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NASCAR Next Gen Car

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Common questions:

When will the Next Gen car debut?

Will the cars all look the same?
NASCAR would like for the cars to have more of a street car look with unique manufacturer characteristics.

Will a new engine debut at the same time?
No. New engines are not likely until 2022 or 2023.

Why a new car?
NASCAR is trying to limit the cost of competing in the sport for teams, sponsors, and manufacturers.

Will the new car attract new manufacturers to the sport?
That is NASCAR’s plan However, a new manufacturer would not be expected to join the series until the new engine debuts. With the lead time required for approval nothing is likely to be know on new manufacturers until at least mid 2020.

Will the car have 18″ wheels?

Will NASCAR use a single lug nut?
Bob Pockrass says that’s likely and it’s because of the loads on the larger wheels.

Will NASCAR use a spec chassis?
That is likely. NASCAR is still working to determine what parts of the car will use a common supplier.

Any pictures of the car yet?
Not yet. NASCAR tweeted a zoomed in image during the initial on track test in October 2019.