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Kyle Larson interested in NASCAR return, Tony Stewart comments

UPDATE 2: “I was just ignorant. And immature. I didn’t understand the negativity and hurt that comes with that word,” Larson told The Associated Press. “That’s not a word that I had ever used. I grew up in Northern California, all I ever did was race and that’s all I was focused on. There’s probably a lot of real-life experiences I didn’t get to have and I was just ignorant to how hurtful that word is.”

Larson sat down with the AP at an Indianapolis hotel Wednesday for his first interview since he was fired April 15 by Chip Ganassi Racing after every sponsor cut ties. He had also been suspended by NASCAR and needed to complete a sensitivity training course for reinstatement.

Larson doesn’t know if a team or sponsors will be willing to give him a second chance. He returned to his home in North Carolina and has met NASCAR’s requirements for reinstatement.

“I made a mistake and I’m paying for it and I accept that,” Larson said. “NASCAR is where I always wanted to be and I do believe I proved I can compete at the Cup level. I’d like to get back there and we’ll see if there’s a way. All I can do is continue to improve myself and let my actions show who I truly am.”

— Associated Press —


ORIGINAL POST: Tony Stewart was a guest Wednesday on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio with hosts Danielle Trotta and Larry McReynolds. Stewart talked about Kyle Larson, who is currently suspended from NASCAR, saying in part that “It’s time to get Kyle back in the sport. I think he’s paid his dues.”