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StarCom Racing purchases charter and locks up Cassill for 2019

StarCom Racing enhances its program in a major way for the 2019 season by purchasing a Charter from RCR Racing, ensuring its commitment to NASCAR and its fans. In another effort to continue its growth in the sport, SCR has signed Landon Cassill as its driver for the 2019 season and is confident that this move will contribute in large part to the success of the team.

During the off season, SCR has found a new 20,000 sq. ft. home for its race shop in Salisbury, NC., where the team has been actively preparing its quality equipment to be ready to hit the track at Daytona. In addition, SCR accelerated its engine program with ECR Engines and will be bringing upgraded horsepower to Cassill’s 00 Chevy each-and-every week.

“We are coming off a successful first year for our new owners and team,” said Derrike Cope, SCR Team Manager. “We certainly endured a great deal of adversity as a start-from-scratch Cup team, learning along the way with positive results for the most part. With a continued commitment from our owners, Mike and Matt Kohler and Bill Woehlemann, we are looking forward to the prospects of being a better race team in 2019. “We are extremely proud and pleased to have acquired the charter from RCR. We are excited to have contracted Landon Cassill for this coming year as I have enjoyed working with him in 2018 and what his experience brings to the race team. We are working hard now preparing for Daytona and cannot wait for the season to start!”

Surrounding yourself with quality personnel is the key to a successful team, SCR has taken a major step in that direction by bringing aboard well-respected and talented crew members for 2019.

“I’m very excited to be back with StarCom Racing for 2019,” said SCR Driver Landon Cassill. “We put in a lot of work at the end of 2018 to make improvements for this coming year, and I think that work will pay off across the board. The team is making big investments in cars and engines to step up our program, and it only motivates me to bring 110% as a driver.”

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