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2011 Nationwide Series Paint Schemes

If you do not SEE a image here….
I do not have it

#19 Bruvado Chevy
Will be driven at Homestead. Thanks to Bruvado for the image .(11-10-2011)

#19 Spirit Halloween Chevy
Taken at Charlotte in October by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos.(10-31-2011)

#19 US Xpress Chevy
Driven at Chicago. Image from the US Xpress Facebook page.(10-3-2011)

#19 TriStar Chevy
Taken at Richmond (September) by Ed Matthews.(9-19-2011)

#19 Del Monte Chevy
Driven at Montreal.(8-17-2011)

#19 TriStar Chevy
Taken at Daytona in July by Joel Bray.(7-2-2011)

#19 TriStar Chevy
Taken at Michigan by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos.(6-20-2011)

#19 Miller Welders Chevy
Thanks to Jeff Wells for the image.(5-26-2011)

#19 TriStar Chevy
Taken at Talladega by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos.(4-18-2011)

#19 TriStar Chevy
Taken at Bristol (March) by Jonathan McCoy.(3-19-2011)

NOTE: once 2-3 of the same scheme are posted, am not looking to post others,
unless it’s a different angle or a much improved image.

PLEASE – DO NOT SEND IMAGES FROM:, ThatsRacin, the AP (Associated Press) or Action Sports Photography(ASP)

if you wish to use them, save as and give credit

Some of these images were ‘borrowed’ from many other web pages,
or emailed directly to me, thanks.
I try to give credit to those who either gave these to me or if I get them from a site,
Some I have scanned in myself or had someone scan in for me.

If you do not SEE a image here….I do not have it