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Erik Jones Marks Fourth Anniversary of #ReadwithErik Program with Book Auction

Following four year of reading some of his favorite children’s books to fans, NASCAR driver Erik Jones celebrates the fourth anniversary of his program, #ReadwithErik, and National Reading Month with a book auction. The auction began on March 18 and will continue through March 30.  Each book auctioned off will include a personalized note from Jones to the new owner and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Erik Jones Foundation (EJF).

“Read with Erik has been a great program over the years and has grown to be a key component of the Erik Jones Foundation,” said Jones. “It’s been a unique way for fans to get to know a side of me that they don’t see on the track, and for me to meet new fans both online, at racetracks and schools where we’ve been able to take this program. The book auction is new this year and came from us looking at all the books around my house, shop and even the bus at the track, and wanting to do something fun and unique with them. The auction allows us to give fans an opportunity to get some of my favorite books, with a special note from me, as well as raise funds for EJF to allow us to continue growing the #ReadwithErik program.”

Started in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jones began sharing one of his passions and favorite past times with fans by creating the #ReadwithErik program to read books to children via Facebook Live. What started as a way to stay connected with fans throughout the pandemic has since turned in to one of the cornerstone pieces of the Erik Jones Foundation.

Throughout the program, Jones has engaged with audiences by reading nearly 100 children’s books. Jones started reading the books from his home, but since has taken #ReadwithErik on the road to racetracks and schools around the country.

As the program has continued to grow over the last four years, many of the children’s books Jones reads today have been donated by authors or are suggestions from fans of their favorite childhood book.

Not to skip the older audience, Jones also utilizes his platform to highlight books he enjoys and is currently reading. Those book highlights and suggestions often fall under the autobiography category, specifically covering historical figures.

To view the books available for auction and to place your bid, please visit

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