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GoDaddy to sponsor Patrick in ‘Danica Double’

Danica Patrick is going back to green.

GoDaddy green, to be exact — a fitting color for her farewell tour.

The company said it will sponsor Patrick in the upcoming “Danica Double” that will close out her racing career. Patrick has no ride yet for next month’s Daytona 500 or the Indianapolis 500 in May, but she now has the financial backing to pull it off.

In an interview with, Patrick would not say whether her Daytona ride would be in one of the cars that has a guaranteed spot or whether she would have to vie for the four open spots and qualify her way into the 40-car field.

With Daytona 500 qualifying a little more than three weeks away, Patrick seemed confident she could have a competitive ride. With all the major rides taken for Daytona, it appears Patrick will have to compete with a smaller, less-funded organization.