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Ryan Newman grabs final playoff spot

RYAN NEWMAN, No. 6 Acorns Ford Mustang – Finished 8th – CLINCHED FINAL PLAYOFF SPOT

“That was a struggle at a lot of times. At the end of the first stage I had a lot of confidence and at the end of the second stage I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence. We just stuck our nose to the grindstone and the 41 got himself in a pickle there and we were able to hold him off. That was part of the race. The other part of the race was we didn’t have a fast enough race car to be able to go up there and lead and we need to be able to do that in the next three races.”

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOUR TEAM AND HOW FAR THEY HAVE COME THIS YEAR? “I guess if you look at our roster there are more new people on our team together for the first time than all the other teams put together and I am proud that we were able to take that and use our collective experience of our own knowledge from places and things we have done and turn that into a playoff position. Now we just have to do something with it.”

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GO ALL THE WAY? “We were eighth today. If we can do that three times we will be in good shape.”

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