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Camping World will sponsor Daniel Suarez in multiple races. Image from Trackhouse Racing.

Justin Marks says Trackhouse would like to expand in 2022

Trackhouse co-owner Justin Marks told SiriusXM on Wednesday that the team is looking at their options for expanding to a two-car team as early as next year.

Talking to Dave Moody, he said, “To start working on the long term success and long term viability of Trackhouse, we have to think about scale. We are actively involved, right now, in finding opportunities for expansion in 2022.  A two car team in 2022 is very much in the picture and something we are working hard on right now. We are starting to communicate with other drivers in the sport and other stakeholders in the sport to see what the landscape looks like and to start building a plan around that.

Kurt Busch confirmed Wednesday that he has been contacted by Trackhouse.