Ricky Stenhouse Jr New Hampshire Scheme
Kleenex will sponsor Ricky Stenhouse Jr. at New Hampshire. Image from JTG Daugherty Racing.

Kimberly-Clark, Kroger and Ricky Stenhouse Jr celebrate 100 years of Kleenex at New Hampshire

The Kroger Racing team today announced its partnership with Kleenex to celebrate the brand’s 100-year anniversary during the NASCAR Cup Series at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. At this weekend’s race, the paint scheme will feature not only the Kleenex 100 years logo, but a design that can also be found on Kleenex boxes at Kroger stores across the country. Over the last century, Kleenex has been there for countless people, including Kroger Racing driver, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Stenhouse Jr. and his wife, Madyson, are anxiously awaiting one of the most significant moments as they prepare for the birth of their first child in early July. The couple, along with Kimberly-Clark and the Kroger Racing team, shed tears together in 2023 when the group won the historic DAYTONA 500 with Stenhouse Jr. behind the wheel of the No. 47 Cottonelle Camaro.

“When I think about this celebration of 100 years of Kleenex, I can’t help but think about celebratory moments in my life and my career,” said Stenhouse Jr. “Of course, winning the Daytona 500 is one of those key memories and it meant so much to share that with all of my friends at Kimberly-Clark. And personally, of course my wedding day to Madyson has to be my favorite moment to date, but I have no doubt that plenty of Kleenex is going to be needed around the birth of our first child, which is coming up very soon!”

America said ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kleenex® products on June 12, 1924, when the brand invented the tissue category. The Kleenex® brand suggests its first advertised function – as a ‘marvelous new way to remove cold cream.’ In 1927, as Kleenex® gained popularity, Kimberly-Clark proposed a new use for the product – ‘absorbent kerchiefs.’ In the 1930’s, Kleenex® was swamped by letters from consumers advocating its tissue for colds. The company responded with its new position – ‘The handkerchiefs you can throw away.’ After this, Kleenex’s® new appeal became the disposable tissue – perfect for a hygienic, convenient clean.

“Kleenex® invented the category nearly 100 years ago and continues to thrive through ingenuity and innovation,” said Will Dunn, Senior Brand Manager for U.S. Kleenex Brand. “As we celebrate our 100-year anniversary with Stenhouse Jr. and the NASCAR team, we’re excited to continue driving Kleenex® forward as a trusted brand that’s there for whatever happens next.”

Kroger and Kimberly-Clark leadership will come together for their ‘Champion’s Weekend’ hosting business meetings, planning for the 2025 season and much more. The USA Today 301 is scheduled to take the green flag at 2:30 PM ET on Sunday, June 23 and will be broadcast live on USA Network, PRN Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio (Channel 90).

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