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Transcript: Kyle Busch frontstretch interview

In a Playoff season where everybody wondered when Kyle Busch was going to show up, you picked a great day to have a great day.  Kyle Busch, the champion.  Soaking the moment in.  After a summer and fall of questions, does that make this moment even sweeter, Kyle?

KYLE BUSCH:  Yeah, we have a great race team and a great owner, even the best sponsor in sports.  I just can’t say enough, thank everyone enough for this opportunity.

I may be the one that’s able to hoist the trophy or have a championship, but it wouldn’t be possible without Adam Stevens, Coach Joe Gibbs, J.D. Gibbs, Coy Gibbs, the whole family.  M&M’s, of course.  Interstate Batteries, Norm Miller, and Toyota.

This TRD engine was awesome tonight.  It’s been awesome all year.  We had one issue.  But, man, it’s so much fun to work with these guys, this group, everybody that puts it all together for me.

There are always your doubters.  There are always your haters.  You know what, this one’s for Rowdy Nation because you guys are the best.  Thank you so much.

What about winning this one for the Joe Gibbs Racing family and Joe Gibbs, after all he’s been through, especially with the passing of J.D. in January?

KYLE BUSCH:  I know it’s been a difficult time on Melissa and Joe.  To be able to reward them with a championship, I don’t know how much it means to them, but it’s the best I can do.

I know J.D. was looking down on us all year long.  I mean, damn, what a season Joe Gibbs Racing put together.  For as awesome as our group is, everybody back in the shop, how awesome they are at building some really, really special racecars.  We put it on them this time.

This was a different celebration.  You seemed to soak it in a little bit with the fans.  What was that about?

KYLE BUSCH:  Well, the last time I did a burnout first, it messed up the flag and everything.  I wanted to get a good shot with the flag everywhere, make sure everybody could get a good shot of the flag because we’re the 2019 champions.

To answer the bell like this on a stage like this, what kind of statement is that from the 18 team?

KYLE BUSCH:  Everybody always says you never give up.  We’re no different.  We just do what we can do each and every week.

Sometimes we may not be the best, sometimes we may not have the right track position.  Today we had a really good car and I could race around and move around.  That’s what’s so special about Homestead‑Miami Speedway, is the ability to put on a show.

I felt like we did that there racing those guys.  I know it kind of dulled out towards the end.  It was exciting enough from my seat.  It was a lot of fun to cap off such an amazing year.

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