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Red Rock Secured sponsoring Joey Gase at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Red Rock Secured was slated to be sponsoring their next NASCAR race on July 15th debuting a white, black, and soft red-orange trim scheme at the Last Great Colosseum of Bristol Motor Speedway BUT when Red Rock Secured CEO Sean Kelly saw that Joey and the team were also looking for a sponsor for the prestigious Brickyard 400 he jumped on the opportunity! Now Red Rock Secured will be on both Gase’s Brickyard 400 car and All Star car! The privately held company based in Southern California protects their clientele’s retirement through education, offering premium and secure products. Most people are worried about losing money in their retirement accounts. At Red Rock Secured they convert that money into physical gold & silver so they can enjoy a worry-free retirement.

Joey Gase on joining Red Rock Secured for the Brickyard 400 and All Star race:

"I’m very excited to be able to represent Red Rock Secured for not only the first-ever All-Star race weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway but also at the Brickyard! Indianapolis will always be a very special place to me. It’s the very first Cup race I attended as a fan and would come to the 400 year after year with my grandparents and I can remember exactly where we used to sit," said Gase. "Red Rock Secured helps make sure your retirement is protected with your choice of precious metals. I take pride in going beyond just having a logo on the car. All of my sponsors continue to grow with us each year," said the driver of the No. 51 car.

Red Rock Secured CEO, Sean Kelly, on joining Rick Ware Racing and NASCAR:

As a first time partner of a NASCAR team, naturally Sean Kelly and Red Rock Secured are extremely excited for the opportunity. "All I can say is we’re really excited to be joining NASCAR, especially Joey Gase and the whole car No. 51 team!" said Kelly. "It’s really a dream come true and it’s an honor to be part of their team. We believe their core values align perfectly with our Red Rock Secured family. In fact, it’s inspired us so much that we’ve decided the next ten Joey [Gase] fans that call us and protect their retirement accounts with us will receive a free 1 OZ pure gold American Eagle."

About Red Rock Secured:

CEO, Sean Kelly and his team pride themselves in creating confidence for its clients. Red Rock Secured knows that in order to do so, they must protect their client’s retirement savings.

During the Great Recession of 2008, Red Rock Secured saw too many Americans lose too much. That is why for over a decade they have worked with their clients to protect their retirement savings by investing in gold and silver.

For more about Red Rock Secured: www.redrocksecured.

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