2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Schemes

#6 Roush Fenway Racing Team

Promote the Logistic’s theme recently introduced.
Taken at Talladega in October by M.J. Scanlon Photography.(11-5-2010)

Will run at Talladega in October to promote the Logistic’s theme recently introduced
Thanks to Just Marketing/UPS Racing for the images.(10-27-2010)

Taken at Charlotte Motor Speedway in October by Ed Coombs of Gater News.(10-15-2010)

Taken at Charlotte Motor Speedway in October by Mark Agee.(10-15-2010)

A special scheme run at Charlotte in October, to support Untied Way.
Image from the UPS Racing site.(10-14-2010)

Taken at Watkins Glen by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos.(8-12-2010)

Taken in February during Daytona 500 practice by Joel Bray.(2-6-2010)

Taken during the 2010 Media Tour in the Charlotte, NC area by Jeff Wackerlin of RacingOne.com.(1-19-2010)

Diecast/Drawings of the schemes

No word yet where this scheme will run
Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the images.(3-11-2010)

Thanks to NASCAR.com Store for the image.(12-13-2009)

Images of the Hauler

Taken in May Richmond by Rolando Ramirez.(8-29-2010)

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