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Kyle Busch reiterates he’s done with XFINITY after 100 wins, wants to run more Truck races

Kyle Busch met with the media Friday afternoon at Texas Motor Speedway and was asked about his future XFINITY and Truck Series plans:

Were you serious about retiring from Xfinity when you reach 100 wins?

“Yeah, I’ve said it over and over again. I would be there by now and I would have been out of it by now but apparently NASCAR and the fans love me there so much they keep make limitations on keeping me there. I’ve also said that I’ll get to 100 and then I don’t need to be there. That’s just kind of a number I would like to get to. From there I would just to favors for Joe (Gibbs, team owner). If Joe needs me to go over there, and fill-in or whatever, or if he needs my help to sell some races for someone else to run here or there, I would still help.”

Is it the same for the Trucks?

“No, I’m more frustrated in that being limited than I am with the Xfinity cars. I would love to still be able to run more races with my own team, my own guys and everybody that works at KBM (Kyle Busch Motorsports) for me. Those guys are special to me and have been for a long, long time. I’ve got guys that have been there from the beginning, in fact, and would love to get more races in the trucks.”

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