Commercial breakdown: 2021 Toyota Owners 400

Smack dab in the middle of the 60s, songwriter Bob Lind wrote a song, “Elusive Butterfly.”  In it, he likened chasing after love like someone chasing butterflies with a net.  He has been quoted as saying that you feel the most alive when you are chasing after something you dearly want.  Following Sunday’s Cup race in Richmond, Denny Hamlin must feel very alive, for all the chasing that he did for the victory that eluded him.  One thing that did not elude the viewers of the broadcast were the commercials.  For those who like to know precisely how many there were, and how much time they took during the broadcast, here is this week’s breakdown.

Race and Commercial Breakdown of the 2021 Toyota Owners 400


Start time to record race/commercial periods: 3:00 PM

End time to record race/commercial periods:  6:23 PM

Total minutes of complete race broadcast:  203

Minutes of race broadcast:  157

Minutes of traditional commercials:  46

Minutes of side-by-side commercials:  9


Total number of commercials:  133

Total number of companies or entities advertised:  55

Total number of traditional commercials (not split-screen):  107

Total number of companies or entities advertised:  50

Total number of ‘Side-by-Side’ commercials during the broadcast (split-screen):  26

Total number of companies or entities advertised:  18

Number of times Fox utilized ‘Side-by-Side’ commercials during the broadcast:  4

Companies seen the most in commercials during this broadcast:  Toyota (8 times); Xfinity (8 times); Wendy’s (8 times); Geico (7 times); Coca-Cola (6 times); Ram Trucks (5 times)


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