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Goodyear Fast Facts — Watkins Glen & Eldora

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series — Race No. 22 – Go Bowling at The Glen
NASCAR Xfinity Series – Race No. 20 – Zippo 200
Watkins Glen International (2.454-mile road course) – Watkins Glen, N.Y.
Fast Facts for August 2-4, 2019

Tire: Goodyear Eagle Road Course Radials

Set limits:
Cup: 3 sets for practice, 1 set for qualifying and 5 sets for the race (4 race sets plus 1 set transferred from qualifying or practice);
Xfinity: 6 sets for the event

Tire Code:
D-4926 (same on all four tire positions)

Tire Circumference:
88.23 in. (2,241 mm)

Minimum Recommended Inflation:
Left Front — 26 psi; Right Front — 24 psi;
Left Rear — 21 psi; Right Rear — 21 psi

Storyline – High-speed road course action on course at The Glen: Watkins Glen International is a faster and less technical road course than the NASCAR Cup circuit’s earlier stop at a left-right track in Sonoma, California.  Being repaved before the 2016 NASCAR weekend only added to that phenomenon.  Because of all the sustained speed
on the course, Watkins Glen requires a different tire
set-up, and one that utilizes
a more heat resistant tread compound.  While the compound run at Sonoma is more tractive by comparison, the one run at Watkins Glen is still among the top-third in that area in Goodyear’s 2019 tire lineup.

“Cars carry more sustained speed at Watkins Glen than they do at Sonoma, and that dictates that we bring a different tire with more heat resistant tread compounds,” said Greg Stucker, Goodyear’s director of racing.  “After The Glen was repaved a few years back, the track gained a lot of grip, thus increasing speed and making heat even more of a concern.  Further adding into this weekend is this higher downforce rules package, which will get the cars more ‘in the track.’  We changed the tire slightly from 2018, bringing the same tread compounds as last year, but integrating a minor construction update.“

Notes – New tire for Cup, Xfinity teams at Watkins Glen: Teams in both the NASCAR Cup and Xfinity Series will run the same Goodyear tire code on all four tire positions at Watkins Glen . . . this is a brand new tire, featuring the same tread compounds as 2018 with just a construction update . . . this is the only track at which Cup or Xfinity teams run this particular tire code . . . as on all NASCAR road courses, teams will not run inner liners in their tires at Watkins Glen.

Wet Weather Tires – White-lettered tires on standby: Goodyear will bring its wet weather radials for use at Watkins Glen, should NASCAR decide that conditions warrant . . . Cup teams are allowed up to three sets of “wets” for practice/qualifying and up to three sets for the race, while Xfinity teams are allowed up to four sets for the entire event with a maximum of two sets for the race . . . this tire was last run by NASCAR Xfinity Series teams at Watkins Glen last season . . . one change from last year, the “Goodyear” and “Eagle” lettering on the sidewalls of the wet weather tires is white, not the standard yellow.


NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series — Race No. 15 – Eldora Dirt Derby
Eldora Speedway (0.5-mile oval) – Rossburg, Ohio
Fast Facts for July 31-August 1, 2019

Tire: Goodyear Eagle Dirt Bias Ply

Set limits: 4 sets for the event

Tire Codes:
Left-side — D-3024;
Right-side — D-3026

Tire Circumference:
Left-side — 85.79 in. (2,179 mm);
Right-side — 88.50 in. (2,248 mm)

Minimum Recommended Inflation:
Left Front — 18 psi; Left Rear – 18 psi;
Right Front — 22 psi; Right Rear — 22 psi

Notes – New tread compounds for Trucks at Eldora: This is a new tire set-up for NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series teams at Eldora . . . compared to the 2018 race on the dirt, both this left-side and right-side tire feature a tread compound change to introduce more wear . . . there are three main differences between this tire set-up and the one that Gander Outdoors Truck teams “normally” run on asphalt ovals — (1) these are bias ply tires, not radials, and are more compliant and able to envelope the irregularities of the dirt surface, (2) these tires have a block-style tread pattern with leading edges on the blocks to bite into the dirt surface and grooves to help evacuate the dirt, not a “slick” or smooth tread, and (3) this left-side tire is significantly shorter to create more stagger between the left- and right-side tires . . . teams will not run inner liners in their tires at Eldora.

— Goodyear Racing —