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Due to positive COVID tests, William Byron’s pit crew did not work Texas race, will sit out Martinsville

Due to multiple positive COVID-19 tests, the No. 24 team’s full over-the-wall pit crew did not compete Wednesday at Texas Motor Speedway and will not compete Sunday at Martinsville Speedway.  The status of other team personnel has not been affected. The No. 47 pit crew, which is staffed by Hendrick Motorsports, is serving as the No. 24 team’s interim pit crew.  Hendrick Motorsports has implemented detailed procedures to protect the health of our team members and follows recommendations from the CDC, OSHA and NCDHHS regarding the handling of positive COVIS-19 tests.

— Hendrick Motorsports —

For this week’s list of crew members on all teams, see the Martinsville Crew Rosters page (pdf).