2007 Nextel Cup Schemes – #43 Team

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The scheme that ran at LMS in Oct. Taken in Eagan, MN by to Frank Van Alstine.(12-24-2007)

Taken at LMS in Oct by Larry Scavnicky of www.frontstretchphotos.com.(12-24-2007)

Taken at LMS in Oct by Ed Coombs of Speedway Media.(12-24-2007)

Taken at Texas in November, thanks to scottscollections.com.(11-8-2007)

Takes at LMS in Oct by Neal Westbrook of Russellville, AR.(10-20-2007)

Taken at Talladega in Oct. by Jeff Wackerlin of RacingOne.com.(10-12-2007)

Taken at New Hampshire in Sept. Thanks to Alex Keriazes and I am from Allenstown, NH for the pic.(9-15-2007)

Taken at New Hampshire in September. Thanks to Speedy for the image.(9-14-2007)

Ran in Charlotte in May. From the Cherriosracing.com site.(9-12-2007)

To honor the victims of the Minnesota bridge collapse. Taken at Pocono in August. Thanks to Jim at the Hot Pits for the image.(8-6-2007)

Taken at Indy by Larry Scavnicky at frontstretchphotos.com.(8-6-2007)

Taken at Daytona in July. Thanks to Greg of Cup Scene Daily for the image.(7-6-2007)

Scheduled to run at Martinsville in Oct. Thanks to Greg of Cup Scene Daily for the image.(7-6-2007)

Special Paint Scheme Race: Sept 8, 2007 at Richmond in honor of Bobby Labonte’s 500th career start.
Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(7-3-2007)

Special Paint Scheme Race: September 16, 2007 at New Hampshire will feature the many beloved and memorable General Mills characters including Lucky the Leprechaun, Trix rabbit, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, and Buzz Bee. Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(7-3-2007)

Special Paint Scheme Race: October 13, 2007 – Lowe’s Motor Speedway featuring a “Pink for the Cure” car in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month/collaboration with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(7-3-2007)

Taken at Phoenix in April by Brett Korth from Nampa Idaho.(6-9-2007)

Taken at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in May. Taken by Harold Hinson, more at the Harold Hinson site.(5-27-2007)

To honor the Kentucky Derby. Taken at Talladega Superspeedway in April by Ryan Sturdivant of Brandon, MS.(5-5-2007)

Will run at Talladega in April, to promote the movie ‘Spiderman III’. Image from the NASCAR Superstore site.(4-24-2007)

Taken by Joel Bray at Daytona International Speedway in Feb.(2-16-2007)

Taken during the Nextel Media Tour by Jeff Wackerlin of RacingOne.com.(1-27-2007)

The regular Cheerios paint scheme, expect many other product schemes.
Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(11-29-2006)

One scheme for 2007, taken at the Richard Petty Fan Club Open House by a reader.(11-3-2006)

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