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Drivers by the numbers

Diandra Leslie-Pelecky at Building Speed has once again taken a dive into at how individual drivers fared in 2020 in various areas.

Some notes of interest:


Last year, you might remember, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was the most accident-prone driver, racking up a total of 19 accidents and two spins.

What about this year?

  • In 2020, RSJ is only 6th on the list with 11 accidents and one spin. So he’s down in ranking, as well as in absolute numbers. Bravo!
  • John Hunter Nemechek holds the record for most accident-prone driver this year with 15 accidents and four spins.

Free passes:

Of our 36 mostly full-time drivers, the only driver who did NOT get a free pass this year was William Byron in the 24 car.

Laps Run:

Each driver had the opportunity to run 9,914 laps in 2020.

No one ran all of them, but a couple drivers came pretty darn close.

  • Kevin Harvick ran 9,911 laps, which is 99.97% of all the laps possible.
  • Right behind him is Denny Hamlin, with 9,891 laps (99.8%)


Thirty-one of the 36 mostly full-time drivers got at least one top 10 finish. The graph below shows the numbers of wins, top fives and top 10 finishes for each of those drivers

  • 13 different drivers won races in 2020. That’s the same as last year, and one more than the year before. With the exception of 2017, when we had 15 distinct winners, most years since 2014 have been around 12-13.
  • Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin led the way in wins with 9 and 7 respectively.
    • Together, Harvick and Hamlin account for 44.4% of all wins this year
    • Elliott was third with 5 wins. The top three account for 60% of all wins this year.

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