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1998:  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. readies himself for another race in the 1998 NASCAR Busch Series. Junior's success in winning the1998 Busch Series points championship moved him into a part-time NASCAR Nextel Cup ride with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. for 1999 and then a full-season schedule in 2000.  (Photo by ISC Archives/CQ-Roll Call Group via Getty Images)

May 3 – Today in Jayski’s NASCAR history

With NASCAR on a temporary hiatus, news is going to be slow in the coming weeks. To help fill the NASCAR void, we plan on taking you on a daily trip down memory lane spanning the years since the Jayski’s site inception. Using our news archives pages, here’s a look back at what’s happened on this date through the last 23 years in NASCAR:

This day in NASCAR history: May 3

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  • Earnhardt Jr. squashes marriage rumor: #88-Dale Earnhardt Jr. met with members of the media at Talladega Superspeedway and discussed a few things, among them was marriage/weddings. The transcript in part:
    Earnhardt Jr.: "I definitely would have a hard time writing that check (laughter)."
    Earnhardt Jr.: "No of course not. I would not force everybody to go down to Daytona for my wedding. I probably would just have it right there in the back yard, but whatever is easiest. That was funny. I read that and it was a roller coaster of an article. Pretty good."
    Earnhardt Jr.: "I didn’t. So we just skipped the engagement I guess, went right to the wedding."(Team Chevy)(5-3-2014)


  • Furniture Row has talked to Kurt Busch about second team: #78-Furniture Row Racing general manager Joe Garone confirmed today that talks have taken place between the team and driver Kurt Busch, but said those conversations are not a result of dissatisfaction with the team’s current driver, Regan Smith. "I have talked to Kurt Busch," said Garone, "but it was about a team we don’t even have yet. We are working diligently on getting a second (Sprint Cup) car for next year, and I’m trying to get my hands around some of the guys that will be available going onto 2013. I wanted to make an introduction to Kurt, and just let him know what our plans are for the future." Garone said he believes Smith and Busch would make good teammates, saying, "Kurt and Regan have worked well together on the superspeedways in the past. They have drafted well together and talked well back and forth. Adding a second team would be a major boost for Furniture Row Racing, and we’re all working hard to try and make that happen."(Godfather Motorsports)(5-3-2012)


  • Labonte supposedly agrees to contract extension with Petty’s:Bobby Labonte has reached an agreement to remain in the #43 car at Petty Enterprises after this season, sources told ESPN.com on Saturday. Labonte has been widely speculated as a candidate to drive the fourth car at Richard Childress Racing, but Petty officials have remained adamant that he will spend the rest of his career with the organization and that he is determined to be the 2008 43petty50th Nosedriver that puts the 43 back into Victory lane. David Hovis, a spokesman for Petty Enterprises, said the team had nothing to announce Saturday about Labonte’s future. "We still remain 100% convinced that Bobby will be with Petty Enterprises next season," Hovis said. Sources said Labonte’s new deal will be announced as soon as details concerning a new sponsor are worked out. General Mills, Labonte’s current sponsor, will be on the fourth car at RCR next season.
    Robbie Loomis, the vice president for racing operations at Petty, has been the most outspoken on Labonte’s commitment to Petty Enterprises. He remained that way on Saturday. "As far as I know Bobby Labonte will be with us for a long time," he said before the Sprint Cup race at Richmond International Raceway. "I feel confident where we’re at with Petty Enterprises and with Bobby. In due time Petty Enterprises will have a lot of announcements coming forward." One is that a Petty has finalized a deal with New York-based Medallion Financial as a business partner. Loomis said that could come within the next month to six weeks. The other concerns Labonte’s new sponsor. General Mills, Labonte’s current sponsor, will be on the fourth car at RCR next season. Loomis said negotiations for a new sponsor are going well, noting Labonte’s "brand is clean like the Petty’s."(ESPN.com), one rumored sponsor for the #43 team has been Caterpillar, whose deal with Bill Davis Racing and the #22 Toyota runs out at the end of 2008.(5-3-2008)
  • Edwards re-signs with Roush UPDATE 2: Carl Edwards, driver of the #99 Ford for Roush Fenway Racing has signed a multi-year stay with the team on Thursday. His old contract was thru the end of 2008.(PRN’s Garage Pass)
    UPDATE: Carl Edwards said Friday he signed a multiple-year contract extension to continue driving the #99 Ford, a decision that takes NASCAR’s most sought-after free agent off the market. "I’m staying with Roush," Edwards said. "I looked at everything and I talked to everybody and, for me, the number one thing is looking into the future and saying, ‘Where can I win the most races and have the most success?’ I just feel like for me, personally, this is 2008 99aflac Atlantawhere I want to be for the near future." He negotiated the contract himself with Geoff Smith, president of Roush. "It took us about a week and a half of going back and forth with just little things and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world for the contract I got," he said. "If I was dealing with someone that I didn’t trust or that I felt like I couldn’t just kind of air everything out with, then I’d probably have to have an agent, but dealing with Geoff from day one has been very easy at Roush for me, so it was really pretty simple. Besides, I feel like I know what I need more than anyone else. I know what I want to make me happy and this is cool." It’s not clear if sponsor Office Depot will remain on the car. A spokeswoman for the company said only they are continuing their negotiations with Roush.(ESPN.com/AP)(5-2-2008)
    UPDATE 2: Roush said he was battling two rival car owners for Edwards’ services. One of the men in the running for Edwards was apparently Chevy kingpin Rick Hendrick. The other was apparently Joe Gibbs, with backer Toyota; Joe and J. D. Gibbs and Toyota executives may well be resigned to the distinct possibility that Tony Stewart could be leaving their team at the end of this season and thus made a quick – and high-priced – run at Edwards to fill that seat. Whether that means the Gibbs and Toyota will play hardball to keep Stewart or will look for another championship-caliber driver is unclear.(Winston Salem Journal)(5-3-2008)
    UPDATE 3: On Friday Edwards announced that he had renewed his contract with Roush Fenway Racing, keeping him behind the wheel of the # 99 Ford for an additional three years.(Athlon Sports)
    AND on the Fox pre-race show, Chris Meyers said Edwards salary would be $6 million a year.(5-3-2008)

