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2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Schemes

#55 Prism Motorsports

Michael Waltrip ran the car at Talladega with sponsorship from Aaron’s
Taken at Talladega in October by M.J. Scanlon Photography.(11-5-2010)

Terry Cook attempted and failed to make the race
Taken at Martinsville in October by Mark Agee.(10-27-2010)

Mike Bliss’s first race with Prism Motorsports
Taken at Atlanta in September by Bill Blose of

Ran at Talladega in April and will again in October with Michael Waltrip driving.
Image from a Michael Waltrip Racing PR.(9-2-2010)

Taken at Watkins Glen by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos.(8-12-2010)

The scheme Michael Waltrip will drive at Infineon Raceway, the winner of the Toyota Sponsafier Contest.
Thanks to Brock Beard at Lastcar.(6-17-2010)

Taken at Michigan in June by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos.(6-13-2010)

A one race deal for Waltrip to run at Talladega. McDowell and Blaney normally drive this car or the #66 car.
Taken at Talladega in April by Nancy who runs Jayski’s Camping World Truck Series site.(4-24-2010)

Taken during Daytona 500 practice in February by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos.(2-11-2010)

Diecast/Drawings of the schemes

A one race deal for Michael Waltrip to run the #55 car at Talladega in April with Aaron’s as the sponsor.
Thanks to MWR for the image.(3-10-2010)

Images of the Hauler


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the AP (Associated Press)
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