Brandon Jones says he would be happy to stay in XFINITY next season

Michael Massie, Frontstretch: You’ve got three wins across two NASCAR national series this year. Do you think you’ve proven you have what it takes to compete in the Cup Series?

Brandon Jones: I don’t know yet, man. I think you’ve got to win a bunch in this series to get to that next level. Because when you make the switch, it’s going to be very, very tough. I think that it’s going to be a very humbling experience going from Xfinity to Cup.

I don’t know if I would be ready 100% to make that call. But hopefully, I can get the chance to continue to run in Xfinity for a few more years, and at that point, make an assessment. And if we’re a threat every week to win these races, then you eventually say, yeah, you’re probably ready to move to that next level.

Massie: So next year you say you’re more than happy to stay in Xfinity?

Jones: Yeah, for sure. It could change pretty quick. This year, you could win a bunch of races and win the championship, then you think probably differently. But right now, I’m thinking continue just to win these races and keep getting used to these tracks and keep getting aggressive in the spots you need to. That way, you’re more prepared when you get there.