2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Schemes


  • Wimmer suing Davis: Scott Wimmer filed a lawsuit earlier this week against Bill Davis Racing, claiming he is owed $1.2 million in salary for the 2006 season because the team did not follow the procedure in the contract to fire him. In the suit filed Monday in North Carolina Superior Court in Greensboro, N.C., Wimmer alleges BDR did not tell him until Oct. 24, 2005, that he would not be the driver in 2006. He claims that violated a clause in the contract which states that if the driver is not in the top 25 in the standings by Sept, 1, "team shall have the right to issue a written notice that driver is being placed on a 30-day notice stating that performance level must be improved to the satisfaction of sponsor and team by September 30th of current year or team may issued [sic] a written notice of termination of driver agreement at the end of current Nextel Cup season." Wimmer claims he received no written notice, that the team told the media around Oct. 8 that he would return in 2006 but then sent him a termination letter Oct. 24. According to the lawsuit, Wimmer was being paid $600,000 for the 2004 season, $900,000 for 2005 and $1.2 million for 2006. He also received 45% of prize money as well as 33.3 percent of royalties from team merchandise. Wimmer drove in Nextel Cup for Morgan-McClure Motorsports for much of the 2006 season. He is driving for Richard Childress Racing in select Busch and Nextel Cup Series events this year.(SceneDaily.com)(5-3-2007)


