Denny Hamlin Phoenix post-race TV interview transcripts


It wasn’t quite the race for Denny Hamlin to cap off an incredible season.  Denny, it seemed like you never had the handling you needed in that car.  What were you dealing with there behind the wheel?

DENNY HAMLIN:  Yeah, we were a little off handling.  But I think just overall car speed, I think we just didn’t have quite enough.  Our next best teammate was check 10th.

As an organization we’ve got to get a little bit better, especially on the short tracks.  It just seemed like we were a little bit off all year, and that was all I had, that’s for sure.  I was pushing for everything I had, just the FedEx Camry didn’t have quite enough today, and we ended up fourth.

How will you reflect on that 2020 season?  Seven wins is nothing to hang your head about?

DENNY HAMLIN:  No, no one has won more than we have over the last two years, so Daytona 500 two years in a row, Final 4 two years in a row.  Pretty proud what this team is doing and what we’re building towards.  Proud of the effort.

We’ll come back and do it again next year.  Looking forward to it.  We’ll win as many races as we possibly can to get ourselves back in Phoenix again and with another shot.  But proud of this whole Joe Gibbs FedEx team for giving me cars that are capable of winning every week.