Daniel Suarez hopes to be in position to win races next year

Suarez said he and his [Joe Gibbs Racing] team saw little progress from a rocky start in his rookie season and never developed the consistency needed to become a contender for wins.

“I didn’t feel that in two years we improved, I felt worse. By the end of the first year we were much better than a year later. I, as a driver, always looked for the best, and the results were no better. I felt it was time for change,” he said.

Suarez is confident his new Cup ride will provide more opportunities for success.

‘What I can say is we will be in the NASCAR Cup in a good team. We’re working on the last few details, but we’ll be fine. I hope to be in a position to win races next year,” he said.

“I hope I can share everything with the people who follow NASCAR soon. I hope it’s in December, not later than January.”

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