  • Jarrett/Toyota offer..$20 million? UPDATE done deal? Toyota – The Japanese automaker has pumped in tens of millions of dollars into its teams to launch a Nextel Cup program in 2007. Car owner Michael Waltrip is rumored to be dangling a two-year, $20 million contract in front of Dale Jarrett to get him into a Toyota.(Speed Channel)
    UPDATE: #99-Dale Jarrett, the 1999 NASCAR Cup champion, is expected to help head up the company’s [Toyota] 2007 entry into the series, agreeing to join Michael Waltrip Racing next season. Several sources have confirmed that Jarrett, 49, informed Robert Yates Racing officials of his decision April 26. UPS, the primary sponsor of the No. 88 Ford, is also in the final year of its contract with the team. And sources have indicated that the overnight delivery service provider would like to remain with RYR, provided the team can sign a competitive driver rather than someone just embarking on a Cup career. If the latter is the case, it’s likely that UPS will make the move with Jarrett to Waltrip’s organization. RYR typically attempts to sign sponsors for the length of its drivers’ contracts. Because of that, those sponsors have some leverage in driver selection. Possible driver candidates that have been mentioned in the Toyota mix have included Richard Childress Racing’s Kevin Harvick and owner/driver Robby Gordon. However, car owner Richard Childress said April 29 that he is close to signing Harvick to an extension. Gordon, who has fielded his own team since 2005, has an existing relationship with Red Bull through his off-road racing efforts.(in part from SceneDaily.com)(5-3-2006)
  • 2006 Pepsi400 29Harvick/Childress close to a deal UPDATE: Richard Childress and #29-Kevin Harvick are close to a deal that would keep the driver with Richard Childress Racing well beyond the 2006 season. "I think (a deal) is real likely," Childress said Friday at Talladega Superspeedway. "We hope to get it done in the next couple of weeks." Harvick, in the final year of his contract with RCR, was considered a major target for Toyota, which is entering NASCAR’s Nextel Cup series in 2007, especially after he voiced concerns late last season that his current team was not capable of winning a championship. Childress said he met with Harvick earlier this week and got most of the deal worked out.(Associated Press)(4-29-2006)
    UPDATE: look for an announcement soon that Harvick has signed to stay with RCR thru 2009.(also see more at NASCAR.com(4-30-2006)
    UPDATE 2: announcement could come as soon as Friday as RCR has a press conference scheduled at Richmond.
    AND As Kevin Harvick and car owner Richard Childress continue their contract talks, teammate Jeff Burton hopes Harvick will stay at RCR. "I want Kevin to stay. Kevin is valuable to our effort. Obviously his talent speaks for itself. Kevin to me has proven to be a good teammate and I don’t want Kevin to go anywhere." Burton says he hasn’t been the middle of the discussions because "It’s about what they want to do, it has nothing to do with what I want to do. I think Kevin’s only hang up is…can we do as a company what we need to do to be successful and to compete for championships. It’s nothing personal, it’s all just about performance. Kevin is talented enough and good enough he deserves to have a chance at the very best equipment he can get his hands on because if he has it he can be highly successful. I can speak from experience…he won’t go somewhere else and see a whole lot more than what he can see right here."(PRN’s Garage Pas Radio Show)(5-3-2006)

2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup Schemes


  • What Red Flag? Fans using scanners have access to transmissions between producers and TV/radio announcers, which means that many of them heard Fox’s announcers instructed not to make any on-air reference to the fact that a red flag immediately came out after the 25-car crash. The information eventually came out – the race was halted for 43 minutes, 21 seconds – but why deprive television viewers of valuable information? Was it some cheap ploy to keep viewers from changing channels?(Gaston Gazette), wondered that myself, the same thing happened at Phoenix when the red flag was out for over 6 minutes when power was out, I heard about it on the radio coverage, it was mentioned in passing on TV.(5-3-2005)


  • Sadler out of the #21? UPDATE 4 staying thru 2002: ESPN2’s RPM 2 Night reports that Elliott Sadler has asked for his release from the #21 Wood Brothers team. Sadler supposedly is looking at an opportunity with Dale Earnhardt Inc (#15? – no idea). The Wood Brothers have not granted his release yet.(4-30-2002)
    UPDATE: Word around some shops [and from ESPN] is that Elliott Sadler has asked for a release from his contract from the #21 Motorcraft Wood Brothers Ford. Sadler has supposedly been approached by several teams and wants out of the contract he has had with the team since 1999 to explore those options. One of the teams rumored to be interested in Sadler is Dale Earnhardt Inc., the home of Dale Earnhardt Jr, Steve Park and Michael Waltrip. Kenny Wallace, who filled in for the Park after his Darlington injuries last September, is still under contract to DEI as well.(NASCAR.com Buzz)(5-1-2002)
    2002 21usairforce SideUPDATE 2: Elliott Sadler confirmed Wednesday afternoon that he has asked Wood Brothers Racing for a release from his contract, starting at the end of the 2002 season, so that he might begin pursuing other options for 2003. Sadler was adamant about the falsity of reports that he asked for an immediate release, and said that, barring extenuating circumstances, he’ll be in the #21 Motorcraft Ford for the remainder of the year. "The only official thing right now is that, Sunday night, I did ask for my release from the Wood Brothers so that I can pursue other options for the 2003 season," Sadler said. "All that other stuff about (Dale Earnhardt, Inc.) or anyone else is way too premature at this point." Wood Brothers Racing declined comment. Ty Norris, DEI executive vice president, seconded Sadler’s statement. He also suggested that May will be a pivotal month in DEI’s future. "There’s nothing really to say at this point," Norris said. "We have talked to Elliott and we have talked to other drivers as well – including our own. We will make a lot of decisions about the face of DEI’s future by the end of May."(NASCAR.com)(5-1-2002)
    UPDATE 3: Thursday’s ESPN2’s RPM 2 Night reported that Sadler has sponsor’s worth $11 million to bring to a team and has talked to DEI about taking the sponsor there.(5-3-2002)
    UPDATE 4: Wood Brothers Racing made clear Friday no matter what the future holds with driver Elliott Sadler, it is expected he will remain as the team’s driver at least through the end of the 2002 season. Sadler confirmed Thursday that he has asked to be released from his contract to explore driving opportunities with other teams. He said he and his team lacked the "chemistry" to build a successful program. Eddie and Len Wood, co-owners of the Wood Brothers Racing team, issued a statement Friday morning in which they acknowledged that Sadler had asked for a release from his contract, but said Sadler would remain as the team’s driver for the rest of the 2002 season. "It was rumored that he was being released or wanted the release immediately. Both of these statements are false," the statement said. "As far as the issue of the release is concerned, we are working toward a solution that will satisfy both Elliott Sadler and Wood Brothers Racing." Eddie Wood said later that Sadler’s request caught the team by surprise. "Every day you come to the race track, it’s a new surprise," he said. "It just happens to be my week. Next week, it will be somebody else’s turn." Wood said Sadler’s contract runs through the 2005 season. "We’re going to try to work this thing out and if it works out (with Sadler leaving), then we got to figure who is going to be our next guy and we haven’t started yet," Wood said.(ThatsRacin.com)(5-3-2002)

