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EverestCoin will sponsor Alex Labbe at Kansas. (Image from DGM Racing)

EverestCoin to sponsor Alex Labbe at Kansas

NASCAR Xfinity Series team, DGM Racing announced today a sponsorship from EverestCoin, a cryptocurrency that features a Play to Earn Game as well as a lottery raffle that rewards users with $1000 weekly. EverestCoin will be the primary sponsor of the No. 36 Chevrolet Camaro driven by Alex Labbe at Kansas Speedway on October 23, 2021.

“There’s been a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies this year,” said Alex Labbe. “I’m excited to have EverestCoin on the hood of my car! Mount Everest has always intrigued me not only with its height but the feat that people take every year to climb it. It’s pretty cool that EverestCoin has a game where people can earn rewards for scaling it virtually. This sponsorship is going to be fun!”

Everest coin invented a lottery concept to keep investors in profit irrespective of the ups and downs of the still volatile crypto market. All EVCoin traders are automatically entered into a $1,000 weekly raffle draw whenever they make a ‘buy’ immediately after a ‘sell.’ This lottery is designed to incentivize investors and keep the chart healthy by discouraging panic selling.

Once the lottery contract end date is reached no more entries are added. Users buy and sell normally. If someone sells, the very next buyer who isn’t also the same seller is entered into the raffle. That investor must hold (after buying) a certain threshold of tokens. Once the lottery ends, a random raffle entrant is selected, and if eligible, receives the lottery winnings.

Gamified investing allows investors more opportunity to earn profit while waiting for their investments to incur slow and steady growth. It encourages holding while keeping the investment process entertaining and interactive.

The NFT achievements in EverestCoin’s game are green boots, jackets, and gloves, but come October 23rd, Labbe will be taking the green flag in Kansas with EverestCoin. The Kansas Lottery 300 will take place at 3:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, October 23. The race will be televised live on NBC.

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