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Arizona Office of Tourism receives money to promote ISM Raceway

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee certified a plan Tuesday that requires the Arizona Office of Tourism to spend $1.5 million a year for 30 years promoting ISM Raceway, Avondale’s one-mile NASCAR race track.

The deal was made in 2016, when then Rep. David Livingston, R-Peoria, pushed HB 2495, which stated that if the raceway spent $100 million on renovations, the Office of Tourism would receive $1.5 million a year to spend on promoting events at the venue from fiscal-year 2022 to fiscal-year 2051.

The raceway, formerly known as Phoenix International Raceway, exceeded the required amount, the renovations totaled $178 million and ranged from new seats to a giant light up Saguaro cactus that looks like a stoplight.

The bill divided lawmakers in 2016, but not along party lines. It passed the house 35-19 with support from 16 Democrats and 19 Republicans. In the Senate, the bill passed 18-11, with 10 Democrats and eight GOP lawmakers in favor of the bill.

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