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NASCAR to eliminate driver adjustable trackbar next season

NASCAR drivers will no longer be able to make in-race trackbar adjustments from their cars in 2019.

The news emerged from a Monday morning appearance on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio by Scott Miller, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition. Miller said that drivers had pushed for the change.

“We’ve had the driver-adjustable trackbar for quite a while now and many of them came to us and said, ‘Hey, look. This really didn’t do what we’d hoped for and we’d rather not have it,’ ” Miller told SiriusXM. “So part of the 2019 rules is that the driver-adjustable, cockpit-adjustable trackbar is no longer in play for 2019.”

The driver-adjustable trackbar was introduced for the 2015 season, allowing drivers to alter their cars’ handling characteristics while on the track. The rules change means that teams will revert to the previous system of making those chassis adjustments during pit stops.