Tommy Joe Martins Charlotte Paint Scheme
Tommy Joe Martins will be sponsored by SuperMega at Charlotte on Memorial Day Weekend. (Image from Martins Motorsports)

Martins Motorsports Teams Up with YouTube Comedy Duo SuperMega at Charlotte

Martins Motorsports has announced a partnership with SuperMega, the YouTube sketch-comedy and videogame Let’s Play duo based out of Los Angeles, CA, for the upcoming NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. SuperMega will serve as the primary sponsor of the #44 Chevrolet Camaro throughout Memorial Day weekend’s on-track activities with a special, creative new paint scheme that aims to capture the aesthetic of SuperMega’s inventive branding.

This never-before-seen partnership comes with great enthusiasm from driver and team General Manager Tommy Joe Martins: “This whole deal is super cool. It’s something incredibly different to anything we have really seen before in the world of NASCAR sponsorship”. Martins continued, “Matt and Ryan have produced a lot of hilarious stuff over the years, so for them to see our small team as a fun and fitting place to expand their brand and reach a new audience really says a lot about the kind of people they are. We’re going to have a lot of fun next weekend.”

NASCAR’s new personnel guidelines amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have helped reopen a lot of doors for sponsor partnerships in the sport, especially for the smaller, family-owned teams like Martins Motorsports. Partners, like SuperMega, gain a much larger return through their investments by being able to attend race weekends in-person. Especially in SuperMega’s case as it creates an opportunity for their group to make in-person content revolving around NASCAR racing, which helps get fresh new eyes on not only their content, but NASCAR as a whole.

Matt Watson and Ryan MaGee, SuperMega Co-Founders simply said, “Cars are cool.” They continued, “It is absolutely epic to be able to sponsor an actual car in NASCAR. Our dreams of making this happen have finally been made and it’s an honor to have our name in a NASCAR event.” They concluded their statement in an excited tone, exclaiming “Eat our dust! Vroom vroom!”

The partnership deal also would not have been possible without the efforts from SuperMega’s social media manager Jackson Tucker, who in his own statements said, “I’ve been getting into NASCAR more and more over the past year or so, and the idea of making something like this happen for SuperMega seemed like it might not actually be attainable. So we’re honestly lucky to have found an avenue to not only make it a reality, but by doing so with a team full of people who sort of match the kind of energy we put out there.”

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