Rick Ware Racing and SS Green Light align for the remainder of the XFINITY Season

Rick Ware Racing (RWR) has formed an alliance with NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS) team, SS Green Light, for the remainder of the 2020 NXS season. RWR recently announced the purchase of Premium Motorsports, one of the NASCAR Cup Series teams, as well as moving shops to the Mooresville, North Carolina area.

“I am excited to be able to offer opportunities to drivers across all platforms in motorsports,” commented team owner, Rick Ware. “Towards the end of last year, I considered starting our Xfinity team up again, however the opportunity to expand in the Cup Series presented itself. We have several drivers that have brought sponsors looking for exposure in both the NCS, as well as the NXS, which left a void to accommodate just that.”

In 2020, RWR competed in the Asian Le Mans Series, an international sports car series, where the team collected a World Championship in February. Through the success on the international circuit, RWR was gained traction with drivers across the world to compete within NASCAR.

RWR will offer turnkey programs for drivers that are trying to accommodate sponsor requests in both the NXS and NCS. In addition, the team is working with drivers in other national motorsports organizations, like Indy Car, who are looking to make a debut in NASCAR, but need approval at tracks on the circuit.

“I have been given two great opportunities this year, that I knew we had to take advantage of as a growing team. We’ve been able to grow sponsorships, as well as bring in new drivers to RWR, due to the expanding growth of the team. While we are still a small team in the NASCAR Cup Series, we are able to offer unique marketing programs for partners to grow and succeed in our sport,” said Ware.

Garrett Smithley, one of RWR’s NASCAR Cup Series drivers, is a driver whose sponsor was looking for the value added exposure in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. This week, he will be competing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway, in the No. 07  SS Green Light Chevrolet, as well as the No. 53 Rick Ware Racing Chevrolet. Smithley will have DreamGiveaways.com on board for both races.

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