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Atlanta track surface ready for race weekend

Atlanta Motor Speedway is ready for a triple-header weekend of NASCAR racing.

Track president Ed Clark said last month the speedway did finish scheduled maintenance during the fall, which came to about 12 to 15 areas that needed immediate attention. This weekend, all three NASCAR national series will be in action at Atlanta, and Clark says he does not anticipate any issues.

“[The track] looks great; ready to go race,” Clark said of the sealed cracks and seams.

Amid criticism from drivers last season, track officials decided to hold off on repaving the aging surface. It had been announced in January 2017 that a repave was scheduled for later in the spring.

Logically, a repave is coming sooner rather than later. However, Clark said such a decision would not be made until another post-race weekend review.

“The strategy is, we’ll go through race weekend, we’ll review things after that [and] see how it goes and make a determination then, is it time to repave this year or put it off yet another year?” he said.