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Natty Light unveils Chris Buescher’s Las Vegas resume paint scheme

Natural Light is at it again helping recent grads as they enter the real world.

Natty Light unveiled today the NASCAR resume paint scheme – yes, an actual person’s job resume – and wrapped it around Chris Buescher’s #37 car for the South Point 400 race in Vegas on Sunday.

Natty Light gets it – the entry-level job market in 2018 is as competitive as ever, and 44M+ Americans graduate with crippling college debt. What better way to get your resume recognized than slap it on a racecar for a nationally televised NASCAR event.

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Chris Buescher’s Natural Light resume paint scheme will run at the South Point 400 at Las Vegas. M&C Saatchi / JTG Daugherty Racing

The chosen candidate is Briar Starr from Burdick, KS. An aspiring motorsports journalist, his selfie head shot, work experience, skills, phone number and email, all appear on Chris’ #37 car. Briar better be ready for his phone to buzz nonstop with calls, texts and emails from job recruiters.

Briar Starr – “This is the craziest opportunity! I just graduated college and quickly realized how hard it is to land a job right away. I saw Natty Light was going to help someone get noticed, help them get a job, and had to send in my resume. To win something like this, it’s so cool! Especially since I’m a huge racing fan and want to kick off my professional career in NASCAR.”

Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch – “There’s never been more pressure on our drinkers to land a full-time position right after graduation. They immediately face the cut-throat job market and a lot struggle with college debt. We don’t want those first few months in the real world to overshadow their great memories from college. This was the perfect opportunity to give back and help Briar stand out in the stack of resumes.”

— M&C Saatchi —