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2005 Nextel Cup Schemes – #12 Team

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If you do not SEE a image here….
I do not have it

Taken at California on Sept 2nd by Greg Kammerman.(9-4-2005)

Take at Pocono in July by Charlie C.(7-25-2005)

Will run at Californa Speedway in Sept. Thanks to Co-Pilott Motorsports Marketing for the image.(7-20-2005)

Taken at Chicago by Mark Walczak from Milwaukee..(7-14-2005)

The new alltel logo, take at Pocono in June. Taken by Eddie of

From the site.(6-11-2005)

At Californa Speedway in Sept. Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(5-5-2005)

Taken by Joel Bray at Daytona from the Budweiser Shootout.(2-17-2005)

Mobil 1 will run at Las Vegas, Alltel is the regular scheme
Thanks to David Griffin for the image.(1-31-2005)

Will run at Las Vegas. Taken by Jeff Wackerlin of

Will run at Las Vegas, from a Business Wire PR.(1-26-2005)

Unofficial images of the new #12 Dodge until I get the official ones. From many readers as posted around the Internet.

The 2004 Dodge with the 2005 paint scheme, from Penske Racing.(12-24-2004)

if you wish to use them, copy them and give credit

Some of these images were ‘borrowed’ from many other web pages,
or emailed directly to me, thanks.
I try to give credit to those who either gave these to me or if I get them from a site,
Some I have scanned in myself or had someone scan in for me.

the AP (Associated Press)
or Action Sports Photography(ASP)

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