Joey Logano & Brad Keselowski Phoenix post-race TV interview transcripts

On‑track Interview With: JOEY LOGANO & BRAD KESELOWSKI

Two drivers that really gave Chase Elliott a fight for the championship were Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski.  Joey, you were leading there late and Chase was able to get by you.  What more did you need to hold him off?

JOEY LOGANO:  Man, just didn’t have the speed at the right time.  Our Shell‑Pennzoil Mustang was really fast and no one really did anything wrong.  Our pit crew was on it.  Our strategy got us out front there at the end.

The 9 seemed like he really lit off pretty good there.  That last run was able to go really fast.  And got another vibration towards the end of the run and lost the turn.  Still a little free.

Yeah, we were close, and you know, everyone executed and did their job, and that’s what we should be most proud of.  And also how far we’ve come from the beginning of the season until now as a team.  A lot to be proud of.

It stings not winning, I’m not going to lie, it hurts, but at the same time we’re stronger because we went through it.

Brad Keselowski, you were really fast on the long runs, even passed your teammate Joey there late.  Did you just need to be closer to get to Chase Elliott?

BRAD KESELOWSKI:  Yeah, I would have liked to have had one of those late race yellows like we saw in the Truck and Xfinity race.  I thought we were pretty good there, just didn’t have the track position to make it show.

I thought we had a shot at the end of the second stage and just couldn’t keep it up in spot to keep it where we could have a lead.

Really proud of the speed we had.  Just a solid day and just wish we had one more spot.

What does this mean for the strength of Team Penske?

BRAD KESELOWSKI:  I think it was one of those scenarios where everybody got better.  You look last year, we didn’t have either of the cars in the top four here, except we were at Homestead last year but in the final race.

Now we had two cars in it.  I think you look at Ryan Blaney had one of his best years ever.  It was interesting how that worked out.  I think all three got better, and for us with the Discount Tire Ford, we had a great season.

Joey, you came in here with a lot of confidence, came so close.  What will you take from this year to move on and go fight for another championship?

JOEY LOGANO:  It’s a new year.  It’s a new driver‑crew chief pairing with the team, going through with the COVID protocols re and not being able to be around each other and not having practice and may be the most challenging piece.  Like I said, to see where we’ve come from, there’s a lot to be proud of.

So we’ve got to look at the positives.  I’m always a silver linings person.  It’s hard to do right now, but I will say we’ve grown a lot, and it makes me really excited for 2021.

You don’t lose in these situations.  You either win or get stronger, and unfortunately we are the stronger ones today and we’ll get stronger, but we’ll be better for next year.