsplans to run a limited 2007 season and could run full season if additional sponsorship is found. Team sold in mid 2006 to CJM Racing [#72].
91* Marc Goossens Toyota ? Riley-D’Hondt Motorsports
Eddie D’Hondt
Bob and Bill Riley
Jerry Pitts TRD
Plans to run the two road courses with the COT with Goossens driving. Plans two teams in the Busch Series, as well as a Nextel Cup Series team competing in as many as five Nextel Cup “Car of Tomorrow” events.
98* Boris Said Dodge Valvoline Gillett Evernham Motorsports
George N. Gillett, Jr.
Ray Evernham
Randy Seals Evernham Motorsports
Said will attempt to run New Hampshire in Sept. Jason Keller tested the car at Talladega in Sept.
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08* Trevor Boys Chevy Gsmdashboards.com
Industro Tools
H&K Motorsports
Eddie Kucharski
Cicero Scott ?
Reports as of August 2007 that this deal fell apart and won’t happen, plus the #08 is assigned to the new team by John Carter. Reports had the team planning on attempting all the 2007 Cup races but as of Atlanta in March, the team has not made an attempt as of July 2007. Plans are to run ARCA and get their NASCAR licenses and run some Trucks and Cup races in 2007. Boys last ran in Cup back in 1993.
?32 ? ?Chevy ? Cal Wells
PPI Motorsports
?Gary Putnam ?RCR
Let most of it’s people go, crew went to MWR. Team may not field a car in 2007. Kvapil will run the #6 Truck for Roush Racing in 2007, so the team is looking for a new driver and sponsor. Tide leaves after 2006, supposedly leaving the sport. Wells is not signed with a manufacturer in 2007 and is supposedly looking at all manu. Wells wants a 2nd team, but has had no luck finding a sponsor.
39* CLOSED Chevy ? Ginn Racing
Bobby Ginn
Jay Frye
Doug Randolph Hendrick
Regan Smith attempted the Daytona 500 in this car, but the DEI and Ginn Racing merged on July 25, 2007, so it looks like the team will not run at all after the merger.
52* Larry Gunselman
Donnie Neuenberger
Chevy ? AD Motorsports
Donnie Neuenberger
Austin Cox
Rick Ware
? ?
No word on 2007 plans.
61 ? Dodge ? Front Row Motorsports
Bob Jenkins
Randy Seals ?
FRM partnered up with the #37 RJ Racing team, this team will be renumbered the #37. Front Row Motorsports bought the team in April 2006 from Peak Motorsports.
71* ?Jason Leffler ?Toyota ? Todd Braun ? ?
Planned to run a race in late 2006, no word on 2007 plans in Cup.
72* ? Chevy ?moved to Busch Series #11 CJM Racing
Bryan & Tony Mullet
? ?
After missing their third straight race at Las Vegas in March, driver Brandon Whitt left the team and it moved down to the BUsch Series, partnering up with for ppc Racing owner Greg Pollex. No word on Whitt’s plans. Just before the Gatorade Duels at Daytona, Speaks takes over for Doug George. The team pans to run a limited schedule in 2007, in at least 15 races [all non COT races], could be more if a sponsor is found. Will use RCR engines in 2007. Looking for a primary sponsor in 2007. Attempted some race in 2006.
74* CLOSED Dodge ? Raynard McGlynn Dom Turse ?
After missing the Daytona 500, the team did not make an attempt and was closed and will be sold at auction.
?77 ?Sam Hornish
?Bill Wease?
suspended operations for 2006
Dodge ?Kodak Penske Racing South ? Penske Jasper
Could run Wease part time or full time in 2007 if the team comes, could change car numbers also, but have heard NOTHING about the team. Back Bawel took the #77 owners points and joined up with Waltip and the #55 team so Waltrip was guaranteed making the first five races. Will not run in 2006, Kodak says they expect to be back in 2007 with Penske as a full-time team. Kvapil released and now drives the #32 car, Crew Chief Shane WIlson was also released an went to RCR as #21 Busch crew chief.
80* ? Chevy Joe Gibbs Driven Joe Gibbs Racing ? JGR
Almirola attempted and made his first Cup race at Las Vegas, then Almirola was granted his release from Gibbs so he could go to Ginn Racing/DEI in July 2007. No word on the 4th JGR team plans, if any.
?81 ? Ford Tim Brown ? Roush-Yates
Announced he is starting a NASCAR team in 2006 and getting support from Roush Racing, sponsorship will decide which series, Cup, Busch or Trucks. Owned by former NFL great Tim Brown.
92* ? Dodge
? Front Row Motorsports
Bob Jenkins
(not from ESPN)
Jimmy Means
? Pro-Motors
Looks like the team will not run the #92 team in 2007, using the #34 and #37 [was the old #61]. Tested the #92 at Daytona with Lepage, but will run the #34. NO, the owner, Bob Jenkins is not the broadcaster Bob Jenkins of ESPN/SPEED fame.
94* Brad Keselowski Chevy closed Keith Coleman Ronnie Griffin PME
had planned to run some race in 2006, never did and said the same thing at the beginning of 2007, but as of May, no attempts, then the Busch team closed and sold off assets, with Keselowski going to JR Motorsports
95* Stanton Barrett Chevy ? Stanton Barrett Mike Dayton ?
Looks like Barrett will run some races in 2007 in the #30 with Ware Racing. The #95 disappeared after 16 races in 2006, no word on 2007 plans.
?* Greg Sacks Ford ? Daytona Speed Inc.
Greg Sacks
James Wilsberg
Paul Sacks Roush-Yates
No word on 2007 plans as Sacks was supposed to run many 2006 races and didn’t. The #13 is now used and licensed Ginn Racing with Nemechek, so Sacks will need a new number IF he comes back.