Jj Yeley Phoenix Scheme
TriageNow will sponsor JJ Yeley at Phoenix. Image from MBM Motorsports.

TriageNow Making NASCAR Debut; Sponsoring JJ Yeley at Phoenix

When Employee Care Really Matters! TriageNow provides a time-of-injury care solution to companies to ensure that your people are guided to the appropriate level of medical care for their workplace injury. TriageNow utilizes their proprietary software and “technology first” approach in order to streamline services while proactively reducing the minor injuries that can effectively be treated with First Aid or Self Care from becoming Work Comp claims. This also saves unnecessary clinic visits and associated costs for the employer.

Almost 70% of minor workplace injuries do not need clinical care, with a total of $42.7 billion in wasted expenses and $60.2 billion paid out in workers comp benefits every year. This leaves the employer to pay for unnecessary clinic visits and care, in addition to extending the care process unnecessarily for the employee as well.

“NASCAR has so much synergy with our business”, said Chad Haas, CEO of TriageNow.

“We want to get employees back in action as soon as it is medically safe to do so. Our nurses determine appropriate care levels similar to the way the pit crew resolves issues to get drivers back out on the track. When it is necessary, we will make a clinical referral, just like sending the car back to the garage for major work.”

TriageNow’s focus is to guide injured employees to the appropriate level of care first and foremost. The by-product of their approach yields a significant reduction in Work Comp claims and clinical expenses.

Gone are the days of being sent to the ER and urgent care centers for every minor workplace injury. With TriageNow, their call centers are open 24/7 and will connect you with one of the RN’s to determine the appropriate level of care for the employee.

TriageNow provides all necessary documentation for the workplace injury, keeping all parties on the same page within moments of the triage call. Each employee and injury are evaluated on a per-incident basis, factoring in details like medical history, medications and other factors in addition to the injury itself. This allows the RN to consider all pertinent information when determining appropriate care.

TriageNow will make their NASCAR debut as the primary sponsor on J.J. Yeley’s No. 66 Xfinity car for the NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship at Phoenix Raceway this Saturday, November 5th, at 3:00 PM on USA.

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