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NASCAR confident of gaining another manufacturer

NASCAR is “confident” that it can add a fourth manufacturer to the Cup field sometime after 2020, and has not ruled out finding a fifth.

It last had four manufacturers in 2012, Dodge’s final season before it pulled out of NASCAR.

Rumors of Dodge returning have been ever-present since its exit, although earlier this year a source told the firm was not currently looking to make a comeback.

Other manufacturers, including Nissan, which has a sizable presence in the American automobile market, have been linked to the series.

NASCAR president Steve Phelps said there is a “ton of interest” in the paddock in adding new manufacturers.

“The great news is that the three OEMs that we have – Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota – are all interested in having another one. Maybe even two,” Phelps told NASCAR digital media.

“But the process is long. We won’t see something obviously for 2019, we won’t see something for ’20.

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