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Fans helped Gase choose Darlington throwback scheme to honor his father

On the first of September the NASCAR XFINITY Series & Go Green Racing will make their way to Darlington Raceway. However, you will notice that the teams may look a little different. That’s because every year for the past four years Darlington has played host to NASCAR”s Throwback weekend. Every year teams across the sport choose a popular paint scheme from past decades. This year NASCAR has opened it up to any paint scheme from any decade in honor of their 70th birthday.

With NASCAR opening up their schemes to any decade, Gase wanted to make his scheme extra special. “I want to honor my dad who’s been there every step of the way and helped me get to where I am today. So I want to run one of his paint schemes that he used to run on his cars that he raced back at our local track, Hawkeye Downs Speedway,” said Gase. Last week he turned to his fans to help him decide between two of his fathers old paint schemes, the 2003 Purple & Black Modified or the 1994 Blue & White Late Model.

Gase closed the polls on his social media pages last Thursday at 5:00pm. After tallying up all the votes between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook they had over 500 votes. Later that night he announced that the fans had favored the 2003 Black & Purple Championship Modified scheme over the 1994 Blue & White Late Model. After announcing the winning scheme Gase added, “I couldn’t be happier to be running this scheme. This is the scheme I think of the most when I think of my dads old racing days and I had a lot of fans reaching out to be saying the same.”

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