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Kyle Busch Phoenix post-race interview

Kyle Busch’s second place finish at ISM Raceway on Sunday was enough to lock him into the Championship 4 over Joey Logano.

Enough to put you through to the Championship 4, Kyle, for the fifth straight year.  You led 69 laps early in this race.  How big of a swing did the car and everything else take once you lost that clean air out front?

KYLE BUSCH:  Yeah, little bit, I guess.  Just didn’t quite have enough.  I knew the 11 was the best car in practice.  I knew we were going to be about third to fifth.  We were second.  Guys did a great job, this M&M Camry was good.  Thanks to everybody at JGR, Stanley, Toyota, TRD.  It’s cool to have a chance to go race for a championship.  Just keep coming up short.

Every year it’s taken a win in Miami to win the championship.  How do you go there and do what this team hasn’t been able to do in the last 21 races?

KYLE BUSCH:  Yeah, thanks for the reminder.

Fight as hard as we can, do the best job we can, exactly what we did today.  Today we just weren’t good enough.  Next week we’ll just have to make sure that we are.

Somehow, some way, if it works out, it was meant to be.  If it doesn’t, then it’s not.  Hopefully the sun will come up for another day.

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