Kaulig Racing Celsius
Celsius has been named the official drink of Kaulig Racing. (Image from Kaulig Racing)

Celsius Named Official Drink of Kaulig Racing

Kaulig Racing has teamed up with globally-recognized fitness energy drink, Celsius, as the team’s official drink in a multi-year agreement.

Celsius is a better-for-you alternative to traditional energy drinks with clinically proven function and provides essential energy with zero sugar and is made with premium ingredients to live fit. Celsius has been a partner of Kaulig Racing since the team’s inception in 2016. Consumed by athletes all over the world, Celsius contains seven essential vitamins providing a sustained energy source for everyone’s fitness goals.

“We are honored to partner with the Kaulig Racing family,” said John Fieldly, chief executive officer of Celsius Holdings. “Celsius is a fitness drink that drives performance for the new generation of athletes and is the perfect partner for Kaulig Racing. Celsius was created to help people LIVE FIT, exceed their goals, and elevate their everyday lives. We are excited to further expand our partnership and fuel Kaulig Racing to peak performance.”

Loved by Kaulig Racing and its drivers, Celsius’ clinically-proven formula provides the energy needed to improve body composition and help prepare them for the conditions inside the racecar each week with its advanced, thermogenic properties.

“Each one of our drivers are extremely disciplined athletes,” said Chris Rice, president of Kaulig Racing. “They all have workout routines that physically and mentally prepare them to drive hundreds of miles in any particular race, and Celsius helps them prepare for that. Celsius has been a partner of ours since the beginning of Kaulig Racing, and we’re extremely excited to continue the relationship in an even greater capacity.”

Whether it’s in the shop, the pit, or on the road, Celsius provides Kaulig Racing team members with the essential energy to go the extra mile. Kaulig Racing’s extended partnership with Celsius will begin at Road America for the July 4th weekend events.

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