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Cobb announces plans on and off the track, team direction

Several weeks ago I posted about a “very different 2017” – cryptic, perhaps, but I think you’ll understand when I explain here what I meant.

This is the year that my husband, Eddie Troconis, and I have decided to get very serious about having a baby. Whether God blesses us through a natural birth, adoption or who knows, both! We are committed to growing our family. Neither of us have been in much of a hurry but lo and behold I met a doctor who advised that I probably ought to consider getting in a hurry!

What this means is: I will still race until I am pregnant and I WILL RETURN TO RACING FULL-TIME AFTER WE HAVE OUR BABY. For a woman, I have noticed such a misconception that because I’m married, or wanting a baby, or dear goodness – turned 40, that I am considering scaling back or retiring. Um… heck no. I still love what I do and I just want to figure out how to do it better.

The plan is to maximize opportunities for development drivers to race our trucks and set us up for a more competitive 2018. If I can’t be behind the wheel and we do not have a development driver for a race you may see collaborations with other teams/drivers but we will do whatever is needed to have the #10 on track at every race this season. If I’m not in the seat I’ll likely be in the spotter stand or on the pit box or entertaining our wonderful sponsors and guests.

Much of the racing community that we work closely with know our intent and we have received so much great support and collaboration already. What I am embarking on is a bit unprecedented – racing full time before and after being pregnant while owning a team. Let me tell you, it is a bit crazy to inject fertility shots and then go hop in the race car to throw down a qualifying lap. To tell the doctor that I might have to fly in for a blood test between practice day and race day. Yes, it’s going to be a weird journey (it already has been).

If you’ve read this far, here is what I ask of you: please please don’t make assumptions or constantly message us to ask if I’m pregnant (this has already been happening for a few years now). It is a private, personal journey but as you know, I am very transparent so I believe my fans deserve to have an explanation should my driving become sporadic. Having a baby over 40 is risky and has a high miscarriage rate. This may mean I have to take some precautions for a few weeks and then be back in the seat if things don’t work out the way we pray they will. What I want you to know is that I have a highly trained doctor who is very familiar with the racing community guiding me each step of the way.

CREW CHIEF: My longtime Crew Chief and one of my best friends, Steve Kuykendall, will be stepping away from the track for a bit solely for the purpose of building a solid financial foundation for his family. As a small team, we have never been able to pay Steve what he is worth so he is taking this opportunity to make some real dollars. We are on the phone or texting almost every day as he guides the team and our interim Crew Chief(s) (more on that in a bit) and continuing to teach me what I need to know to make things run smoothly during this transition.

We have a few different Crew Chiefs lined up to assist us on an interim basis until we know more what our long-term situation will entail. I am very grateful for all of the hard work being put into our Kansas, Charlotte and Dover efforts with two shifts working at the shop, spanning 16 hour days. We’ll introduce you to these guys soon.
MEANWHILE, I am all set to race Kansas, Charlotte and Dover – with sponsor and appearance announcements coming soon!

Wish us luck both on and off the track and as always, THANKS FOR BEING ALONG FOR THE JOURNEY!!!!!

Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing