NASCAR considering ban on political sponsorships

Count NASCAR as one sports governing body that seems uncomfortable with its sport being thrust into the political spotlight. After the sport was embroiled in controversy by the recent Bubba Wallace fracas, cars have been increasingly displaying political messages and slogans.

In recent weeks, cars have been painted with slogans including “Black Lives Matter,” “Back the Blue,” and even “Trump 2020.” Although cars have in the past infrequently had political decals and stickers on them (one driver actually received an FEC admonishment for sporting a Bush/Cheney sticker on his car in 2004), the recent increasing profusion political messages on cars has NASCAR officials reportedly engaging in the “early stages” of a discussion about banning political slogans and sponsorships outright on cars.

According to the report, the ban would encompass both messages like “Black Lives Matter” (which was added by Bubba Wallace’s team to his car when it did not have a primary sponsor for a race) and “Trump 2020,” which was purchased by a pro-Trump PAC as part of a nine-race sponsorship package for Corey LaJoie’s car.

The Blaze