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Spencer Davis tests positive for COVID19; will miss Michigan Truck race: UPDATE: cleared for Daytona

Spencer Davis clarified his team’s plan for Daytona and can now successfully follow it through after being cleared by NASCAR to return to competition.

"Pending the second mandated test to get cleared yes. So far recovery has went well and first test is complete. We’re running fluidly even with missing a race," Davis explained on Monday in a social media post. Two days later, he has been medically cleared to race this week on the Daytona road course.

"The process works," Davis Tweeted Wednesday after getting cleared to return to Truck competition. "Gotta thank the medical team at NASCAR for the guidance along the way in taking the proper steps during my quarantine."

Original post: Truck Series driver Spencer Davis has tested positive for COVID19. The team has withdrawn from competition for Friday’s race at Michigan International Speedway.

"This week I had to go take tests and one positive test result is keeping us from racing Michigan. I support the protocols in place by the CDC and NASCAR, and plan on taking the correct steps to come back to the track," Davis said on Twitter.