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Carl Edwards has no plans to return to racing

Carl Edwards spoke Wednesday night more than a year after leaving full-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driving, and to the disappointment of many fans, he isn’t planning a return.

“I don’t have any plans to come back,” Edwards told Claire B. Lang on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. “I do miss a lot of people. I stay in touch with a lot of folks and have fun, but I really appreciate the time from Joe Gibbs and everyone else to go do the things I want to do.

“I do miss the fans and there are a couple races I’d like to be a part of, but for the most part I’m having a lot of fun.”

Edwards said he’s overheard one rumor (in person, no less) that he had died, which he obviously assured fans isn’t close to true. As for the popular rumor that he might run for office, well, that has a better chance.

“I really believe in America and that the Constitution is a fair rule that’s letting us have all of our success and our freedom,” Edwards said.” So if sometime there’s a chance for me to help that cause and lend some assistance to not letting us get off track, then heck yes. But there’s nothing planned any time soon.”