Three arrested in attempted break-in at Richard Childress’ home

UPDATE 2: 1-2-2018 Two Winston-Salem men and another from Salisbury have been charged with attempting to break into NASCAR owner Richard Childress’ home on Dec. 17.

According to a Davidson County Sheriff’s Office news release, sheriff’s investigators learned from the Winston-Salem Police Department that three firearms used at Childress’ home matched firearms that had been stolen on Dec. 15 in a break-in in Winston-Salem.

Three suspects were identified in the Dec. 15 firearm theft and after further investigation, it was learned that all three of those suspects matched the physical descriptions of the suspects in the Childress attempted burglary.

With assistance from Winston-Salem police and the State Bureau of Investigation, Davidson County Sheriff’s investigators executed search warrants on two residences inside the city limits of Winston-Salem.

Evidence was found during the searches connecting the three suspects to both the Dec. 15 break-in and the attempted burglary at Childress’ home on Hampton Road in Davidson County.

All three are each charged with attempted first-degree burglary and first-degree trespassing.

They are being held in the Davidson County Jail with bail set for each at $250,000. They are scheduled to appear in Davidson County District Court on Jan. 29.

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UPDATE 12-21-2017: Clothing recovered from the home of NASCAR team owner Richard Childress could lead law enforcement to finding out the identities of three armed men, who are being sought for the attempted home invasion robbery, according to Davidson County Sheriff David Grice.

Although Grice doesn’t want to throw the term “home invasion” around loosely, the fact the three white male suspects were armed when they broke out a window at the home around 10:30 p.m. Sunday raises concerns that it wasn’t an ordinary burglary.

Grice said he wants to clarify that the three men being sought never made it into Childress’s home because Childress, who was upstairs with his wife Judy, was alerted by a security system and also heard the glass breaking downstairs. At that point, he armed himself and went to see what was going on, Grice said. Images of the suspects were captured on Childress’s security cameras., as well.

Grice said the fact that the suspects were armed, especially with long guns, gives him pause to have even greater concern about what could have happened.

Grice said he wasn’t sure if Childress’s home was specifically targeted or if it was just a random attempt to break into a home. That said, he was candid in that he didn’t think it was a wise idea.

“I wondered,” Grice said, when asked if he thought the suspects knew who they were dealing with. “I don’t know. If they knew anything about him, they’d certainly be dumbasses to do it.

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Original post – 12-20-2017: DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – Authorities continue to search for three masked men who allegedly attempted to break into the home of Hall of Fame NASCAR driver and team owner Richard Childress.

The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday in the Reedy Creek community in Davidson County.

Deputies with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office said three people attempted to gain entry into the home while the residence was occupied.

Deputies said Childress and his wife heard a crash at a door on the lower level of their residence. Childress armed himself with a handgun and investigated.

The three people had the majority of their faces covered and appeared to be carrying firearms, deputies said.

Deputies said Childress fire gunshots at the suspects before they fled.

The sheriff said that a window glass beside a door knob on the lower level of the residence was broken and the alarm was activated.

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