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2006 Nextel Cup Schemes – #20 Team

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Taken at Dover in September, thanks to Jim Garrahan of

Will run at Dover in Sept to promote the strategic partnership with The Home Depot and to launch the Fright Fest in-store promotion. From Sept. 29 through Oct. 31, over 1,000 The Home Depot stores nationwide will offer discount coupons to 12 Six Flags parks. Discounts range from “Buy One Get One Free” to “Save $15 to 10% Off.” Thanks to True Speed Communication for the image.(9-19-2006)

Will run at Dover. Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(9-19-2006)

Ran at Pocono and Michigan in June in honor of Stewarts Father. taken by Big T at Pocono Raceway in June.(6-14-2006)

Taken at Dover in June by Jim of

Will run at Dover in June to raise money for the Tony Stewart Foundation. From a Coca-Cola PR.(5-26-2006)

The Bud Shootout car, taken at Daytona by Joel Bray.(2-12-2006)

Taken by Jason Ritt at the Sound and Speed event, Nashville, TN.(1-15-2006)

Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(11-15-2005)

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Some of these images were ‘borrowed’ from many other web pages,
or emailed directly to me, thanks.
I try to give credit to those who either gave these to me or if I get them from a site,
Some I have scanned in myself or had someone scan in for me.

the AP (Associated Press)
or Action Sports Photography(ASP)

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