Fr8 Auctions and Michael McDowell Celebrate with Camp Braveheart

It will be a busy week and welcomed week for Daytona 500 Champion, Michael McDowell and partner Fr8 Auctions. McDowell and Fr8 Auctions will celebrate their Daytona 500 win together on Friday at the auction’s house headquarters, but first, McDowell will make a special appearance to Camp Braveheart on Thursday evening.

Camp Braveheart is a unique, residential summer camp providing essential medical care, treatment and fun for kids with heart defects and heart transplants. For some campers, camp brings many firsts – the first time away from home, the first time to ride a bike, climb to the top of the rock wall or learn to swim.

For many, it is the first time their scars make them feel included instead of different. The camp environment provides a unique setting where campers grow in confidence, build resiliency as they face difficult aspects of their disease head-on and acquire important life skills. For campers and volunteers alike, it is truly a magical and transformative experience.

“We’ve been waiting so long to see fans again, our partners again and to make these appearances to brighten up children’s lives,” said McDowell. “Fr8 Auctions and the Be Your Own Hero Foundation with the Brave Like Wyatt messaging, they do so much in the Atlanta community. Fr8 Auctions, Marcus Barela and their family, they are more than just partners. They make the whole deal like family.

“It’s great that I can go to Camp Braveheart and see these children,” continued McDowell. “I’m then heading to Fr8 Auctions and spend time with the staff. These are weekends that we’ve longed for since the pandemic. It makes for a full weekend of giving back, thanking people for their support and then having a great race.”

McDowell will be behind the wheel of the No. 34 Fr8 Auctions Ford Mustang this Sunday at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. His No. 34 Fr8 Auctions Ford Mustang will carry over 20 names of individuals who made a donation of $500.00 to Camp Braveheart.

“Michael represents us in a gr8 way at the track, but it’s what he does away from it that makes him special to us,” said Marcus Barela, Owner, Fr8 Auctions. “He’s always one of the first ones to help with #BraveLikeWyatt and helping others. We’re proud of him and wish him the best of luck on Sunday.”

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For more information about the Be Your Own Hero Foundation #BraveLikeWyatt, visit www.bravelikewyatt.com.

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