2002 NASCAR Winston Cup Schemes


  • Valvoline/Roush: Valvoline, the Lexington, KY motor oil company, which reportedly pays $8 million a year to be the lead sponsor on the #6 Jack Roush owned Ford, is in contract negotiations with Roush Racing, the company behind driver Mark Martin’s Winston Cup car. The price tag for lead sponsors on a Top 10 Winston Cup car is said to run $8 million to $11 million annually. Though the cost is high, NASCAR observers say Valvoline can’t afford to put the brakes on now. The company has sponsored the car for 11 years, eight as lead sponsor and this year Martin is positioned to win his first Winston Cup title. Valvoline and Roush won’t comment on their talks, which have been in progress since December. Both have said they want to renew their three-year contract, which expires this year, for three to five more years, see full story at the Herald-Leader. Rumor Alert: if Valvoline leaves, Ford(Quality Care) or UPS could end up being the #6 sponsor as mentioned in past stories here and elsewhere(5-3-2000)


  • 1998:  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. readies himself for another race in the 1998 NASCAR Busch Series. Junior’s success in winning the1998 Busch Series points championship moved him into a part-time NASCAR Nextel Cup ride with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. for 1999 and then a full-season schedule in 2000.  (Photo by ISC Archives/CQ-Roll Call Group via Getty Images)Dale Earnhardt Jr. is suddenly one of the hottest drivers in the Winston Cup garage, and he’s not even in a Cup car yet. If this wild child with a bent for alternative music and fast stock cars wanted a major-league ride, he could have one here this afternoon, in half-dozen cars. He is hot. "But we have no plans to run him in Winston Cup this year," said Ty Norris, manager for Earnhardt Sr.’s race team. "Our biggest concern right now is to get this team back in shape for Steve Park when he returns. It would be premature for us as a team to field anything for Dale Jr., whether Dale Jr. is ready or not, or whether Tony Eury and the guys building his Busch cars are ready to go Cup or not.(JournalNow)(5-3-98)


  • Speednet Rumors has quite a few rumors today: 1) They mention that Robby Gordon may not return to the WC and the #40 Coors Light Chevy. Wally Dallenbach would then replace Gordon in the #40, if Coors agrees to that arrangement but no mention of what happens to the #46 ride. 2) Ernie Irvan will not be back in the #28 next season. He will remain for the remainder of the season unless Yates finds a new driver soon and a deal can be worked out to swap drivers before the end of the season. Candidates mentioned in the story: Sterling Marlin and Bobby Hamilton with Bobby Labonte ruled out of the rumors. 3) Marlin is also a candidate for Dale Earnhardt’s new team(along with my rumor of Ernie Irvan), but sources close to Earnhardt say he wants to put Steve Park(now this makes sense to me) in the car. REMEMBER these are just rumors!(5-3-97)

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