2024 34 Blaster
B’laster will sponosr Michael McDowell in multiple 2024 races. Image from Front Row Motorsports.

B’laster Holdings sponsoring Michael McDowell for multiple races

B’laster Holdings, LLC. is proud to announce a partnership with Front Row Motorsports (FRM) and Michael McDowell for several NASCAR Cup Series (NCS) events in 2024.

B’laster will kick off its campaign aboard Michael McDowell’s No. 34 Mustang Dark Horse this summer and continue in the fall of the 2024 season. The partnership will feature select brands from the B’laster Holdings portfolio.

Forming its roots in Cleveland, Ohio, the heart of the Rust Belt, B’laster has manufactured penetrants, lubricants, cleaners, solvents, rust removers, greases, and protectants for professionals and DIYers since 1957. Known for PB B’laster, the #1-selling penetrant, B’laster products are formulated to penetrate, lubricate, loosen, overcome, fix, and conquer each job.

“We can’t wait for the B’laster car to make its 2024 NASCAR debut,” said President & CEO, Randy Pindor. “We are excited to be partnering with an even more vetted team for the 2024 season to hopefully bring some more eyes to McDowell’s No. 34 Mustang Dark Horse and the B’laster brand!”

The No. 34 Mustang Dark Horse of Michael McDowell will carry the B’laster brand during the HighPoint.com 400 at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.

“The opportunity to work with the B’laster brand, known for its commitment to excellence and innovation, is exciting,” McDowell said. “We were introduced to B’laster when Matt (Tifft) raced with us at FRM and now it’s great to work again with both Matt and B’laster with this relationship.”

For more information about B’laster, please visit www.BlasterProducts.com.

— Front Row Motorsports —

NOTE: B’laster sponsored the #78 Live Fast Motorsports team in 2023.  The team sold their charter and is an open team in 2024.