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Drivers not concerned about lack of pack racing during Next Gen test

Most of the two-day Next Gen test that spanned Wednesday and Thursday saw cars run solo around Charlotte Motor Speedway. There were times when multiple cars were on track together, though it never came near the amount that would be seen during an actual race. And that’s OK because drivers can assume what will happen in pack racing.

“I mean, unless we defy physics, the guy out front is gonna have an advantage,” Chase Elliott said Thursday. “So, if somebody figures out how to defy physics, please let me know. I’d love to meet you. But until somebody figures that out, the front person is always gonna have an advantage. And I don’t think it matters how many aero ducts and parts and pieces we put on these things, it’s never going to give the guy in second an advantage over the guy out front.”

The important part of testing right now is learning the Next Gen ins and outs, and there’s a lot of that left to do. Simply put, it’s a different car. The basics need to be handled before a complete product is even close to ready.

“We know dirty air,” Ross Chastain said. “Like dirty air existed since the second car got built in the world. So, we just have to do a better job. NASCAR knows that, and they’re working on it.”

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