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NASCAR releases 2020 rules updates

Competition officials announced rules changes Tuesday for the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series season, limiting the adjustments to a handful of procedural regulations intended to contain costs for teams.

Officials indicated the rules tweaks should not impact on-track competition, opting to minimize wholesale changes for next season.

Among the new regulations released to teams for 2020:

  • Each car number will be allowed a maximum of 12 certified chassis designated as "active" at any given time. There was previously no limit. Each vehicle number will also be allowed to retain four chassis designated as "inactive," set aside for future use.
  • Organizations will be limited to a total of 150 hours of wind-tunnel testing per year. There was previously no limit.
  • Officials have introduced new at-track roster limits for the 2020 season, reducing the maximum number of "road crew" personnel (engineers, mechanics, crew/car chief, spotters) from 12 to 10 during race weekends.
  • Teams must compete in a minimum of eight events with a full long-block sealed engine and at least eight events with a short-block sealed engine. Previous rules dictated three full long-block seals and 13 short-block sealed engines.

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